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The importance and benefits of self honesty.

When you stand before God to be judged, do you really think at that time you will be able to enter a debate with God about your behavior? Playing with or bending some words to cover-up or justify your bad deeds? Perhaps a little “white lie” here and there? Do you really think you can deceive God?

Which is more likely: the above or this; When you stand before him, you won’t even be ‘offered’ this opportunity to try and wriggle your way out of facing your earthly past actions. Remember… you will be ‘standing’ in judgment by something which transcends ‘things’. God of unlimited power. Think back to earth now. Is there not someone that has a way of making you tell the truth, or someone you can tell the truth to? Now lets get back to God, in front of God in fact, are you really going to able to fool, trick and be less than 100% honest?

I don’t know and I’m not so sure if it is possible to know.

I do know that it’s conventional Islamic teaching that parts of our body will speak the absolute truth about what we have done. But despite the fact I can’t say which of the two scenarios IS going to happen, I would say the latter is 99% more likely, which of course is the latter!

This is why it is ultra important to be honest with ourselves. It’s incredibly easy for the human mind to justify its questionable doings. It is oh so easy for the human mind to even try and justify sins: ‘Oh I didn’t have a choice’ or ‘this sin is so that I won’t commit a bigger sin’ and so on.

When one is honest with oneself, one can avoid many, many pitfalls.

I believe that I am highly honest with myself, but even though I am aware of all this, I still find myself falling down on occasions, however I know if I were NOT honest with myself – I recall a past pre-Muslim life, then oh boy those pitfalls would be many more and of far greater depth. It’s even easy to deceive yourself that you are being honest. That’s a killer that one!

Hopefully you are better than me in this respect but I really suspect that what I write here will resonate with you too.

It has proved useful to me in the past to spend some time thinking about possible future cases where I may fall into a trap and how I should deal with it. It has helped on a number of times to avoid problems.

You might find that if you get yourself into a dynamic ‘in the now’ type situation that doesn’t allow some time-out to think things through properly then you may end up making poor, bad or evewn sinful decisions.

Readers of this article may have already have done such thought processes or even done the ‘role-playing’ e.g. in religious education classes, but I didn’t (or if I did, I certainly don’t remember doing so), but if you are like me, I hope sharing my thoughts with you on this proves useful to you.

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