Never mind the killings, hey guys.

It escaped my notice that in mid to late May 2009, British killer, David Milliband MP to be specific , ‘appeared’ on spirit21’s blog. spirit21 like dave, don’t bother to mention the small matter of over a million dead (and counting) not the massacres in Afghanistan and Pakistan, neither did any of them mention the shameful lies (as identified by Craig Murry) about Britains role in torture (and extraordinary rendition). See: and Questions about Milliband trying to stop scruitiny of UK involvement in torture were being asked around the time of mid-late May.

Keep it up, that’s the spirit.

Sleep well, the both of you.

Try not to let the screams wake you.

3 Responses to “Never mind the killings, hey guys.”

  1. 1 lwtc247 June 18, 2009 at 5:12 pm

    “Mr. Miliband…quoted recently in the NYT to the effect: In a recent speech, David Miliband, Britain’s scholarly foreign minister,”

    pffffffff !

    Browns boobs, the crapinnet of the (un)talents are some of the most loathesome testosterone soaked (that applies strictly to the “lady” MP’s) teflon-coat-wannabe’s ever! – altho Preston and Beckett alone nearly trump that.

    Naaaah, scrtch all that,

    bLiar alone is vile enough to have wiped the others off the map – as he did so happily with the lives of over ome million people too. So sorry Garden Broom, your dull pigs on the front and back benches relativistically arn’t all that bad to the covert, dark religioned one.

  2. 2 spirit21 June 19, 2009 at 9:13 am

    I agree that there are many questions that our Government and our Foreign Office need to be challenged on. The only way to do that is to confront those questions face to face. I don’t agree with everything Miliband and the FCO have done – and they know that. But since he wants to talk – why don’t you say something, post a comment or question directly. If you want to be heard that is the forum. Is it about complaining on your site, or actually making a difference?

  3. 3 lwtc247 June 19, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Assalamualaikum s21.

    Look, I was pretty mad when I wrote that (as you probably noticed), and my blood is still streaming. Out of respect for you, I’ll try and calm down a bit (but it’s not easy)

    You are being used! Totally used!

    You’ve fallen foul of the sham that DAve and his Milliband, a vile coven of killers, constantly engage in. Like Hamza Yusuf was used (to some degree, he still is) and other high profile Muslim and so called ‘leaders’. Remember them with Bush after 9-11? (for a blood-meal in the White house I think) accepting collective guilt, without a trial or even a whiff of evidence. Sanctioning the killing of Afghanistan.

    Miliband’s a killer.

    OI Dave, did you get that? You’re a stinking lousy killer! The deaths of countless people indelibly stain your hands. Not that you actually give a monkeys.

    Spirit, you should have locked horns with him. If he was sincere he’d have honestly engaged. But (so far) You fawned because a ‘big name’ wrote on your blog (actually probably one of the PR staff did).

    You know about the 45 minutes lies, and Milibands subscription to them.
    Did you really think Millibend is going to engage and ‘listen’ to the concerns od Muslims? (It has been about a month already) and on a blog?


    Lets see if Dave is sincere. Engage him in a deep discussion, shades of what Henry Porter did in the Guardian with that other killer bLiar over the ‘ID.biometrics State’ Let’s see Miliband LISTEN to the concerns of the posters on your blog. Let’s see him NOT totally argue against EVERY potential ‘sore point’ that may comes his way. Lets see him alter foreign policy based on what your posters say.

    He’s had a month already. He must be working on some great wordsmith like replies.

    I’m afraid to make a difference (remember Feb 2003 – the greatest EVER exercise in democratic demonstration – totally ignored of course) they have shown there is only ONE way to do that. Totally cut them off. They have made it plain that nothing else works.

    I do so hope that you blog will provide a forum for change. But i hope for many things, just one being the end of Horrific British foreign policy that massacres millions, displaces many millions more and impoverishes and enslaves vastly many more millions on ip o that. Those hopes are NOT going be to met. I’ve studied the world enough already to fully understand that, unless of course the cancerous sham of western government is excised and a proper decent humanistic system grows in its place.

    Thanks for writing. I do like your blog and your thoughts, but Miliband using you and you falling for it made me freak out a bit.


    Murdering Miliband:

    Voted very strongly for Labour’s anti-terrorism laws.
    Voted very strongly for the Iraq war.
    Voted very strongly against an investigation into the Iraq war.
    Voted very strongly for replacing Trident.
    (Voted strongly for introducing ID cards.)

    Of Islamic relevance:
    (Voted moderately for equal gay rights.)

    Commons 25 Nov 2002 Iraq — UN Security Council Resolution 1441 — Second resolution necessary — rejected. Miliband agreed.
    Commons 26 Feb 2003 Iraq — Case for war is unproven — rejected. Miliband agreed
    Commons 26 Feb 2003 Iraq — Support for the Government. Miliband agreed
    Commons 18 Mar 2003 Iraq — Case for war not established — rejected Miliband agreed
    Commons 18 Mar 2003 Iraq — Declaration of War. Miliband agreed


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