NWO? – you betcha!

I laugh at those idiots who boast at how great Russian weapons are, like the various MiG’s and the power of SS-20/Tor/Sunburns etc while rubbishing US F-16’s as junk and laugh ar US aircraft carriers as being sitting ducks etc.


Well you bipolar fools, I don’t give a damn what colour you imperialist underpants are cos they ALL suck! All imperial clad countries make me wanna puke as do their advocates and apologists. You criticise US killers for mowing down journalists like Terry Lloyd down, yet the assassination of Politkovskaya was OK because someone said without the slightest bit of evidence that she had something to do with “the Americans”.


Or how 9-11 was such a terrible false-flag operation yet the apartment and underground bombings including the failed attempted Russian state sponsored bombings of apartment blocks in Ryazan were actually not an attempted Russian state bombing of it’s own civilians and that hexagen explosives were actually sugar inexplicably left in large sacks transported into the basement of a block of flats in the middle of the might for now reason by persons who never lived there bought from a market that was closed.


Stalin was an alright bloke really because he denounced his captured son for being captured in the first place. The gulags and the crippling poverty not to mention intellectual fascism imposed upon people was something that the passing of time can cover up. How Yeltzin and the system that put him there was blameless because he was an American puppet. Or how great Putin is because he plays chess, yet Kasparov is forgotten ‘cos he too is with “the American” bogeymen


Yeah right.


And of course now that Russia is cooperating with the United Snakes in the Coalition of the Killing’s ‘war OF terror’, allowing US military flights for the US war effort, while of course maintaining the deception that it’s some kind of alternative and opposition to western hegemony, keeping it’s population locked in place with it’s likely pretend threat of Nuclear war.


Well done Mother Russia. What an inspiration you are against the convergence of the global fascist state.


The truth is of course, the Russian establishment is as rotten as the British establishment, the US establishment, The Italian and French establishment, the Chinese establishment, the Canadian and racist land grabbing pollution Zio friendly Australian establishment, the South African establishment, the Zimbabwean establishment, The Saudi, Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, Iraqi, Tunisian, Indian and Irish establishment.


There are cautionary exceptions of course, but few and far between.


All fundamentally rotten, pretty much to the core.



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