Rubbish about Pakistans Nukes

There is a lot of talk around that the US is trying to destabilise Pakistan to rid it of nukes. I say not.

Frankly, it’s utter rubbish.

The US knew full well that Pakistan was(supposedly) developing a nuclear sector. I researched it. I’ve read of US historical reports which discuss the development program. I would call anyone an idiot who doesn’t believe the US has heavily infiltrated Pakistan – one of the most corrupt countries around, exemplified by its heads of state. The leadership is 100% pro-western.

What’s more, who hell wants to pinch a nuke and who the hell could use it if they did pinch it? there are a lot of “For Dummies Books’ on the market but “How to deploy and detonate a stolen Pakistani nuke” isn’t one of them! There isn’t a book like this “The complete idiots guide to nuking  your enemies – and get away with it!” – although there is a limited edition sporting the caveat “unless you’re a terrorist nation state like the USA”.

Picture it, go on! Picture it! Imagine what it would take to go from planning to steal a nuke to using it and living with the consequences here and thereafter. And what the hell would one or even a copule of nuke do? As if the world will not instantly turn on anyone using one. (Note: I am aware of the reports of possible false-flags involving stolen nukes or ‘missing’ nukes such as those lost by the US) So come on! THINK!!!! What’s the liklyhood a resistane movement would do such a thing?

All this talk about phony organisations – especially blended to confuse but leave the impression Islam is a principle trait – wanting to get nukes is utter bollocks! Muslims understand perfectly well the damage a Nuke would do makes it haram. And of course all this talk takes focus away from the scummy powers that already have these insane weapons. Oh by the way suffers of political bipolarity, Mother Russia via Putins caretaker Medvedev has announced Russia it to upgrade its weapon arsenal in defiance of the NPT, which calls on countries to take steps to disarm.

Nothing like ‘talk of nukes’ to nuke the intellect. Does anyone seriously believe it?

The US is in Pakistan for a number of reasons. Energy considerations are just a small part. The fundamental reason is those who dictate US foreign policy are conducting a war against Islam because it is the Muslims who pose the greatest threat to the shitty fake state known as Israyhell from bringing it’s false (like the imposter state itself) messiah to being.

It’s a Satan thing!

Always has been and always will.

Some talk of the Pakistani nuke in glorious terms – as though it’s something to be proud of. Well it’s not! The scumbag leader (Benny Butto’s Father) said something like For the sake of Pakistan’s development of its nuclear sector (probably in reference to a bomb) the people might have to eat grass. And he wasn’t wrong. What a piece of trash he is to make people live like that so he, with US knowledge, can make a nuclear weapon.

What, so Muslims are clever now because they can make a disgusting weapon and loads of radioactive pollutants in the process? Rather ironic don’t ya think…

Alanis Morissette

3 Responses to “Rubbish about Pakistans Nukes”

  1. 1 Project December 28, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    Hegelian Dialectics and the Technique of Infamy can be quite devilish. Nothing is at face value – see for instance:

    Letter to Sibel Edmonds on ‘Pakistan’s Bomb, U.S. Cover-up’


    Here are some passages:

    The only rational explanation that credibly explains your discoveries is that these operatives were following policy directives that were agreed to at the highest levels of their respective governments, with assurances and guidance in what they operationally ought to be doing, whether or not each one of them may have known the big picture – most likely not due to rigid compartmentalization of such covert processes which you surely must know much more accurately about than ordinary members of the public brought up on Hollywood.

    After the outing of ‘Iran-Contra’ that went straight into unraveling the government’s covertly sanctioned policy at the highest levels, it is much easier to blame pecuniary greed if things ever blow up prematurely. All this blame upon A.Q. Khan under his forced confessional, that his unbridled greed was behind his proliferation network, is the most facile of explanations for it all. He likely had signed blank checks drawn on numbered Swiss accounts in his pockets all through the 1970s until at least the fall of the Berlin Wall – if money is what he wanted, he had plenty of millions by the blessings of his bosses and the magic of carte blanche. But that mercenarial explanation for a pecuniary gain is more useful than the unraveling of the entire official collusion space, and is thus in repeated replay since ‘Iran-Contra’!

    Just to play the devil’s advocate to further this analysis, please allow me to ask why the following line of reasoning is so trivially rejectable that it is entirely absent in your analysis: that Pakistan may have been ‘officially’ armed with nuclear technology* as a covert-policy to check India’s (and China’s) advances in the long term on the ‘Grand Chessboard’?

    Creating a three-way manipulatable tie-up between China-India-Pakistan in favor of the ‘hectoring hegemons’ can be far more advantageous on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ with a wildcard like Pakistan in the fray. It has the real potential of neutralizing any unexpected threatening alliances between the two most burgeoning challengers to “American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives” by engaging them in proxy-warfare with a nuclear armed client-state next door if the need ever arises!

    Pakistan was, after all, largely ‘blessed’ out of the Indian sub-continent deliberately as a patsy client-state on the evolving ‘Grand Chessboard’ of the time by the active collusion and sanction of the waning and the emerging imperial masters of the time! In case you are interested, please see this Open Letter to a Pakistani General to further examine this line of reasoning, written from the perspective of how Pakistan can actually get out of its client-state status to genuinely serve the aspirations of its own long suffering peoples. For indeed, your whistleblowing data also tends to far more rationally support this notion of a deliberate patsy client state being primed on the geostrategic plane in the aftermath of India making its first nuclear explosion in 1974, than a mere ‘rogue operation’ of how Pakistan clandestinely acquired its nuclear weapons in plainsight of the world’s most watchful superpower, and how these might today be conveniently hijacked by the ‘al-qaeeda’ as the famed ‘loose nukes’ despite being guarded by the world’s 5th largest standing army (see wakeup call at

    Certainly, to effectively carry out devious long term covert operations under hegemonic state-doctrines, requires a concert of mercenaries, patsies, moles, and patriotic soldiers, but also ideological masterminds and policy frameworks to strategically guide its execution, and many cloaking devices, red herrings, and psyops to hide the operations. To deny this is to deny the hegemonic history of the United States of America in the face of plenty of ex post facto historical evidence already in plainsight.

    End excerpt

  2. 2 lwtc247 January 2, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Pakistan may have been ‘officially’ armed with nuclear technology*

    From my understanding, that is very likely to have been the case. To Check India? Hard to say. To me, this Pakistan Nuke case, highlights powerfully that to remain in the realm of conventional politics becomes fruitless.

    The reason why is that one must then ask Why did the US allow India to develop a weapon and take virtually no steps to prevent it or solve it post-development?

    The one-hand-barely-clinging-to-conventional-politics would have us answer because THERE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER. I’m not sure if you are familiar with my past opinions on this but I believe Nukes are there to ensure a permanent Zone (a Zone to be controlled) of geostrategic importance.

    We should ask something like this rather strange question: Couldn’t the US have nuked Russia early on when it started developing its nuclear capability or China. Couldn’t it have sabotaged Israyhells and Frances nuke weapon facilities early on? I’m sure it could have. Imagine you are head of the USAF. A report crosses your desk that China has just detonated their first nuclear device. The intelligence (as it would have done) says China’s air force and missile capability is near Zero – after all, your country opened its arms to Nazi Zionist knowledge. You know the Chinese are relatively united via thousands of years of history and have shrewd business acumen, In 10,20,30,40 years time the Chinese nuclear ‘problem’ will only get worse. What do you do?

    If you’re genuinely worried about the problem at worse you Nuke the sites in China where the Nuke tech and knowledge is situated. At the least you try and assassinate (probably by paying heavily) the Chinese scientists and sabotage their tech installations? What you DON’T do if you think there is a genuine threat is just sit there.

    Let us not forget the leanings of the Bolshevic revolutionaries and the reports that emerged a few years ago as to who financed them. How Russia was framed in Sarajevo.

    The world lives in fear of the ultimate weapon, and it’s not going away. Who really is the beneficiary of all that?

    One can mention India past pro-Soviet [today it’s pro-Israyhell] leanings and discuss within the confines of the cold war, but I’m sure we both know there is at least one level higher to look at here – that of the International financiers – the globalists – the ultra rich elite.

    The conventional political analysis of NATO/Warsaw Pact divisions evapourate at that level. c.f. Prescott Bush and IBM in funding of the Nazis.

    But personally I would look one step higher than that too and arrive at Zionism, the inverted belief that this Israyhell is the once glorious Israel of old and that it will facilitate the Messiah, when in fact all Israyhell will facilitate is the great deceiver, the dajjal. They will worship him as their Messiah. He will proclaim himself to be God.

    One baby step on from that brings us to Satan. The devil has no loyalties to man. He’ll use whatever side is willing to listen to him to cause misery from which people will look for a solution, strangely enough secular solutions, sowing the seeds of yet more misery. through Zionism he’s already achieved the inversion of Judaism religion, 50m Christians in the US and a tightening noose around the more Euro centric Christians. Homosexuality, Promiscuity, the ‘right’ of abortion (yuck), phoney money, drugs, Darwinism… Magic! He’s dancing a merry tune right now!

    Few people make it to the Globalists, even fewer go higher. Well it’s anti-Semitic isn’t it and “talk of God – hahah! are you nuts?”

    Staying in conventional politics is somewhat of a distraction. To me, the fact it’s full of holes is a signpost that there are those strata of conspiracy above. And in my eyes you have soundly identified those holes.

    What’s your opinions on God Zahir? Do you believe?

    Sibels “I’ll be quiet” then “I’ll not be quiet” flip flop caused me a bit of a headspin some time back. She also implicated Turkey in terms of transfer of nuclear components.

  3. 3 lwtc247 January 2, 2010 at 9:52 pm

    Found this on the excellent atheo news, now aletho news,

    Pakistan’s Strategic Nuclear Assets: Why are they a thorn in the side of so many?
    By Shahid R. Siddiqi |Axis of Logic | January 2, 2010

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