British idiot.

David Miliband, who has nothing whatsoever to do with Zionism and has no anti-Iran feelings at all, has “demanded” Iran release staff at its Tehran embassy, who were arrested on Saturday.


he’ll get the BBC to write bad stories about Iran, put sanctions on Iran, not interfere aganst an initial Israyhelli strike against Iran, send British seamen into Iranian waters for propaganda, work with US intelligence in it’s efforts to make propaganda against Iran and advise the US on how to make use of its hundred million dollar budget to destablisise Iran.


David 'four fours are' Miliband

David 'will they ask us to spell foreign secretary the GCSE's this year' Miliband

David 'wishful thinker' Miliband

Dave 'I've finally found the cheapest lay in town' Miliband

David blah blah Miliband

David 'peaoww peaoww' Miliband

David just you wait till the sun goes down Miliband

a horses penis looking a bit like a banana






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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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