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Another day has passed, as it did in Palestine


It was a strange day. I didn’t get much done and I was v. tired as usual (I don’t sleep when I’m supposed to sleep) and I fell asleep in my office on the table and chair specifically designed to prevent people sleeping!  -> If you do, you wake up with an aching body, so much so that you really don’t feel like trying to sleep there again next time. However I dozed off intermittently waking up only when the pain got to much.

Before I knew it, it was lunch. Then the day just kind of fizzled out.

Then I came home and went online having decided to experience another drubbing at chess. Shortly afterwards I zoomed off for my meeting with some members of Hamas. They were actually what we would call Hamas MP’s and were here to discuss the situation in Gaza and Palestine in general, and to advise on specifics which the international community can do to help alleviate the suffering.

In the introduction, a profile of each of them was read out. It is said of the Palestinians that they have one of the greatest  %’s of PhD holders per head of population – and I can well believe that. It is astounding and is testament to the resilience of the Palestinian people given the trauma they suffer starting from when they are babies in the womb. How they manage to uphold such heights of academic achievement is amazing. The Doctor on my left, one of the driving forces for our Palestine support group was similarly impressed with their qualifications that he saw fit to comment to me about it – although I’m sure, being an old hand at pro-Palestinian work, he already knew the stats.

That image is from
but the presence of the M16 worries me.

And their steadfastness is gargantuan. Another Doctor, this time sitting on my right, made a number of comments to me about how the Israyhelli’s made a huge mistake taking on the Palestinians – in the sence of the unquellable Palestinian resistance against all the odds.

Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless the Palestinians against all godforsaken tyrrany. If ever a people have passed a possible ‘test’ from Allah (SWT),  it’s the Palestinians! Almost 62 years of nakbah (disaster) and STILL the continue to struggle. If the test from Allah is proportional to the reward one will face in the hereafter, then heaven will be full of Palestinians.

I asked about the Goldstone report. Did Hamas think anything would come from it. I had attended a talk by Prof. Richard Falk {my friend kept on making the same mistake recently, calling Richard Falk, Peter Falk – lol}

“Errr, just one more thing maam” – Peter Falk –

Falk (Richard) said that the Israyhelli’s couldnt have picked a better candidate to make the report than Goldstone, as Goldstone was a hard core Zionist, and if anything the Goldstone report was actually pro-Israyhell. Yet the Israyhelli’s were like chickens in a wolf infested coup when the Goldstone report has prominemnt in the news. However the Hamas representitives asked me “Do you think the Americans will do anything about it”… our answer came when we let out a few strange laughs.

I also asked them about Hamas proposing a 10 year cease fire and a one state solution proposal. The English speaker amongst them (I think they all spoke English but one was more willing to speak it than the others) said they had offered a cease fire – however I didn’t quite catch some of the follow on  he mentioned after that – bt Isreayhell wasn’t interested. Of the one state solution he said yes, they do propose that but again the Zionst’s won’t recognise it. The Isreyhelli’s are actually strangely going for a one state solution  a purely Jewish Zionist state..

I said in another question: “There is a lot of disinformation about Hamas and Palestine in general. Could you recommend to me a news source that reports the situation accurately/truthfuly”. They seemed to take some time in getting the question but eventually said Al Aqsa news service and the Palestine Media Center (US spelling of centre) Neither of those two seemed familiar to me, although I’m sure to have read their stuff in the past.

Another point of discussion was Al Aqsa mosque itself. They mentioned the Zionists are tunneling under it and want it destroyed so that they can rebuild the Temple – Solomons Temple he called it. He said only men over 50 and women over 45 were able to enter Al Awsa mosque for Friday (Jumma) prayers sometimes, and they often face problems getting in at other times too. We were told that sometimes people would try and get in a few days before Jumma and stay there until the day had come for the friday prayers. Amazing!

He also mentioned the women. This pleased our group who has quite a lot of women activists in it. The courage of the women was praised enormously. The Doc to my RHS again told me the women arn’t sad then their sons are Martyred, – but I think me meant long term. Short term they do feel the pain of loss. We were told one of the reps had 3 Myrters in his family.

Their Struggle is truely astounding.

One last thing. I watched a documentary about Palestinians and Israyhelli’s forming a kind of peace/mutual understanding group. It was very interesting to watch but the reasons for peace were very different. The Israyhelli’s – and in the documentary I think ALL the Jews featured were Zionists – they wanted peace so that the Zionist state of Israyhell would persist and no longer face a threat to it’s longevity. The most active one was an elderly lady who seemed to have a South African accent who’s son David was killed at a checkpoint in the occupied terrorities (I think). She appeared quite liberal yet professed her strong Zionism to settlers on a (get this…) guided tour of an illegal stettlement. They all wanted Zion to thrive – they just didn’t see that Palestinians had to be killed in the process.

The Palestinians however wanted peace to end the bloodshed.

Here’s a clip of the documentary:


Here’s an interview with the documentary maker:



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