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The Carnivore of Laos and Cambodia retains his appetite

Just like Iranan Human right’s lawer Shirin Ebadi, was awareded her prize by occidental predjuiced trades union, Henry Kissinger was also awarded the Nobel preace prize for bringing to an ‘end’ HIS killing of millions upon millions of people is South East Asia in an undeclared and of course thoroughly illegal war, the dirty war’  in the 60’s and 70’s.

Well the old vampire, Henry ‘the shit’  Kissenger, is still in people devouring mode…

You Tube: Kissinger threatens regime change in Iran if coup fails (Thanks to The Truthseeker)


Waiting for ebolaworld

I can’t embed Full. Body. Transplant.’s Obama superhero cartoon so you’ll have to go here:  to see it instead.

But I can embed this, which you could do worst things with your life than spening 1m33s watching it, like watching PMQ’a for 1m33s or spend 1m33s reading a NeoLab/NeoCon/”Liberal” manefesto of pledges to be broking in the not too distant future.

But not as good as Sam T’s ebolaworld (- hunt around!) The George Bush Show (or the second series Dubya-Doo)

The George Bush Show (series 1)

or San-T’s Dubya-Doo (Series 2)

I’m looking forward to ebolaworld and San T to ‘do’ Obama.

And what better to end on then Deek. Noone makes me feel as guilty for liking something as what Deek does.


Oh shut up Obama!

‘President Obama warns Iran “the world is watching”‘source

Listen pal, other than a few Imperialists (past and present) and that bastard child Israyhell, virtually none of the world is watching Iran in the sense that you mean it (i.e. stepping on the latter of military action).

Oh Prezident, prezident with the massively bloated departments and intelligence [sic] agencies, you haven’t got a bloody clue who the world is watching.

I’ll tell you.

The world is watching out for YOU. You and your buddy the UK and that murderous international law exempt murderous shit called Israyhell. That’s who were watching.

In case you missed it (as the Obamaton Zionist string pullers so obviously did)

Googlevideo Title =  Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change 1/2
Steven Kinzer – Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change 1 of 2, 45m50s –  2 years ago (1997)
The Massachusetts School of Law –

video link:


Googlevideo Title =  Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change 2/2
Steven Kinzer – Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change 2 of 2 – 53:52 – Apr 2, 2007
The Massachusetts School of Law –

video link:

BuSh was the worst President ever, is Obama trying to trump BuSh?

And lets not forget the dirty rotten biased lying self-entitled ‘fair and impartial’ BBC in all this, which is of course is giving disproportionalte ‘airtime’ to any anti-government Iranians it can find. Just like is does when it want to consolidate it’s propaganda on the War OF on Terror It wheels out someone supposed to be ‘inform’ is of the situation.

An article on Alex Jones recently accused the BBC of using shots of a pro-Ahamdinejab rally (attended by a large number of people) as supposed pictures of an anti-Ahmadinejad rally, cutting out Ahmadinejad’s photo:

” BBC Caught In Mass Public Deception With Iran Propaganda

The world is watching Iran. Hah!

Typical Imperialist BBC crap.

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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