News you won’t find on the BBC (or CNN or Faux News)

The Voting for Sharia in Somalia

April 20, 2009 – الاثنين 25 ربيع الثاني 1430 by Anwar alAwlaki  
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The Somali parliament has voted unanimously for the implementation of Sharia which is seen as good news by many in the Muslim world – and it is – as it reflects the desire of the Somali people to live by the laws of Allah. However there are some issues that need to be highlighted… – source.

lw says: I hope they find a way to destroy the pimping of sex/porn into their society. Strong moralistic societies automatically bring about with them, a better level of a cleaner society. And at this point, I’m going to end with a smidgeon of a moan… lets hope it brings with it cleaner public toiets! General Muslim toilet hygene and mentality is highly shameful! 

-P.S. Anwar alAwlaki ‘s wiki says: 23 August 2009, Awlaki was banned by local authorities in Kensington and Chelsea, London, from speaking via videolink to a fundraiser for Guantanamo detainees. source

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