Even Al Jazeera’s at it!

Al Jazeera is in my opinion, one of the better news… errmmmm…  ‘organisations’. However it’s English branch (AJE) quite often displays the foul of a particular type of westerism which willing media whores like Faux News, CNN and the BBC take pride in chruning out whilst at the same time having the audacity of calling themselves ‘fair and balanced’.

AJE once broadcast David Frost asking his guest (I think the wife of Daniel Perle) “are we winning the war on terror?” What a thoughtess idiot to say something like that. Frost carved out his career by giving the appearance that he thought the establishment should be challenged – or at least that what Frosts cheerleaders say.

Is Frost a charleton? perhaps he tailcoated, or maybe age really does mutate Brits into conservative racists (now a days in the process of being engineered into ‘conservative bar-homosexulaity’ racists.). It could even be that others created Frost’s ‘image’, and the guy himself just ambled through life propelled by some self serving spin manchine. Who knows.

Anyway, as for AJE, some might say it has to appeal to it’s target audience – and as many, perhaps most English speakers will have a western outlook, then it may explain such westernisms, but I reject that view and think that it’s the foot in the door for money to begin to creep into journalism – a pandemic partly responsible for much misery on the planet today, and as I suggested earlier, it’s a particular brand of westernism – i.e. a bizzare mix of (economic)neoliberalism, neoconservatism, neofascism and philosophical ultraliberalism with a lashings of social darwinism, garnished with mind rotting entertainment. Eeeeew. It’s a FAR FAR cry from things the west should be about, yet pretends in its fullest capacity to support, like the Magna Carta, the US Bill of Rights, the supposed (popularly purported) Christian Reformist movements or La révolution.

Lets look at the evidence to hand:

A story on AJE: Indian Muslims denounce terrorism

Would Fascist xenophobic scum like Hitchens, Wilders, Melon E Philips, Aaronovich and all the mini-me’s out there, take note that ONCE AGAIN there are Muslims doing what you have for years accused what them of not doing, and that is denouncing terroism which the (wh/c)or(e)porate mainstream media calles “Islamic terrorism” flush in oxymoron glory. Got that you pork chop suckers? Not that facts and truth have ever been much concern to you before, and No, Hannity lovers, you aren’t that clever, we know your secret glee at when Muslims actually do this, for reasons a child could figure out.



miserable possible side issue story from AJE spun as a global problem

Freedom fighters Terrorists going to chop our heads while we sleep at night. Be scared!!! Mullah Omar had a training camp, e i e i o, and on that camp he had some taliban, e i e i o. With a a taliban here, and a taliban there, here a taliban, there a taliban everywhere a taliban… Mullah Omar had a training camp e i e i o.

And now there’s Taliban 2! Yes, that’s right… Your favourite taliban boogie man comes in a variety of packages, each one specially designed to feed upon your fears of whoever or whatever target population you want.


baby small

The beef here is that in the report NOT ONE SINGLE journaistic elaboration on the story is given to the greatest terrorists of all times over the entire history of the planet: STATE TERROTISTS!!!! And isn’t it TOTALLY FRIGGING AMAZING THAT THERE HAS NEVER BEEN (AND WILL NEVER) BE A FALSE FLAG OPERATION CONDUCTED BUT THE PAKISTANI ARMY/AUTHORITIES, THE AFGHANI PUPPETS, OR THE NORTHER ALLIANCE, THE FILIPINO ARMY, ETC… WHICH HAS BEEN INVESTIGATED AND REPORTED BY THE MEDIA… And those of you with a brain can probably recall some of the horrors of what happened in Algeria. ALL the fault of the Islamists of course (-rolls eyes-) – (pssst… lets not mention the people voted for an Islamic government – oh no!)

The second bit of journo junk is here: The Goldstone report: A Jewish view – By Rachel Barenblat http://english.aljazeera.net/focus/2009/11/20091139240897444.html

Goldstone - so obviously biased agaisnt Israel as he's not dreaming up ways how to massacre Palestinians
Goldstone, so obviously biased against israel, in fact he’s quite obviously Pro-Palestinian according to conventional eyes, as he’s not dreaming up ways on how to exterminate them!

The report starts off well enough but as is ALMOST ALWAYS the case, descends into pushing Zionist ideals.

The First element of Zionism one needs to realise, if one is to try and understand Zionism, is that the fundamental principle of it is that of a percieved God given licence to the persuit of supremacy. God looks on in indifference to the great  human crimes committed to the others along the way.

The second is the: need for Zionist state. Not you must realise, ‘a Jewish state’, as any serious analysist of Israyhell will concurr that Israyhell is absolutely NOT a Jewish state. If you believe otherwise then please, go away.

All Zionist and budding Zionists will push these points. Nearly EVERY discussion of Israel by people subscribing to Zionist ideals will contain either one or both of these elements. And this article: “The Goldstone report: A Jewish view” By Rachel Barenblat is no exception.

“Like many Jews, I want to believe that the one nation which was founded by adherents to my religious tradition will naturally be just and righteous. When the state fails to live up to that ethical mandate, my heart is broken.”

There you go. ANY discussion of Israyhell is OK, even ‘helpful’ suggestions as to how Israyhell can be brought into line with international law are permissible, and the premise underlying all this – sometimes on the subconscious level –  is that Israyhell has a right to exist. Well let me tell you something… It has absolutely no right to exist!! This fake state of Israyhell should be scuppered. Pronto!

And in direct reposnse to Ms. Barenblat, Israyhell has NEVER been the Glorious Israel of old, the magnificient state you yearn for. The old state (only for a very short period of time) – which was a state of immaculate manefesstion of mankinds love and obedience towards God. That Israel all of the Abrahamic (and Adamic!) faith would welcome the reemergence of Israel of Glory, and it IS coming again. It will be born when this filthy imposter is obliterated by the one the Zionists du jour desperately wanted to kill. ALL Abramahic doctrines show this Israel is coming and it’s shown perfectly clearly in the scriptures (apart from the scriptures you fiddled  e.g. Deuteronomy 23:20), but this piece of crap, modern Israyhell, the regime of tyrrany that feels the need to purpetrate at least one gross crime per day upon humble Palestinians, is an imposter state of the utmost evil.

Ms. Barenblat, Israyhell was founded by Zionists, some who hated the Jews, some who killed the Jews on ships, some who murdered British (to the indifference of the servile British govt), nearly all Israyhells founders were terrorists who then went on with a Satanic extermination of the Palestinian people that persists to this day. Ms. Barenblat, you are an utter muppet! Sorry but you are a muppet – your words say so. You heart should NEVER have have been anything other than broken. Israyhell is a secualar state of Zionism.

Jews against Zionism

And the ‘bad hair day’ (the height of banes some westerners have to deal with) for AJE just doesn’t end…

‘Afghan policeman’ kills UK troops

Here is Al Jazeera in it’s finest “BBC lite” mode. Only the Coalition of the killing get a mention. Only British soldiers lives are counted. The Taliban or whoever the courageous freedom fighter is, gets portrayed as ‘the baddies’.

Some piece of scum called Dr Aminullah Habibi, suppsedly a “research fellow at the UK Defence Academy, a training facility for the country’s ministry of defence” gets to pimp the western ideals. What the hell does the defence of the UK have to do with Afghanistan. Absolutely NOTHING AT ALL.

And we have this pile of poo…

Gordon Brown, Britain’s prime minister, said the deaths were a “terrible loss”.

“They fought to make Afghanistan more secure, but above all to make Britain safer from the terrorism and extremism which continues to threaten us from the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said.

How sickening! Garden Broom’s lies get parroted without the slighest hint of a challenge.

Earlier on it was ‘reported’ (i.e. parroted) about the freedom fighter: “Every effort is being put into hunting him down.” – which makes me think the Nobel Prize Commission is being a bit pro-active this year.

Gorgon BrNWO contined his spiel…

“Addressing the UK parliament, Brown said: “It appears that they were targeted because they were engaged in what our enemies fear most – they were mentoring and training Afghan forces.”

Hahahahahaha! What a loser, and as if he gives a stuff about British cannon fodder. There’s a saying the people get the leaders they deserve. In which case almost the entire planet has some serious soul searching to do.

In conclusion:

Al Jazeera English – Your moment of shame!


Case study: Randomly pulled up lessons in proto-Zionism




2 Responses to “Even Al Jazeera’s at it!”

  1. 1 Project Humanbeingsfirst.org November 6, 2009 at 2:32 am


    Evidence suggests that AJE may be even more than just pandering to an audience. For instance, the following is inexplicable:

    From May 2009 Terrorism Report:



    Al Jazeera English calls Zalmay Khalilzad a “prominent American Muslim” instead of a Prominent American Neocon – at minute 1:40 (see analysis below):


    ‘The government’s hardened stance, and its apparent willingness to tackle them is being commended by one prominent American Muslim [Zalmay Khalilzad]’

    Not to be outdone by the secular-humanist Muslim literati and Pakistani Negroes among its ruling-elite, Al Jazeera in the first video above called Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad “one prominent American Muslim” instead of one Prominent American Neocon. The patsy-maker of the Afghani peoples who along with his mentor Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, relished in the opportunity under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan of “giving to the USSR its Vietnam War” during 1979-1988, and is now giving both Afghanistan and Pakistan a second “Vietnam War” under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Exhibit A of my 2003 book “Prisoners of the Cave” documents Dr. Khalilzad’s endorsement of all the Neocon’s planning to decimate Iraq. Zalmay Khalilzad is a signatory to at least the following documents, which is on public record: PNAC Statement of Principles, June 13, 1997 along with Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz et. al.; PNAC Letter to President Clinton on Iraq January 26, 1998; CPSG Letter to President Clinton February 19, 1998; PNAC Letter to Gingrich and Lott on Iraq May 29, 1998.

    Where is the rehearsal of all this not-too-distant a memory in that Al Jazeera English report? Is Al Jazeera incompetent? No – anything but incompetent. Rather, it is a very competent component of a vast messaging system.

    Like the entire newsmedia in the world, Al Jazeera too, only works for the same ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’. While they relish showing all the Muslim dead bodies to the Muslim world to further inflame us, they still maintain the core-narratives of empire. This video is proof-sufficient of Al Jazeera television being yet another instance of the nuanced Hegelian dialectics of deception being expertly played by the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’ du jour.

    End Excerpt

    Tutorial on the ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’ is available on the Project’s website.

    AJE’s parent is headquartered in the same place as CENTCOM – Qatar. Throughout the Iraq war, it showed all the blood and gore to the Muslims in excruciating details; while from the same soil, bombing flights were being run.

    And in not one moment’s coverage through that ordeal, as far as others have informed me, did AJ actually say that 911 was an inside job.

    In other words, they retained the axioms of the empire intact, and carried on their dissent within the acceptable envelope in exactly the same vein as Noam Chomsky.

    I believe the agenda behind AJ E or A, is to fan the flame of violence. The manufacture and harvesting of jihadis, just as during the first Afghan war, needs much full spectrum due diligence. This is spelled out in the article
    “The Decapitation of Pakistan by its own Military!” And channels like AJ have played, and are playing their assigned role.


    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

  2. 2 lwtc247 November 11, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Hi. Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the late reply.

    LOL to ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’.

    All disinfo outlets will mix truth with blatant lies. AJE contains more truth and better journalism than most others.

    If the BBC criticises the apple-cart, they dress it up as a ‘serious’ program, calling it a documentary, plaster the name ‘Panorama’ on it and do one broadcast a month. AJE does a lot more documentary style programming and puts the side of the little guy a lot more.

    When the BBC does do ‘Joe Bloggs/John Doe’ reports, it’s support of the establishment is abundantly clear (to those who can see such things), and I’d have to say the BBC has done a very successful job in imprinting peoples perceptions.

    About a year ago, I saw some typical BBC documentary featuring diseased Africans. The program, if I remember correctly, only portrayed a pharmaceutical company selling ‘cheap’ some drugs as nothing but good. I don’t think a company govt or bank that contributed to their terrible condition in the first place, got a look in – other than of course, the (yawn) “internal corrupt ‘African politics’ that was to blame that’s why the people were suffering” .

    So I like the way more ‘real’ stories are covered esp. about the Wests latest theatre of war: The ME and Central Asia. Some may say by appearing to more for the little guy, it makes it potentially more dangerous, however if that was it’s intent (inc. to recruit patsies), then I think it’s questionable if it achieves that.

    Perhaps I’m being a bit silly here, but I’d like to think AJE has good intentions, simply from the lack of an obvious corporate agenda and to some extent from them covering more human stories. Howerver I would be flabbergasted if AJE didn’t contain forces within it that try to steer it in some direction for some purpose.

    It seems to me that AJE tried to offer an ‘alternative’ to the BBC but in doing so, incorporates some of the stupidity and outright slop of the Beeb.

    In he Post: “INTELLECTUAL CLEANSING: PART 1” (http://tinyurl.com/y8j4cjl) we can get an appreciation that those journaists that drank from the BBC trough, (and ITN isn’t much better) won’t come without engrained baggage (even tho I see your reservations about Chomsky – who I believe said ‘so what’ about who did 9-11, unless I’m mistaken)

    e.g. as you pointed out, giving niceties to Zalmay Khalilzad – Quite horrible indeed! As is the way the fawn to big political power. That’s one of their failings! They are too pro-established politics (those allowed to hold the rungs of supposed power)

    I may look like I’m now starting to defend AJ and AJE, but w.r.t. the massacred bodies I think they did the right thing if only (and there are other reasons) because the westnern media were NOT showing them.

    I want to see reportage of the reality. And if we ask outselves what would a REAL independent news organisation do, then AJE is closer to that description than many.

    The Qatar connection does suggest AJE may have links to terrorim (the Coalition of the Killing, CotK) from the location of CENTCOM as you mentioned. Qatar better than Florida. That’s plain weird. One has to query the Al Jazeera memo too, which produced the perception that AJ was so antagonistic the the CotK that Bush wanted to take it out…. errm, but never did. I know they’ve deliberately killed journalists and tortured then in guantanamo etc, but they I’m afraid to say could easily be seen as pawns if their parent organisation was actually a ruse.

    I’m not aware of AJE saying 9-11 was an inside job either – and I haven’t had a chance to watch their report they did on it this year (or was it last year?? – can’t remember right now)

    Is it really to recruit jihadi’s? I don’t feel I can say so with any definitiveness, but I’m inclined to think the jihadi’s/patsy’s are recruited (if they are recruited) in the old manner like when Frank Gard(i)ner was in Saudi. That personal touch.

    One thing’s for certain, I’m keeping an eye on them (for whatever that’s worth)!

    Thanks for the comment.

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