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When I was younger (a phrase often said by old people, the frequency of which can be used to gauge their age) I saw a documentary report which mentioned a few cases of stigmata. I’m sure you’ve seen one or two such reports in the past.


Some of the cases didn’t look convincing but one or two of the latter ones did.


It had always played on my mind as to whether it was genuine or not but the other day I had a stigmata case myself. Not in the palms but on my upper palette.


I was eating some poppadums with mango chutney and lime/mango pickle and very rapidly I developed a small blister in the roof of my mouth. Within a few minutes it became very big.


Thing is, I know it was food triggered because in the past, I sometimes got these ‘blood spots’ in my mouth when eating food. This one was the biggest I’d ever experienced and I was a little bit worried. It was uncomfortable and I waited for it to go away but it didn’t. Eventually, tired of the misery, I decided to get a knife and burst it. I poked it a few times but it remained, so I poked the knife in further and finally it ‘popped’


The warm blood flowed out – to the back of my mouth which I had to spit out and rinse my mouth.


The thing that struck me was my body underwent a rapid physiological change for reasons which I am sure nobody knows.


OK it wasn’t a stigmata per se – which attaches religious significance to outpourings of blood or wounds on the hands supposedly in the fashion as Jesus was crucified. But the point is that I have experienced this rapid change and it’s implications are quite amazing, and to me a little bit scary.


Please note, this does not mean I believe in shape shifting aliens which some people would no doubt be happy if I did, but I can understand that the body (and mind) is still something that humans have very little understanding of and that it can alter itself pretty rapidy in ways unknown to us. QED moi!


As it happens, it ruined my weekend and the place it happened is still a bit tender(sore). Perhaps it was just a blood vessel rapidly expanded due to a large salt gradient, and ‘popped out from its normal position’?, in fact I think it was the same place where I vacuumed (making a ‘vacuum’ as if sucking out the juice from a food like a wedge of an orange) a blood vessel out before, but I’m not too sure. On this occasion I didn’t make a vacuum in my mouth – I was just eating!


So are stigmata real unexplained events? Quite possible. My guess is the mind can trigger them.

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