Frankie boy’s at it again.

Establishment hack and ex-spy, Frank Gard(i)ner, – a man who used to walk around Saudi occupied Arabia with mini Qur’ans in his ass pocket, (now I guess is an Mi5/Mi6 liason officer), sympathises with Briton Simon Mann, who is linked  with  mercenary terroism (apparently with state involvement!) via the rather dirty Sandline International.

web addrerss

Frankie boy whitewashes over Mann’s activities describing poor Mann as suffering “four hellish years in prison.”

Said Frank:

“He’s going to see a son he’s never seen, who was born when he was in prison. This is a man, who if he had served his whole sentence, would have come out in his 90s,”

Awwww. the little diddums!

Read this excellently written book:

  You won’t regret it.

And watch this:


BBC 3 Investigates – Thatcher and the Coup that Failed:
This film uncovers the attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea, meeting the key players and dishing the dirt that no-one else knows. It tells the inside story of international power play, oil-fuelled greed, men with guns and the son of the former British Prime Minister

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