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This is a (possibly)boring self-argumentative,thinking-out-loud kinda post. Read it at your own peril of futility.

I walked past a room just now where people were clapping and cheering. One or two people clapped a little bit longer than the rest.

The old sense of idle thinking inside of me switched on again and I imagined someone clapping on until the end. If he kept on clapping a couple of claps after everyone else had stopped, his clap would no longer be de-individualised or drowned out, and he would probably feel a bit odd/embarassed. No doubt people would start to look at him.


The idle thnking went further (as it usually does)… What if someone relayed what had happened to someone who had originally missed the clap-worthy event? Would that person start clapping? Very unlikely. Why should a potential clapper refrain from doing so when he would have done so with great ease in a group? I don’ think the answer is as simple as to say “when we clap, we aren’t doing it just because we agree with what was said/done, but also because we want to show our agreement to others”, because the story was being relayed to him by a third party so the recipient of the tale could show his agreement to him.

The person might convey his agreement with what was said by other means, such as via a few words like ‘yeah’ or ‘that’s great’ so why has clapping now become inappropriate? Why should actions always be frames in a (social)situaltional context?

What if, back in the origianal clapping group again, the last clapper kept on clapping. Why shouldn’t he? If his agreement with the slap inducing event was say 5 times more than another clapper, why shouldn’t he clap five time longer?

What if a person only clapped once. That too would be looked upon as weird behavior so if you’re going to clap you are lkely to clap more than once – You’ll probably keep clapping until the overall clap noise starts to noticeably diminish in loudness signalling en masse that the tme to stop clapping has arrived.

During the clap ‘session’ what if you clapped slowly (or very quickly) relative to everyone else or one clap for every four claps your neighbour made.?

A person very strongly in agreement with what had transpired may be the first to clap and clap, and with extra passion, hence more loudly, but if nobody else joined in with his clap initiation, then very quickly he would stop clapping because he wouldn’t want to be seen clapping alone despite him being in very strong agreement, and the fact that: ‘if he did keep on clapping’ it would be just as much a direct show of support as well as public display of support  as if he was clapping in a crowd.

Isn’t the answer to all this (which is reflected across many ascpects of human behaviour) that there is security in the norm. I think most of us would agree with that, and people who read ‘Conspiracy Examiner’ type blogs/websites like mine know this all to well and see many in society as seeding themselves into a social order  which may be on a path of malevolence and destruction.

But not all societies are bad, in fact many are benovelent, but one should always be look at the group they are in at any moment in time and repeatedly assess it to see whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, indeed I would argue, they have a moral responsibility to do so, and if one decided it is a bad thing one should not allow oneself to trick themselves into thinking that they are trapped within that social grouping. Their own persoanl role as a human being means they should remove themselves from it ASAP, or actively try to steer the alter the course of that group.

This from a clap.

Have you heard the one about the loser, the losers and the lost?

Pssssst… Wanna hear a joke?… “The US economy is recovering”

Hahahahahahahaha. Hillarious isn’t it!  Thanks to Ben Bernanke for that one.


And thanks to Matthais Chang at FutureFastForward ( for this…


A hero, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, gets free.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi is a hero. He dared to do what hundreds of millions didn’t! He did what little he could to attack George Jackass dubya BuSh.

Shoes flying, Muntadhar al-Zeidi became an instant hero across the planet and deservedly so. Shame on those who sat on comfortable chairs in peaceful countries who criticised him for not throwing a bomb or a knife instead.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi, I shall never tire of saying and writing his name, knew what was going to happen to him after and his expecations weren’t to be disappointed. The puppet thugs beat the crap out of him and injured him, didn’t stop there.

Here’s a copy of an Al Jazeera (English) article about the freed hero Muntadhar al-Zeidi.

 Shoe-thrower flown out of Iraq

Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the television reporter jailed for throwing his shoes at George Bush, the former US president, has left Iraq after being released from prison.

Relatives of al-Zeidi celebrated his release [EPA]

He flew to Syria on a private jet on Tuesday, before heading to Greece where he will undergo medical treatment, Uday al-Zeidi, one of his brothers, said.   

Celebrated release
After being released he was met outside the jail in Baghdad by parliamentarians who support his case, his brother, said.
The authorities had asked his family not to give him a hero’s welcome, but people celebrated outside his home in central Baghdad.

 Al-Zeidi had initially been sentenced to three years for assaulting a foreign head of state, but had his sentence reduced to a year on appeal.


While throwing his shoes at Bush at a news conference in Baghdad in December 2008, he shouted: “It is the farewell kiss, you dog.”

Bush managed to duck the flying size 10 shoes. 

Obama warning

Speaking on Tuesday, Al-Zeidi said: “At the time that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on television that he could not sleep without being reassured on my fate … I was being tortured in the worst ways, beaten with  electric cables and iron bars.”

He said his guards had also used simulated drowning – the technique of waterboarding used by the US forces on suspects arrested over the September 11, 2001, attacks.

He told Al Jazeera: “I did this as a revenge for the victims and people killed in Iraq … now the new US politicians should deal with Arabs properly … as respectful counterparts not like slaves. I am neither afraid nor regretting what I did.”

“Today I am free again but my home is still a prison,” he added. 

The US has kept its military presence in Iraq for six and half years since it led an invasion to remove Saddam Hussein, the former president.

Al-Baghdadiya showed footage of him arriving at the station wrapped in an Iraqi flag and wearing sunglasses. The staff slaughtered at least three sheep in his honour.

Uday al-Zeidi said: “I wish Bush could see our happiness. When President Bush looks back and turns the pages of his life, he will see the shoes of Muntadhar al-Zeidi on every page.”

Huge embarrassment

Mosab Jasim, Al Jazeera’s producer in Iraq, said: “I used to go to press conferences with Muntadhar. He’s a stable man, not that radical, so I was really surprised that he did that.

“I think that, as he was listening to George Bush and the achievements he said he’d made in Iraq, for an Iraqi man who’s been reporting on the suffering of the Iraqi people, I think he just couldn’t control himself.”

Although Bush laughed off the attack, it caused embarrassment to both him and al-Maliki.

The leaders had been speaking at a joint news conference on Bush’s farewell visit to Iraq prior to being succeeded by Barack Obama, then president-elect.

Al-Zeidi faces the prospect of a very different life from his previous existence at Al-Baghdadia, a small, privately owned Cairo-based station, which has continued to pay his salary in jail.

His boss has promised the previously little-known reporter a new home as a reward for loyalty and the publicity that his actions, broadcast live across the world, generated for the station.


Iraqi Shoe Thrower Released; Says He Was Tortured



Iraqi shoe thrower released; says he was tortured

says Associated Press

Both ICH andAP articles are written by the same journalist but contain a number of differences.


Anyway… long live Muntadhar al-Zeidi and all those who walk in his shoes. May Allah(SWT) be happy with him.



Al Quds Jerusalem: Ethnic cleansing and denial of the Palestinian identity.

Al Quds Jerusalem: Ethnic cleansing and denial of the Palestinian identity.

Al Quds, Jerusalem is the main target of the ethnic cleansing: Palestinian families evicted, house demolitions, Arab neighbourhoods totally besieged by Jewish settlements, construction of the tramway of Apartheid, excavations under the Al Aqsa mosque… Video: 10 min, produced in support of the BDS campaign (boycott, disinvestment, sanctions) Production: Mireille Court and Chris Den Hond

Filmed in April 2009. Al Quds-Jerusalem: ethnic cleansing

Vaccine vaccine, happy slappy

The problem with an informed person is that they can see crap when crap is spoken. Take this Mexican Swine Flu (I find the morphing of it’s name rather interesting – do you?), or novel A H1N1 virus scam.

Regular readers will know I’ve been very critical of the utterly baseless ‘more dangerous mutant strain’ lobbox and I’ve previously argued that if the mutant strain is now te most significant threat – the potential ‘mass killer’ we must all fear, then if the virus does mutated, it nullifies the current crop of vaccines.

boy with tongue out 

Oh dear. It seems they forgot about that – or didn’t expect (many)people to realise that. Amazing what just a pinch of logic and normal thinking can achieve. 

“They” were (of course) just relying on the peoples ‘idiot factor’ to slavishly follow a.k.a. ‘trust’, those ‘health professionals’ that assure us they know things we couldn’t possibly understand.

So what to do in the face of logic arguments? Simple. You talk the particular strain of lobbox that suits you at any particular time.

So our dearly beloved esoterically statured health professionals talk-the-talk that makes us scared, wanna buy Tamiflu, and masks. When the people realise the projjected nightmare isn’t in fact happening, ‘more deadly mutant strain’ is rolled out. When people complain that 4 weeks of ‘testing’ (LOL) is ridiculous, then assurances the ‘fast tracking’ isn’t any less safe (can you believe this crap?). Then, when people realise the lobbox that’s been spouted out that the vaccine wont protect against their  ‘more deadly mutant strain’, now all of a sudden there is no evidence of mutation (at least until that is, until hundreds of millions will have been vaccinated).

“Bracing for H1N1” – Faux Newz
TouTube poster dated this report on 10th Sept 2009

[2m 21s] “I know One of the concerns expressed as they are testing this vaccine is that the H1N1 virus is going to mutate and change then maybe the virus or the vaccine doesn’t work so well. Is there any evidence of mutation”

“[2m25s] So far No, and that’s that the good news… [2m36s] So far no evidence of mutation yet.” – Molly Hennenberg”

– yeah, I know Faux Newz, what do you expect, but thing is, it’s exemplary.


Oh yeah, if you’re interested, a snapshot of my stance:

Vaccination may have a function to play, but history and common sense shows that when companies stand to make millions and millions of dollars, they will cheat their horrid little buns off to make those millions, no matter what ‘little’ person stands in their way.

If vaccination does have a role to play, it must be done with TOTAL freedom of information. All records of conceptualisation, design, synthesis, safety and accounting should be made available to any independent groups made up of citizens. It should be possible to conduct random sampling by any citizen who requests it.

In medical emergencies, vaccine and medical companies should have forced upon them, a ‘public service status’ whereby they are compelled to provide vaccines AT COST PRICE (again accounting measured assessed by civilian groups).

Vaccines should NOT be developed from other animal species, including the blood/kidneys of green monkeys, or in eggs etc.

Vaccines should be offered as a choice with no repercussions of ostracisation should one decide not to vaccinate.

Breaches of health protocols by vaccine manufacturers, administers and even distributors and those involved with logistics, should experience a fast-track to court.

I really don’t like the health profession is allowed to run on a company profit basis.


As of the time or wtiting (Tuesday 15th Sept 2009) the BBC hasn’t bothered to update it’s swine flue page since: “Page last updated at 13:57 GMT, Thursday, 20 August 2009 14:57 UK”, such is the ‘severity’ of swine flu.

The CDC tries to keep an weekly report about it:

You could do a lot worse than to take a visit to the National(US) Vaccine Information Center(US spelling of centre)  spearheaded by Barbara Loe Fisher (as appears in my previous blog post)

Here’s some more questionably TV stuff from.. whaddya know… Faux Newz!…

Flu Fighters

Which I will hope to comment on later.

Would you like a slap with that vaccine?

Damn the idiots who scoffed and rolled their eyes, muttering things like ‘conspiracy theorist!’ when good people, people free or much more free from ‘conflict of interest’, tried to educate and bring you to a position whereby you would just STOP, look around, then begin to assess the utter crap the BBC and other newz {‘newz’ because they certainly can’t be called ‘news’} outlets were falling over themselves to broadcast about “novel A H1N1”.

If you did come across some of the things ‘conspiracy theorists’ were saying and you still ate your Tamiflu, shovelled it don the throats of your kids, ate you antibacterials(you dupe), donned your masks with gaping holes, then I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

What do you mean you were acting on medical advice? Lobbox! You were acting primarily from your own sheer laziness and abdication of your own responsibility to do some work and learn something impinging upon your life. As well as idleness, you once again, allowed the fear factory to touch your soul, giving General Practitioners who know of your ignorance and occasionally use it in order that they may rub their hands in glee at the prospect of a good week on the ledgers. Consultation fears, pharmaceutical commissions, mask sales and so on. GP’s who are marginally less ignorant about vaccination than you but from my experience, more ignorant than some Joe Bloggs from the street who’s spent half a couple of days researching about virus’s, Tamiflu claims, FDA and CDC documentation, the history of vaccination and the financial prostitution of the government and corruption of the health industry (yes INDUSTRY) all with an eye to making a quick buck whether it kills you or not.

This isn’t M.D. bashing. It IS ‘corrupt M.D. bashing’ and its YOU bashing.


Gardasil & Swine Flu, Inconvenient Truth 08-24-09

Change – and there’s more.

I think I’ll have to set up a post that features Obama art soon, to run alongside my Palestinian art post, ‘cos there’s an increasing amount of good political Obama art out there. Here’s a very appropriate one I spotted at Al-Jazeera English.






Lying 9-11 manipulating scumbag.

Barack Obama continues to prove how stupid many people are, in that they still believe all the crap he says.

Obomber’s has a great couple of weeks, moving up a few notches in the ‘Worlds most filthy killers’ league, having been responisble for ripping apart the flesh of even more Afghani and Pakistani people and to polish things off, Obama bites from the same 9-11 trough that George Jackass BuSh snouted from so often, trying to to score a bonus by adding yet more lies to his dirty record.



 Speaking yesterday, he vowed, Re: 9-11 to:

“apprehend all those who perpetrated these heinous crimes, seek justice for those who were killed, and defend against all threats to our national security” said the great deciever, Barack Hussain Obama, who by the way still hasn’t produced his original birth cert, not that it really matters IMHO as to where he was born but it does to many USans.

He has absolutely NO intention of doing any of that.

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?

The FreeBees – 911’s A LIE

Here’s Deek from FKN news..

911’s A lie – Total Pwnage – Deek is great but it’s a pity he’s sooooo vulgar!
Click here to watch:

911's A lie - Total Pwnage
clickable link:






US Citizens Revolt: IT IS ALREADY VIRAL! – Go Girl!

“You are evil thieving bastards, you have reaped ungodly profits in your behemoth casino scams, then lost, only to turn around and usurp the wealth of this great nation by the outright rape and pillage of middle class Americans’ whose sweat and toil built it. The biggest ripoff in the history of the world is padding your bonus checks with the Federal Government as your co-conspirators. Every last one of you should be rotting in prison.” – American Middle Class Representative
(also at


Nothing but fun at lwtc247

Ho ho.

No, not everybody ws Kung Fu Fighting (which is a pretty cool if old tune), but “ho ho” as in fun and merryment, the noise of jolly times. That’s what you get at lwtc247, . I mean just look at the how some people come to this site…

ho ho

Well I like it anyway.

P.S. The ‘turd’ search is usally way up there.

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