RT – Revolutionary Television?

Must comment on this before I forget (again). The Afghan ‘elections’ – It’s being said that between 1 and 1.5 million votes were fake. Between one and one point five million votes. Can you imagine that? To dream up this plan, make these ballots and distribute them would be a HUGE task. Why isn’t anyone asking who could be behind such a thing? Why not investigate it and take action against those responsible. If fake ballots can be recognised, simply count them and see why they were to favour. People who have something (most usually financial) to gain from it will therefore be the chief suspects.


OK. http://www.RT.com What’s goin on? It’s laced with non-mainstream opinion and conspiracy examiners like myself. Is it significant in terms of the global ‘truth’ movement? Is it just having a laugh at Uncle Sam and rubbing his nose in it? What’s the story behind RT?

I used to think Al Jazeera English eneertained a more balanced view of things, and now there’s RT even further from the central rot.

What’s going on? or are the ‘awake sheeple’ being set-up?

Is RT genuine?

I bloody well hope so. Not seen them address any naught Russian antics yet however.



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