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Sarah Palin wins the 2012 US Presidential Election

Black Lace – Agadoo – UK tv ad

From my studies of Zionist politics, only long term trends are assured.  Making specific predictions is a silly thing to do – especially when it comes to the particular face that gets fixed around the policy. So Sarah Palin winning the 2012 US Presidential Election is my silly act for the day.


Bank Aid – Bleed The World

Bank Aid – Bleed The World
Do They Loan This Christmas..

What happened to all that Band Aid / Live8 money anyway?

P.S. One of the best real news websites – INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE really needs your financial help.

Q: Why is the BBC not covering the Viva Palestina Europewide Convoy? Because the BBC is a rotten pro-Zionist institution that’s why. Austrians reject Santa Claus which appears on it’s Europe page is much more important. While on it’s Middle East page, it has Egyptians gear up for Eid al-Adha (dated 27 Nov 2009 – today is 18th Dec 2009), Iran basketball team to play US  and UK’s Israel warrant ‘big mistake’  and not to forget its anti Islam bent, it has this “story” Fully veiled on Saudi TV. What a tardy newz organisation the BBC is.

When is fear and panic, fury?

When it’s the pathetic BBC inventing words in assistance to the hands that feed it – the hell bound regime currently occupying Palestine.

Update: Afterwards, you would do well to read Al Jazeera’s Ayman Mohyeldin (Middle East Correspondent) about this issue: or

The BBC headlines :

Israel fury at UK’s Livni warrant” – What fury? Which one of the Ziofreak child killers said the word “fury/furious”? This word ‘fury’ ONLY appears in the headline! None of the Zioscum are quoted as saying it. The BBC is putting words into their foul mouths. The unusual use of the word fury is to make it look as if Israyhell has incurred some serious unjust action. The BBC’s reporting is ropey ar the best of times and when it’s about the US administration, it’s sickening but when it’s about Israyhell it’s positively corrupt.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the BBC’s ME page.

Interesting that

I know what this is, it’s a total coincidence that there it’s kind of like the Union Jack flag. Slippy tZippy standing in front of the stupid British flag bringing a level of ‘association’ of her to the UK – making her one of us.

Can you imagine if the very twisted David Milliband was a Muslim and that some Muslim country somewhere had killed 410 children for him to interfere with the British legal system in order that the killers of those kids got off scott free?. There would be nationwide uproar. Milliband would be sacked and probably stand no chance of winning a seat in the next election.

But twisted Milliband is Jewish, so anything goes.

David Milliband. The idiot schoolboy British Foreign Secretary who’s Zionist
slaveishness, does not play any part whatsoever in how he directs British foreign policy.
Well that’s what he would say so let’s believe him shall we, and all the other Zionists
in the UK

Millibandit again…


– Lets take another look at BBC mind manipulation coincidence…

Notice “Israel and the Palestinians” – No mention of Palestine. That’s right, there is a bunch of people called Palestinians IN Israyhell. Bah humbug. That is coincidence too, it’s not that the BBC presstitutes have mentally sterisised their own minds to come up with disgraceful little tricks like that. Oh no.

These Ziofreaks should face a court of international law for their actions, the consequences of a guilty verdict resulting in them being hung. But that’s not going to happen. The UK is a dastardly slave to and supporter of Israyhell.


€conomic development


Authority and rules

Who has authority to tell us what to do?

Who can arrest us, try us and then punish us? Who can order us to pay tax, stop us watching or reading something?

Why are they able to do so?

The third point, “why”, is easily answered, because in any society there MUST be rules. A society without rules leads to abuse or infringement of one individual(s) upon another.

But so too do these abuses and infringements happen in a society with rules, as point two suggests. If when living in the UK I refuse to pay tax to the government to that my money wont contribute to the disgusting things it does with such passion – like killing over a million Iraqi’s or far more significantly using this fraudulent economic system as a means imposing global misery on about 1.4 billion people i.e. people earning $1 a day or less – a statistic which in August 2008, the World Bank announced with an underlying meaning that escapes words, the figure should be changed to $1.25 a day[1].

It could easily be argued that actually the more rules a society has, the more abuses and infringements occur because there are other factors to consider which haven’t yet been mentioned. Spin offs of this can also be seen in the field of “identity documentation” and records. Stories of identity theft have made it into the news provoking the knee-jerk reflexive action from “tough” politicians saying they will do more to protect people from identity theft…. by introducing more forms of personal identity of course!

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Historian, Baron John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton in 1887.

the Baron was right. The megalomania complex within man (or whispered into his ears) has produced filthy killers like Firaoun, King Herod, Richard The “Lionheart”, The Young Turks, Stalin, Begin, Pol Pot, Idi Admin, Joseph Kony, Tony bLiar and Bush II. All of these men acted in societies with rules, their rules – rules which in some cases may have been lacking in quantity but more than made up for in enactment.

So we need rules but rules can cause problems – even greater problems then they are supposed to solve. There seems no escape, but it is essential to pointed out that it’s the abuse of the ‘rules of society’ and most importantly the inflation in the quantity of rules (or inflexibility of those rules) and the plutocratic acquisition/application of those rules which all must be avoided. This side and the other extreme i.e. the society with no rules are to be avoided. Here the middle path carpeted with dew glistening lotus flowers in contrast to the burning coals of the extremes.

This means there are times where rules and their authoritarian use must can rejected, as for example with paying tax to a deplorable government.

It also means that one should not cave in to security guards abusing their power…

Armed Response to ‘Climategate’ question.
Journalist Phelim McAleer (‘Mine Your Own Business’, ‘Not Evil…

thanks again to



This will contain only a tiny reference to Obama so don’t worry.

I was at a conference recently when one of the key speakers talked about change. The speaker is a very respectable person, intelligent and gave a very good speech. Change was also mentioned by one of the other presenters, another very intelligent being.

I remember reading a document my father had made that talked about his belief for continuous improvement which also showed he valued change too.

But at the conference all this talk of change irked me. It’s probably just me. I know I tend to stand out as a person who calls a spade a spade, someone who feels little or no need to not challenge people whenever they say something foolish (the intention is always good – to show people they were talking crap in order that they will stop doing so!).

Eventually the floor was open to questions/comments.

I said something like:

“All this talk of change. To me, change is an illusion. A bit like the change promised by President Obama – the nobel peace prize winner – who’s now escalating the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but if we always have to change, then it’s an acceptance of what we did before was a failure. – Could you comment on that?”

The key speaker had left so I asked that of the person who had presented a paper. They took it very very well. Once again, having asked a question, my mind was once again in a bit of a buzz for not putting the question in as effective way that I could have, so I don’t remember the answer so clearly either but it went something like this:

Your Q was very philosophical

{I think they meant it and the presenter was willing to engage – in other words, they weren’t trying to butter me up and fudge their way out of addressing the issue} and they said something like

“…there was nothing wrong in with change when it’s to improve things…”

 {recall I can’t remember exactly what they had said, but it was along those lines: change <=> improvement}. At this point I starting thinking I should have qualified my question with this:

“- the fundamental science of mathematics doesn’t change, The need for education or a way to deliver effective education doesn’t change, and if change is done for changes sake, then surely it’s not reasonable to imagine that the changes made will always be positive ones.”

– But I didn’t, not least due to experience of Q&A/comments where I’ve seen a fair share of people asking longish questions much to the exponential annoyance and impatience of the audience*. So I tried to keep things short and also given the obvious intelligence and hard work of the presenter, I didn’t want to box them in too much and pose a question that would be very difficult to answer in the situation at hand.

But really my point is: If we adopt change as an ethic or mindset then in relation to the work we currently doing, we know it cannot be as good as what it will be once we change it. << Here I embrace the presenters (and my fathers) view of change – that which leads to greater benefit. Some may answer “we have no choice because we cannot see in the future” – which is kind of a reasonable point, BUT it doesn’t negate out current work will ALWAYS be substandard. To me thats like the concept of original sin – inescapable; Ones whole body of work isn’t as good as it could have been.

But the REAL thing that unsettled me about change (and I had considered this even before the presenter mentioned change to make things better because at the back of my mind was the document my father had written about it and really, there is actually no other way to spin change other than to say ‘for benefit’)  is WHO does it benefit? The answer is of course, that the change most people are bullied into doing only benefits those who already occupy privileged position, because most people work not for themselves, but are salaried and ultimately work for a higher power.

I mentioned education earlier and some may question my statement just now thinking it doesn’t apply to the educational sector – Oh but it does! I have seen the frankly ugly hands of corporatism grab a hold of education and influence it towards satisfying its needs. Such a thing cannot expect their whole education sector to be at its needs and desires, but a significant proportion of it.

It may be said what’s the point of not having an educated populace to apply to the commercial world – what’s the merit of having Professors of books sitting in an office / ivory tower, not actually doing anything? and that’s a fair point, education has a role in the corporate market but I am talking about the SOCIETY.

I think I’m drawing the conclusion that a society of educated people is the most conducive to the living of life. But it depends on what kind of education and who’s calling the shots?

So Change in my opinion is still an illusion, a carrot drawing us ever farther forward. We seem to be embracing ‘change’ because people out there say ‘change’ is good. Where is the thoughts about is change really necessary? Who does it benefit? What if we don’t want change? What if we think the current situation is perfectly fine and we think change will be negative? What consequences will multiple future changes have upon us? Won’t it just solidify this corporate world in which we live in today? Were the people 10 changes back really that bad? Did I mention chandge involves the exahange of a lot of money through a few peoples hands?

I don’t think I want the corporatists change.

* On longish Q&A/comments: that some audiences (and moderators) get annoyed at long Q’s coming from the floor, actually annoyed me! i.e. I sometimes getm annoyed at the fact they get annoyed. They rarely get annoyed when trivial off topic questions are made, but more over, sometimes a question/point needs some background. At the Criminalise War conference in Oct 2009 a speaker who was the head of some press organisation expressed regret at  how he followed the mainstream media view on Iraq – pre invasion. This really annoyed me! I got up and mentioned the signs that bLiar and co were talking rubbish were actually there. I mentioned something pretty close to:

“After the first war against Iraq, BBC journalists were expressing their mistake of following the govt line too much, and they did exactly the same thing with this war- they didn’t learn from their lesson. Scott Ritter the UN weapons inspector who had in effect had validated that Iraq had been disarmed but there were a few missiles unaccounted for. He was told by his superiors that no matter what he did, those missiles would never be found, in other words, they were deliberately reserving an excuse to attack Iraq by. Also, when Colin Powell held up that vial of anthrax which was probably sugar and showed cartoon’s as ‘proof’ that Iraq had a biological weapons program, I was waiting for the media to challence what they wwere saying.”

At that point the moderator stupidly tried to ‘hurry’ me and asked me to get to my question. I say stupidly because it it was a stupid act on his part. I was providing proof to what I was saying and it was highly relevant to what the speaker had just talked about – just that it showed what the speaker was saying wasn’t that legitimate. I was giving a damning display of the fawning media and that they had no excuse to portray their ‘mistake’ in innocence.

I then concluded the question and the speaker skipped over the substantive points I put before him.

What I’m saying in here is that from what I’ve seen of Q&A/comments it’s a very poor reflection of what it should be. 

End *

Imagine aliens land on earth…

I would cringe like I’ve never cringed before if they were to ask me to take them to my leader. A life form of vast intelligence crossed the stars to meet up with their counterpart, a man like this:

Garden Broom PM

On the other hand…

then again, why be so cowardly and wait for the aliens?

Raw Video: Italian Leader Punched in the Face (AP)

SILVIO BERLUSCONI: Silvio Berlusconi punched in the face

Perhaps the bastard has now felt 0.1% of the pain he brings to Afghans EVERY SINGLY DAY. Scumbag!

WARM Congratulations to the puncher ! Job well done!

Lets punch the crap out of all of them! – Spare 14 months anyone?


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