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Subliminal sex

I’m sure those people who read my rushed, angry, terribly spelt and tempestuous outbursts, (including you oh shadowy data harversters working for the offiial NWO scum I hate so much) would have at some stage come across expose’s of subliminal sex in advertising.

In case you don’t know, subliminal sex, (closely followed by blatent pseuo-terroist OBL boogieman base level fear tactics) is the number one way to feed this disgusting self centred hedonsitic Bernaysian consumerist world that’s doing its best to smother the entire planet.

Well I hate it and I want rid of it, along with your new 24hour-esque new  ‘commercial transaction inculcation strategies’  via adverts on TV’s in buses and banks and restauants and airplanes and I guess, in government departments, gnawing away at your very being and understanding of what exactly life and humanism is all about. If anything these bus companies, the banks, restaurants, airplanes and perhaps governmnet departments should PAY ME for having little choice but to be bombarded with their crap.

What next? TV’s that switch themselves on at night that can shine images of powerful light to penetrate your eyelids with some questionable drama queen wannabe, attention seeking hollywood hopeful with that grating fake enthusiam voice talking about some useless information about how white my shirts could be (!) hacking your ears as you sleep?


Anyway… Now that I’ve wipped myself into yet another anger storm, let me tell you what brought all this on…

KEEPVID. Yes KEEPVID. That great site that I’ve used hundreds of times to download flv’s and stuff that denounces secret societies, Israyhelli invisible forcefields which strangely didn’t work when Hezbollah kicked the army of Zions ass when they realised bombing hundreds of Lebonese kids only fed their pleasure senses but didn’t achieve any military success. Keepvid that helped me watch videos of Talks by Muslims who after just two hours of speaking managed to bring a number of people into Islam.

Keepvid is good, it’s actually their sponsors that are annoying me.

Here is a shrunken version of what appeas on the the keepvid site:

Are KEEPVIDs sponsors using subliminal sex to promote themselves

Is anyone going to tell me their sponsors did not want to make that geometrical shape look like this…

 sexy poseCome on! Of course the blue colour is coincidental too, and the angularness – like the exaggerated photoshopped women or 13 year old young skinned immature kids pimped to promote the look of a women that really doens’t exist, and brings misery to untold young and middle aged real women.


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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