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Monbiot and Monbiot’s willy.

George Monbiot is showing his willy. It isn’t the first time and doubtless, it wont be the last. Trouble is, he’s not being Abu Graibed into doing it. It’s entirely voluntary. It’s a flacid willy, so there ins’t any “Ron Davis on the common” head-of-sexual-steam excuse for it either. And I’m not going to do metaphore by doing the ‘size’ thing, although if I did, it would be Karma considering his ‘deck of cards’ top 10 climate change deniers post.

Seasoned people who pride themselves in examining political coincidences of great consequence, i.e. conspiracy examiners, will be familiar with the shameless attempted to flick yellow stars upon people by using the word denier, but then again, that Monbiot does it shouldn’t come as a surprise. He is after all a mainstream journo.

Remember, by Monbiot’s own admission, the only thing that would get him to disbelieve in AGW is something utterly preposterous, penned by the Knights Carbonic no less. {tip: think deeply and read my previous article before you jumping for your keyboard to tell me he was being satirical}

Lets ‘look’ at George’s willy display.

 First off, the title:  

Pretending the climate email leak isn’t a crisis won’t make it go away.

 At this point George’s Willy of Media Deception is rightfully encased in his shorts, but within the blink of an eye, he’s starkers! :

Climate sceptics have lied, obscured and cheated for years. That’s why we climate rationalists must uphold the highest standards of science.

I’m too busy laughing to comment on that gem.

He continues….

It is true that climate change deniers have made wild claims which the material can’t possibly support (the end of global warming, the death of climate science).

Who claims the climate is NOT changing? Isn’t the debate about what is causing the climate to change? Sneaky opening George, but I’ve seen straight through it.

Then Georgieboy says ALL of these Nazis deniers (of the phantasmal kind), say it’s the end of global warming, and the death of climate science.

Oh George, not only are you showing your todger, but you forgot to wash it too! What I’m looking at is making me queasy. Nobody is saying it’s the end of climate science. How could the study of the climate ever ‘end’? unless…. and this is quite possible – that climate science is in GM’s eyes only for the purpose of ramming home AGW. Hummm. As for the end of global warming, errmm George, I hate to say this (ok, actually I don’t) but isn’t the crux of the e-mails that the DATA showed a decline in temperature? In which case the DATA itself shows global warming has come to an end, and it was this DATA that they tried to spin/hide/’dissappear’

George says:

emails are very damaging….a real crisis

Yet he dares not open the Pandora’s box by discussing in any reasonable and warranted degree in a scientific context as to HOW they are damaging in terms of science. This is common. If your on dodgy ground, here’s what you do: Distract, distract, distract.

apologising where appropriate and demonstrating that it cannot happen again.

Well George, didn’t you previously ridicule people who said there was DATA showing the mainstream media depiction of climate change was wrong, and indeed you are still ridiculing those who discuss the implications of climategate who differ from your naive spin on it.

It is true that much of what has been revealed could be explained as the usual cut and thrust of the peer review process, exacerbated by the extraordinary pressure the scientists were facing from a denial industry determined to crush them.

This is a near exact re-casting of what would be said by apologists for the Abu Graib guards, the Mai Lai butchers, and much more besides, It’s not the fault of these scientists caught red handed, no! The wrong doing lies and dirty tricks lie squarely at the door of the AGW sceptics. Just like it was the Vietnamese children who are to blame for theie bodies getting in the way of US Napalm.

George has some fine company that he’s crawling in the gutter with.

But surely George is being polemic for it’s own sake, sniggering in the toilets at the response his writings will cause. Unless of course he really thinks the power of sceptics is so immense {Errrm, that would be the sceptics GM always portrayed as an insignificant irrelevant non-representative group  –  with accusations of shades of nazi’sm hurled for good measure} that it can force people to do such underhand acts. Wow!

GM references Phil Jones as writing:

 “I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow – even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!”

to which GM comes to Jones’ defence claiming

 One of these papers which was published in the journal Climate Research turned out to be so badly flawed that the scandal resulted in the resignation of the editor-in-chief.

Now that may be true, I don’t actually know, but I’m more than inclined to believe Monbiot has NEVER accepted ANY report questioning doubt on AGW no matter how truthful that DATA was. George is more than welcome to show otherwise.

Jones knew that any incorrect papers by sceptical scientists would be picked up and amplified by climate change deniers funded by the fossil fuel industry

And /how/ Monbiot ‘knows’ this is …. ???. Here again GM does the dirty painting ALL AGW sceptics as being funded by the oil industry.

From the AGW sceptics I’ve met and read about, I’ve not heard any of them say things favourable to big oil. Is George picking up on the negative perceptions people hold of big oil and using it as a stiletto against the AGW sceptics? Thing is George, the AGW sceptics are unhappy that their scepticism seems favourable to big oil, but they don’t junk that scepticism for political reasons and lie to themselves.

At this point, George is now beginning to stroke his willy having the audacity to say:

[sceptics]  all sorts of dirty tricks to advance their cause.

Monbiot is as rich as as a Plutonium laced Christmas pudding.

 those who campaign against taking action on climate change

Once again George’s deliberately mischaracterises the AGW sceptics as ‘denying’ (as he puts it) GW, so that they can maintain their lifestyle. Again deplorable behaviour. I’m an AGW sceptic – like most others, not funded by the oil industry – but I advocate a very big change to the way we live and the distribution of resources. Monbiot with his high energy use lifestyle knows this but doesn’t care.

 those who campaign against taking action on climate change: that the IPCC process is biased.

Isn’t it biased. Heard of the Seattle petition??? What of the people who Protested in Bali last year (or was it 2 years ago?) What of those past IPCC members who didn’t agree with some of pro-AGW direction in the IPCC report? What data has ever appeared in the IPCC reports that seems to offer an alternatice message to the pro-AGW narrative? What sceptical AGW scientist has been allowed to write in the IPCC report?

However good the detailed explanations may be, most people aren’t going to follow or understand them. Jones’s statement, on the other hand, is stark and easy to grasp.

Pathetic. GM has just tried pulled off a trick in front of your eyes. Here’s what he wants you to think… Jones -> pro-AGW -> message easy to grasp, then “on the other hand” – i.e. on the oppositie pole, AGW sceptics cannot present technical information to the public in a easy to grasp fashion. He’s (wittingly or not) saying the easier message goes down the best.

I’m wavering between thoughts on Monbiot as being a village idiot or some devious sod who knows exactly what he’s doing or even someone who is just sub-consciously talented in selling fools gold.

Monbiot then tries to use the few filthy politicians squatting in Westminster as cover or as deliberate distraction. It’s too ugly to enter that arena. He later says:

If you take the wording literally, in one case he appears to be suggesting that emails subject to a request be deleted,

Why shouldn’t it be taken as such? Was the recipient of the e-mail expected to shower the e-mail in virtual lemon juice and wave a virtual candle beside it.???

 But I know that opaqueness and secrecy are the enemies of science.

Monbiot of course wrote this long ago in the National newspaper while the CRU refused to publish data while the whose pro-AGW was running smoothly on the tracks. Oh no, that’s right, he didn’t! Strange that.

Actually I can no longer stand and ‘look’ at GM’s prolonged willy exposure.


Last words on this. Compare and contrast these two other reports. Which one, if any, actually focuses on the area of concern and which one, if any, distracts x3?
Purloined E-mails Don’t Change the Facts
Friday 27 November 2009
by: Eugene Robinson, Op-Ed


Climate change: the worst scientific scandal of our generation
– Our hopelessly compromised scientific establishment cannot be allowed to get away with a whitewash
By Christopher Booker
The Telegraph
November 28, 2009
Hosted on Atheonews:


George Monbiot et Wattsupwiththat a la CRU UEA

This blog has received relatively quite a bit of extra traffic looking for George Monbiot.

The reason is clear, Monbiots dismissal of climategate.

I am honoured that quite a few people would come here for some commentary on it, although others, here and here too, plus here have done a far better job of it than I could possibly do.

The sterling effort of others plus the fact I haven’t read any of the e-mails in their entirity are couple of reasons why I’ve not commented, and to be honest, the small amounts of the e-mails I have read are exceedingly boring!. So thanks to these concerned citizens who have taken up the tedium on my behalf and that of others.

What I did read was Georgieboy’s dismissal of the e-mails leaked/hacked e-mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia(UEA) UK  ( By the way, these e-mails are now being said to have been stolen. Does the legality of theft apply to e-mail?. IA breach of privacy perhaps, but theft? Hummm…

Back to Monbiot… Read his article hosted on a numb er of sites including

Now, Monbiot is being clever yet at the same time his attempt to do so actually turns into the sword of Damocles (albeit with the sword containing a fair % of rubber). You see, if queried about what he wrote, Monbiot would obviously protest he was simply beng funny when he dressing his comments up in satire, but actually, that is precicesly what would be needed for him to believe it. By applying lashings of satire upon it, it helps him to aviod a serious discussion on the matter. Al Franken did the same thing about 911 when he wrote in his book that he too got one of these reported warning phone calls on the morning of 911 before the planes hit. {actually the book is very good at fulfilling its intent, but it an exercise is extreme bipolarisation – one of the major problems afflicting so called democracy today}

BEFORE climate broke, Monbiot dismissed the anthropogenic global warming (man made via CO2 global warming) skeptics as he seemingly always does when evidence of a whatever conspiracy – but a real conspiracy, backed up with hard factual evidence – arises. And like all coincidence theorists, in damage limitation mode, he puts it down to a few rotten apples in the barrel. Kinda reminds me of the filthy killers of the USUK army and the kill for $ mercs, of the racism – the institutional racism – in the UK police force.

Well Gerorge, those rotten apples were operating with noone in their peer cirle pointing the finger to them calling them rotten. No. They were I woul say with little doubt representitive of the CO2 AGW scam.

Then there’s Monbiot’s apparent duality. He says of climategate:

“It’s no use pretending this isn’t a major blow.”

and then pretends everything’s alright. Well, if it is just a few rotten apples, why is it a major blow?

And I don’t know if anyone has notices but his ‘what it would take e-mail’ is written with quite a strong smell of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Is this accidental? One of the many coincidences people of Monbiots mind constantly witness as global events unfurl? I say not, for this readon: Georgieboy can’t quite hack it with the tired and quite redundant ‘antisemite’ label in this case but he’s alluding to it here. It’s the same old put a yellow star on it and then denouce those who point it out technique.

Am I wrong? Well perhaps if GM actually discussed the ‘hide the decline’ part of climategate, then I could well be, but he didn’t. The word decline doesn’t feature even once in his whole article, something that pro-governmnet 911’ers do rather a lot of.

Georgieboy says:

“They damage the credibility of three or four scientists. They raise questions about the integrity of one or perhaps two out of several hundred lines of evidence.”

Am I once again shouting at empty bustps when it seems to me George starts off with the numbers 3&4 then instantly after wards the numbers whittle down to 1&2. Of course he’s talking about a different issue, but he would have written this:

“They raise questions about the integrity of one or perhaps two out of several hundred lines of evidence. They damage the credibility of three or four scientists. “

Do you think those two statements are quivanet? Does the rising numbers in the alternative wording not have a different mental imprint in your conscience or perhaps more validly, your sub-conscience? And wait, when you reverse it you might notice something interesting. How can there only be one ‘or perhaps two’ {as Monbiot puts it} bits of evidence yet have three or four scientists involved? Is the single piece of evidence, written words, split between (on average) two scientists??? Hummm… Well frem reading Monbiot’s article, we’ll simply never know because (remember the technique?) he doesn’t mention them!


 “To bury man-made climate change, a far wider conspiracy would have to be revealed. “

Again George doesn’t treat us to what he according to his values and ideas would be the ‘wider’ conspiracy, which brings me to another point…. wider conspiracy. Wider is a relative term. His use of the term ‘wider’ actually says what happened was a conspiracy. But such things and how they are allowed to occur amongst the “man is to blame pro-AGW” circle again don’t appear inportant to Mr. Monbiot.

“There appears to be evidence here of attempts to prevent scientific data from being released, and even to destroy material that was subject to a freedom of information request.”

Og dear. George Moniot’s bad hair day.

In his effort to deny at all costs that he has bought into the somewhat ‘good concerned citizen’ thing, Monbiot points out that THERE IS DATA THAT POINTS TO A DECLINE. Once again, a discussion of that data away from all the AGW conspiracy isn’t important to ?Monbiot.

Heck! Isn’t that what is supposed to take centre stage?


I’ll end now by saying. Industrial pollution, pharmaceutical/chemical waste and radioactive pollution are FAR FAR more important that stupid CO2 and AGW > even it is true!

And lastly, not so long ago people were saying the temperature on Mars. Venus was rising and that explains why the earth is experiencing higher temps too. anti-AGW’s never addressed that point.

This world is nuts!


When the worlds economy collapses…

What should we do with the leaders who engineered it’s destruction?


Winter Patriot

To all lwtc247 empathically minded people: If you haven’t read his latest (Oct 19th) article, you should.


Phlu(ey) of the Swine Kind

Re: so called novel (A)H1N1 (or pandemic H1N1 as the WHO now calls it).

The WHO says: “many countries have stopped counting individual cases”[1]

This is just one indication that the swine flu is an enormous scam.

Even an idiot would realise if you have a dangerous potentially killer virus, you would do all you can to monitor it (especially in the developing phases) to as high a level of precision and accuracy as possible. Doing so gives invaluable data on its virulence, infectivity, pattern of behaviour to help develop a model so that other similar viruses in the future may be better understood. Last but certainly not least, you would do this to monitor how effective any applied treatment is!

What a sub-idiot would do, is not record actual levels of novel (A)H1N1.

“Health officials say up to 30% of the population may become infected with swine flu, based on analysis of how this pandemic is spreading,”[1b]. See? attempts to keep statistics on it have been compiled for analysis.

There isn’t even an economic basis for not monitoring the declared pandemic, despite reports of the test for an expensive. (i.e. the nucleic acid sequencing procedure for (A)H1N1 – about which I have not been able to uncover any information). The reason why cost isn’t valid is that it’s a duty of Government to pull out all the stops to keep tabs on the virus and ensure the population is protected. How badly they do that isn’t really the issue.

The fact remains that a government could leglislate private companies to monitor it and fund activities to tackle it. They could also swing the resources of state health services to monitoring and action groups.

What are they doing instead? Buying large quantites of shockingly poorly tested vaccines from companies like Baxter with an apalling record of operations standards, fast tracking the vaccine, allowing/encouraging/doing all sorts of junk press releases, and granting those companies immunity from prosecution. All that is definately NOT acting in the interests of the people. It is in the interests of Big Pharma.

But the WHO still publishes (13 Nov 09) a global statistic of at least 6260 deaths from over 503536 cases. Which gives a death rate of 1.24% i.e. 1 death per 80 cases of infection.

That’s pretty low.

Data issues:

Swine flu: how the numbers add up (Friday, 31 <b>July</b> 2009 18:06)…

The number of new cases for this week in England was estimated at 110,000, a rise of 10,000 over the previous week. That means in two weeks 210,000 people had swine Flu. 1 in 300 people. [1f]

Page last updated at 16:31 GMT, Thursday, 12 November 2009:   The number of new swine flu cases in the past week fell by nearly a quarter to 64,000 in England, figures show… About 21,500 people are estimated to have caught the virus in Scotland up from 17,500 the week before… 182 deaths [1c]

In those two weeks this gives another 149,000 prople with swine flu (estimated) giving a total of 359,333 people in just four weeks. That means 1 out of 166 people in the UK already had swine flu in just 4 weeks alone and they are non-continuous weeks too!!

OK. Now factor in the 182 deaths and assume they died beause of swine flu. What fatality rate is that based solely upon for weeks?

that’s one death per 1974, That’s 0.05%
Boing further, the BBC said “it’s reckoned that 620,000 people in England have now had swine flu… 182 deaths[2]
that gives a death rate of 1 in 3406. Thats 0.03%
Yet the WHO says[3] from update 75, 15 Nov 09 data (which remember it’s said nobody is counting anymore)  “over 526060” cases, there are “at least 6770” deaths. That’s 1.2% nearly 30 times greater than the UK figure.

How strange.

[1] http:///

[1b] BBC NEWS  Health  Swine flu how the numbers add up (timestamp: Page last updated at 17:06 GMT, Friday, 31 July 2009 18:06 UK – local archived webpage)

[1c]  http:///

[1d] http:///

[1e] http:///


[2] =  http:///  Friday 13th November.

[3] http:///

(Remove the third slash for the purposes of following the links)


Liar Levitt, Tom (neoL) to stand down.

Yes, yes yes!!!

Some good news in a world of newz.

This man, Levitt, that spouted a chapter of lies about how great Iraq was, roughly about a year after the blitzkreig on the Iraqi people, something Rumsfeld, in all his macho putridness called “Shock and Awe”, has decided to step down.

Now Tom can enjoy the his grandchildren, something quite impossible for the millions of Iraqi he voted to kill, all based on an utter pack of multiple and very obvious lies (which Tom probably knew or didn’t wan’t to know!). Perhaps when Tom is bored, he will pull out the Abu Ghraib pics for a spot of remininsence of the good old times. then after a hearty meal he can walk around the beautiful High Peak on a lazy summers say, while the Iraqi’s can enjoy breathing in clouds of depleted uranium and feel in their wombs the growing muitation inside them.

Hourray for Tom Levitt, killer of millions.

Transcript of High Peak Radio interview 29 May 2009 – EXPENSES


lwtc247 articles (chiefly about the ME):

I’ll end with this…

Levitts lie log and certainly not the last…

On rememberance Sunday, Liar Levitt said “Through our soldiers’ work in Afghanistan today, our streets are being protected against terrorism and heroin.” – source

Oh the High peak’s loss is tragic!

(that’s a Levittism by the way)



I can smell poo

And it’s coming from Craig Murray’s site!

No, not because it’s Craig making that smell, but because some of the things that are happening to him as outlined on his site absolutely stink!

I am refering to this ghastly UK puppetry pantomime of once “big bad” self labeled Muslims who didn’t actually do anything ‘radical’ – although they protest they were some kind of fundamanetal brigade (lol) and give the impression they could have killed us all in our beds. – A case of De’ja poo, non?

Anyway, Craig pointed something like that out (read his site for details, consider my description a teaser), in more eloquent words of course, and amazingly the Quillium foundation decided to use UK taxpayers money to try and sue Mr. Murray which if successful, is crafted in such a way as to reword the actors in the Quillium Foundation (very appropriate description I may add) will stand to pocket the swag, but not the foundation itself. Ho Ho! Christmas is coming and the goode is getting fat, please put millions of penny’s in Ed’ cap…

Add onto this that the directors of the Quillium Foundation, QF, or QuiFf {whichever you prefer} get something like £80,000 a year, well, it just bogggles the mind. << that figure is open to correction.

The Quillium foundation is in my opinion something akin to what one occasionally steps in.

I urge all people of reason and respect to treat the QuiFf like it should be treated, scraped off in ernest and disposed of carefully in a recpticle disposed to handle biological waste.

If you have taken the leap of bravery to stand beside men of valour dignity and courage such as Craig Murray (and personally I have significant political differences with Mr. Murray – but at times like this such things are irrelevant) then you might like to spread the word about the rather horrible lawyer’s acting with gusto against Mr. Murray and encourage others to desist from using that firm for any kind of business whatsoever. Think of them as the newspaper that now surrounds that stuff languishing in the aforementoned biological hazzard bin. Here’s there details (copy and pasted from the tail endings of their letter as posted on Craigs site):

Clarke Willmott LLP

Rachael Gregory
Clarke Willmott LLP
1 Georges Square
Bath Street Bristol BS1 6BA
fax: 0845 209 2519


To follow is some things Craig would like people to mirror for now… Take it away Craig:

Update (10/Oct/2010): Their threat didn’t materialise so I’ve deleting the replicative info (it has cused me annoyance when searching for items on my blog). See Craigs blog if you want to read his post.

Nov 13 09 – Update on the swine flu

There were 64,000 estimated new cases in England last week, down from 84,000 the week before. Chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson said the figures were difficult to interpret because officials said the impact of half-term could last for two weeks. Next week’s figures should give a fuller picture of how the virus is developing, he said. Figures for swine flu tend to be higher when children are in school as they are known to spread the virus easily. Thursday’s data showed a rise in the number of people dying from the virus, with 124 deaths in England – up from 105 in the previous week. The number of people in hospital has dropped slightly to 785, of whom 173 are in intensive care. In total, 182 people across the UK have died after contracting swine flu.


Quick comment: Is “182 people across the UK have died after contracting swine flu.” the same as “182 people across the UK have died from contracting swine flu.” – I don’t think so. Notice the wording “64,000 estimated new cases” compared to 84,000 the week before. This gives an indication of supposed infectibity. At these rates, plus from what was reported previously, the population will autoimmune without any need for a stupid vaccine. Also the estimated figure is lower this week than the estimated figure last week. The science of statistics can prove useful, but unfortunately like beauty, statistics lie in the eye of the beholder. And statistics is the only science that can prove most people on the planet have more than the average number of legs. The statistical method of analysis should be open to examination. If it passes the test for lack of bias then fine, but I don’t think it’s hard to omagine the figures are simply cooked up.


Like all videos I (re)post here, I don’t necessarily endorse them, and I don’t have time to comment on them all, but I came across “thetruthgirls” a week or two ago and I like it :) (Cue Gerry and the Pacemakers…

(nostalga ends)


thetruthergirls swine flu
Ukraine Mutated Swine Flu is a Bioweapon

13 Year Old Toronto Boy Dies of H1N1

I Got My Vax Notice

CFR Plots Vaccine Shortage Scam
Vaccine Induced Swine Flu Outbreak on Ship

By accident?

AJE pic 12Nov09

Tell me it’s just my imagination… Please!


Muslim stupidity

Many Muslims think it’s taboo to criticise Muslims. Well, I think some deserve to be criticised, and I would hope others would criticise me for any stupid things I do.

Whats getting my goat this time is in reference to this guy in the US who shot these other soldiers. To be honest, I can’t be bothered with examining the questions leading to conspiraces of what happened. If he was MK Ultra’ed, should that be a shock to anyone?

Anyway, what I want to say is the stupidity that followed after that.

I’m sure I heard/read somwhere about this that people were saying things like “I hoped he wasn’t a Muslim as that would make it harder for us Muslims already in the Army”.







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