What I would like for Christmas.

Dear President Obama.

My name is Harouth. I am now the youngest child in my family. I am 7 years old.

This year I have been a very good girl. My teacher said I was the best in the class and she gave me a prize for being the best. She gave me a small t-shirt with your picture on it. She said she bought it on holiday in your country.

When she gave it to me, she smiled a lot and told me she heard you speak when you became President. She said she was very happy then.

She bought the wrong size so I gave it to my younger brother Afzal, who was five years old in October. He really loved it.

Here is what I wish for Christams.

My mummy and my daddy. They went to heaven last week when a bomb killed them.

My brother Afzal. He also went to heaven last week because he was also in the house when the bomb exploded.

My older sister Hapsah. She went to heaven also because she was in our house reading English stories to my brother Afzal.

My teacher Ms. Nuramina. She went to heaven aswell because she was in our house eating food with my mummy and daddy when the bomb exploded.

A new arm and to have my eyes work again.

I know it is a lot to ask and I do not want to be greedy. My mummy and daddy told me it is wrong to be greedy.

The nurse writing this letter for me said you want to get more involved in my country, Yemen, and you want to help the people of Yemem. I heard other people near my bed say your planes were flying over my village last week, so if you would let me fly in a plane I want to go to heaven to see my mummy, daddy, brother and sister again.

When my teacher gave me the tshirt she said you have two little girls. I would like to play with them one day.

Harouth Al-Abyan aged 7.


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