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Nope, no bioweapons development here either.

 RNA-i, si-RNA’s and slicer. How nice.

 Naaah. No commercial company or government would ever dream of developing that. Right?

Oops not according to the lovely John Bolton…

(other copy of it here:

Others are developing these weapons you see, not good old Uncle Sam. The US CNBW ‘defense’ program only creates these weapons real and imagined (alamost completely imagined of course) to test defense capability. Of course! All above board. ‘Cushty’ to say an onld TV catchphrase.

The science to follow is tricky and highly specialised, but you might be able to make some progress if you’ve got a reasonable science background. I find the article very interesting way despite the ‘knowledge’ holes:;jsessionid=1118250DF54039E64716F6A72401E274

Oh the application is so beyond anyones ability to conceptulise and utilize – right.

Someone tell me, why do we NEED to go there?

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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