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Nov 13 09 – Update on the swine flu

There were 64,000 estimated new cases in England last week, down from 84,000 the week before. Chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson said the figures were difficult to interpret because officials said the impact of half-term could last for two weeks. Next week’s figures should give a fuller picture of how the virus is developing, he said. Figures for swine flu tend to be higher when children are in school as they are known to spread the virus easily. Thursday’s data showed a rise in the number of people dying from the virus, with 124 deaths in England – up from 105 in the previous week. The number of people in hospital has dropped slightly to 785, of whom 173 are in intensive care. In total, 182 people across the UK have died after contracting swine flu.


Quick comment: Is “182 people across the UK have died after contracting swine flu.” the same as “182 people across the UK have died from contracting swine flu.” – I don’t think so. Notice the wording “64,000 estimated new cases” compared to 84,000 the week before. This gives an indication of supposed infectibity. At these rates, plus from what was reported previously, the population will autoimmune without any need for a stupid vaccine. Also the estimated figure is lower this week than the estimated figure last week. The science of statistics can prove useful, but unfortunately like beauty, statistics lie in the eye of the beholder. And statistics is the only science that can prove most people on the planet have more than the average number of legs. The statistical method of analysis should be open to examination. If it passes the test for lack of bias then fine, but I don’t think it’s hard to omagine the figures are simply cooked up.


Like all videos I (re)post here, I don’t necessarily endorse them, and I don’t have time to comment on them all, but I came across “thetruthgirls” a week or two ago and I like it :) (Cue Gerry and the Pacemakers…

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