Iran Falls to US ops and PSYOPS

It’s hard to count a country that uses fiat riba based money as a Muslim country. As such I have difficulty in calling most countries including Iran “Islamic”. Islamish is perhaps a more valid term. It seems to me the religious leaders in Iran Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei and the Guardian Council/Expediency council as well to some degree the Majlis, believe they are a very Islamic country.

If they feel under threat, as they ARE, then one is hard pressed to disagree with them stopping their country, like Venezuela, being hijacked by a dirty elite, against the interests of the majority of (poor)people in the country.

However shooting people is NOT the answer – especially as it appreas these people were in essence doing nothing. In fact what happened is just as atrocious as what Dirty old Sam or buggery Britannia would do – state killing and summary (in)justice. The shooters doing these crimes should be punished according to the shariah for what they have done . Such murderous actions by the fascist regeime on my own streets in the UK enrages me, it cannot be allowed to have a different effect in this case – where ordinary civilians are being killed.

Shame. The USUKZ Ziofreaks must be dancing for joy. – Warning! Extemely graphic!  Murder On The Streets Of Tehran – At 19:05 June 20th

I’ll leave this post now with a link to an other article that appears on ICH:

Iran Falls to US PSYOPS

By Paul Craig Roberts

President Obama called on the Iranian government to allow protesters to control the streets in Tehran. Would Obama or any US president allow protesters to control the streets in Washington, D.C.? Continue

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