This renegade will not be weaponised

How flesh bug fools immune system – Scientists have shown how flesh-eating parasites responsible for the disfiguring tropical disease leishmaniasis dupe the immune system. – source: (Page last updated at 23:00 GMT, Tuesday, 25 August 2009 00:00 UK)

Because those who work for the military would never do such a thing. Absolutely not. Our miliraty only defends us when attacked. These discoveries will entirely be used to make free vaccines to poor people.

US deficit to soar towards $1.6tn – The US budget deficit will soar to almost $1.6 trillion (£978bn) this year, the highest on record, both the White House and Congress have warned. – source: (Page last updated at 18:30 GMT, Tuesday, 25 August 2009 19:30 UK)

Yet there’s talk of ‘them there green shoots of recov’ry” – Yeee ha! And of course no talk whatsoever that the riba(usury) fraud remains in place and is still unsustainable.

Nowt an autumn of jabs wont cure hey? Mu ha ha ha ha ha!



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