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Ilford Supermarket, 141-143 Ilford Lane, Essex IG1, UK, tel 0208 553 4770

There is a shop called the “Ilford Supermarket” 141-143 Ilford Lane, tel 0208 553 4770.

Some Brits may call it a “Pakistani shop”. It sells Israyhelli dates, which metaphorically contain the blood of Palestinians. ‘Blood dates’ is how they are referred to. MPAC has uncoverd it as a shop that projects the image of a Halal shop.

Read the MPAC article and if you agree this shop kepper does not deserve your money, then please do not buy from this shop. Here’s a pic of it:

The Ilford Supermarket, 141-143 Ilford Lane, tel 0208 553 4770
It’s the shop just fter the shop further down from the one with the blue awnings. i.e. Look at the London transport symbol. The end of the shop sineage is immediately on the LHS of the London transport symbol.

update: MPAC have another offender(repeat offender) called Al-Halal (MPAC renamed + photoshopped to a more correct “Al Haram” in Birmingham:

Al-Halal Supermarket
360 Coventry Rd
Small Heath, Birmingham
B10 0XE
T: 0121 7534391

Here’s  a pic….

All these remind me of Abduls supermarket (convenience store) in the outskirts of Hulme in Manchester (bordering Grovesnor) 10 Greenheys Ln that used to sell alcohol.

Abduls Off Licence and lottery ticket selling shop
Not only does Abduls sell alcohol, but it sells lottery tickets. Good grief!

Boycott the Ilford Supermarket and any other shop that helps the Zionist entity continue its shoah of the Palestinian people.

Thank you.

Sabra & Shatilla, 16-18 September 1982

I wanted to post on this the other day but I got side-tracked.

The thought provoking website MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Committee – UK) posted an article entitled: Who Remembers Sabra & Shatilla?

sabra and shatila - MPAC UK

If you don’t know about this act of barbarism, please educate yourself by reading the MPAC article and this article by Robert Fisk.

It seems only by knowing and understanding the tragedies of the past, can we hope to stop them happening in the future.

Update: September 17, 2010:
Remembering Sabra and Shatila: On massacres, atrocities and holocausts by Sonja Karkar

The Truthseeker (Rixon Stewart) is currently not available.

Update 1st October 2009: After a long and presumably sustained cyber attack, The Truthseeker is back. (It’s been about a week already (but people are still coming here searching for ‘The Truthseeker’ so I’m doing my for fellow surfers. Currently, I’m on a tenuous web connection, so I hope the quick check I did just now of his site, which yielded a ‘cannot display’ notice, is a lousy connection issue, and not a sign the attacks have knocked him off again! The Truthseeker – Rixon Stewart

Update: Sun 20th Sept 09: Smoking mirrors reported recently cyber attacks against ‘The Truthseeker’. Update ends.

Over the last week or so, “Rixon Stewart” has been very high on key ‘terms’ that are bringing people to this blog. I was surprised at the rather ‘sudden’ peak in interest.

I rate the “The Truthseeker” website very highly, partly because I feel it is a very sincere effort to empower people with information. Yes, it is possible not to agree with everything and still regard the site with a good deal of respect, another reason being is the information is usually factual and well referenced.

Anyway, these last few days, I’ve not been able to access the site. It looks like it’s been taken down by an attack. The Truthseeker had notified his readers that the site had come cyver-under attack recently.

It looks like another attack is ongoing.

So If you can’t access it, you’re not alone. Let’s hope The Truthseeker comes back soon.

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