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Authority and rules

Who has authority to tell us what to do?

Who can arrest us, try us and then punish us? Who can order us to pay tax, stop us watching or reading something?

Why are they able to do so?

The third point, “why”, is easily answered, because in any society there MUST be rules. A society without rules leads to abuse or infringement of one individual(s) upon another.

But so too do these abuses and infringements happen in a society with rules, as point two suggests. If when living in the UK I refuse to pay tax to the government to that my money wont contribute to the disgusting things it does with such passion – like killing over a million Iraqi’s or far more significantly using this fraudulent economic system as a means imposing global misery on about 1.4 billion people i.e. people earning $1 a day or less – a statistic which in August 2008, the World Bank announced with an underlying meaning that escapes words, the figure should be changed to $1.25 a day[1].

It could easily be argued that actually the more rules a society has, the more abuses and infringements occur because there are other factors to consider which haven’t yet been mentioned. Spin offs of this can also be seen in the field of “identity documentation” and records. Stories of identity theft have made it into the news provoking the knee-jerk reflexive action from “tough” politicians saying they will do more to protect people from identity theft…. by introducing more forms of personal identity of course!

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” – Historian, Baron John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton in 1887.

the Baron was right. The megalomania complex within man (or whispered into his ears) has produced filthy killers like Firaoun, King Herod, Richard The “Lionheart”, The Young Turks, Stalin, Begin, Pol Pot, Idi Admin, Joseph Kony, Tony bLiar and Bush II. All of these men acted in societies with rules, their rules – rules which in some cases may have been lacking in quantity but more than made up for in enactment.

So we need rules but rules can cause problems – even greater problems then they are supposed to solve. There seems no escape, but it is essential to pointed out that it’s the abuse of the ‘rules of society’ and most importantly the inflation in the quantity of rules (or inflexibility of those rules) and the plutocratic acquisition/application of those rules which all must be avoided. This side and the other extreme i.e. the society with no rules are to be avoided. Here the middle path carpeted with dew glistening lotus flowers in contrast to the burning coals of the extremes.

This means there are times where rules and their authoritarian use must can rejected, as for example with paying tax to a deplorable government.

It also means that one should not cave in to security guards abusing their power…

Armed Response to ‘Climategate’ question.
Journalist Phelim McAleer (‘Mine Your Own Business’, ‘Not Evil…

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This will contain only a tiny reference to Obama so don’t worry.

I was at a conference recently when one of the key speakers talked about change. The speaker is a very respectable person, intelligent and gave a very good speech. Change was also mentioned by one of the other presenters, another very intelligent being.

I remember reading a document my father had made that talked about his belief for continuous improvement which also showed he valued change too.

But at the conference all this talk of change irked me. It’s probably just me. I know I tend to stand out as a person who calls a spade a spade, someone who feels little or no need to not challenge people whenever they say something foolish (the intention is always good – to show people they were talking crap in order that they will stop doing so!).

Eventually the floor was open to questions/comments.

I said something like:

“All this talk of change. To me, change is an illusion. A bit like the change promised by President Obama – the nobel peace prize winner – who’s now escalating the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but if we always have to change, then it’s an acceptance of what we did before was a failure. – Could you comment on that?”

The key speaker had left so I asked that of the person who had presented a paper. They took it very very well. Once again, having asked a question, my mind was once again in a bit of a buzz for not putting the question in as effective way that I could have, so I don’t remember the answer so clearly either but it went something like this:

Your Q was very philosophical

{I think they meant it and the presenter was willing to engage – in other words, they weren’t trying to butter me up and fudge their way out of addressing the issue} and they said something like

“…there was nothing wrong in with change when it’s to improve things…”

 {recall I can’t remember exactly what they had said, but it was along those lines: change <=> improvement}. At this point I starting thinking I should have qualified my question with this:

“- the fundamental science of mathematics doesn’t change, The need for education or a way to deliver effective education doesn’t change, and if change is done for changes sake, then surely it’s not reasonable to imagine that the changes made will always be positive ones.”

– But I didn’t, not least due to experience of Q&A/comments where I’ve seen a fair share of people asking longish questions much to the exponential annoyance and impatience of the audience*. So I tried to keep things short and also given the obvious intelligence and hard work of the presenter, I didn’t want to box them in too much and pose a question that would be very difficult to answer in the situation at hand.

But really my point is: If we adopt change as an ethic or mindset then in relation to the work we currently doing, we know it cannot be as good as what it will be once we change it. << Here I embrace the presenters (and my fathers) view of change – that which leads to greater benefit. Some may answer “we have no choice because we cannot see in the future” – which is kind of a reasonable point, BUT it doesn’t negate out current work will ALWAYS be substandard. To me thats like the concept of original sin – inescapable; Ones whole body of work isn’t as good as it could have been.

But the REAL thing that unsettled me about change (and I had considered this even before the presenter mentioned change to make things better because at the back of my mind was the document my father had written about it and really, there is actually no other way to spin change other than to say ‘for benefit’)  is WHO does it benefit? The answer is of course, that the change most people are bullied into doing only benefits those who already occupy privileged position, because most people work not for themselves, but are salaried and ultimately work for a higher power.

I mentioned education earlier and some may question my statement just now thinking it doesn’t apply to the educational sector – Oh but it does! I have seen the frankly ugly hands of corporatism grab a hold of education and influence it towards satisfying its needs. Such a thing cannot expect their whole education sector to be at its needs and desires, but a significant proportion of it.

It may be said what’s the point of not having an educated populace to apply to the commercial world – what’s the merit of having Professors of books sitting in an office / ivory tower, not actually doing anything? and that’s a fair point, education has a role in the corporate market but I am talking about the SOCIETY.

I think I’m drawing the conclusion that a society of educated people is the most conducive to the living of life. But it depends on what kind of education and who’s calling the shots?

So Change in my opinion is still an illusion, a carrot drawing us ever farther forward. We seem to be embracing ‘change’ because people out there say ‘change’ is good. Where is the thoughts about is change really necessary? Who does it benefit? What if we don’t want change? What if we think the current situation is perfectly fine and we think change will be negative? What consequences will multiple future changes have upon us? Won’t it just solidify this corporate world in which we live in today? Were the people 10 changes back really that bad? Did I mention chandge involves the exahange of a lot of money through a few peoples hands?

I don’t think I want the corporatists change.

* On longish Q&A/comments: that some audiences (and moderators) get annoyed at long Q’s coming from the floor, actually annoyed me! i.e. I sometimes getm annoyed at the fact they get annoyed. They rarely get annoyed when trivial off topic questions are made, but more over, sometimes a question/point needs some background. At the Criminalise War conference in Oct 2009 a speaker who was the head of some press organisation expressed regret at  how he followed the mainstream media view on Iraq – pre invasion. This really annoyed me! I got up and mentioned the signs that bLiar and co were talking rubbish were actually there. I mentioned something pretty close to:

“After the first war against Iraq, BBC journalists were expressing their mistake of following the govt line too much, and they did exactly the same thing with this war- they didn’t learn from their lesson. Scott Ritter the UN weapons inspector who had in effect had validated that Iraq had been disarmed but there were a few missiles unaccounted for. He was told by his superiors that no matter what he did, those missiles would never be found, in other words, they were deliberately reserving an excuse to attack Iraq by. Also, when Colin Powell held up that vial of anthrax which was probably sugar and showed cartoon’s as ‘proof’ that Iraq had a biological weapons program, I was waiting for the media to challence what they wwere saying.”

At that point the moderator stupidly tried to ‘hurry’ me and asked me to get to my question. I say stupidly because it it was a stupid act on his part. I was providing proof to what I was saying and it was highly relevant to what the speaker had just talked about – just that it showed what the speaker was saying wasn’t that legitimate. I was giving a damning display of the fawning media and that they had no excuse to portray their ‘mistake’ in innocence.

I then concluded the question and the speaker skipped over the substantive points I put before him.

What I’m saying in here is that from what I’ve seen of Q&A/comments it’s a very poor reflection of what it should be. 

End *

Imagine aliens land on earth…

I would cringe like I’ve never cringed before if they were to ask me to take them to my leader. A life form of vast intelligence crossed the stars to meet up with their counterpart, a man like this:

Garden Broom PM

On the other hand…

then again, why be so cowardly and wait for the aliens?

Raw Video: Italian Leader Punched in the Face (AP)

SILVIO BERLUSCONI: Silvio Berlusconi punched in the face

Perhaps the bastard has now felt 0.1% of the pain he brings to Afghans EVERY SINGLY DAY. Scumbag!

WARM Congratulations to the puncher ! Job well done!

Lets punch the crap out of all of them! – Spare 14 months anyone?


Absolutely crushed, like a gnat under an atmosphere of pure man made CO2

I have been absolutely crushed over on Craig Murray’s site in a discussion about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW).

Yes, that’s right, I’ve been pounded so hard with the most astute intellectualism, that I have been forced to whimper out of the discussion there. I simply became too embarrassed when I put forward what I believed was legitimate questions for examination.

Yip. On this topic, beware the hoard of ultra sharp swordsmen for they will surely cut you to ribbons.

It is very much to the credit that none of the Zorro’s engaged in ad hominen attacks, taunts or smear attempts e.g. by accusing people of a counter opinion of working for the oil industry and therefore making anything they said factually wrong.

These modern day cyber Shusaku Chiba’s, laid the facts out bare as noble professionals do and examined systematically each one in great detail. Specific references of information were displayed for all to see – should one wish to cross-check the citations .

Every point the pro-AGW’ers put across, had their reciprocal kindly embraced then examined with careful egalitarianism.

It was established with crystal clarity that 

1) it is imperative to spend billions in reducing the production of CO2.

2) There exists a fair scheme for doing step 1 above, it’s so simple that there’s not even any point in mentioning it!

3) The most bewildering source of uncomprehensible power within at least 4 light years of us,  i.e. the Sun, – an aspect of the debate which took centre stage in the discussion making it difficult to get a word in edgeways, was in the end found to be highlt irrelevant to climate change, sorry global warming.

4) The vast oceans covering about 2/3 of the planet and also hogged the discussion was like the Sun found to have no ability to temper any man made CO2.

4) The huge Boreal forests and remainder of the rainforests were found to have no impact either.

5) The initially touted pro-AGW scientific consensus’ quickly became non-issue too, but there was still a quantifies consensus more than offsetting the signatories to the Oregon petition.

6) The intellectual giants on Craig’s site, the majority of which were probably not scientists, nevertheless carried authoritativeness for the pro-AGW camp, but actual scientists who did sign the Oregon petition, weren’t competent enough or relatively too feeble minded to discuss the issues and have their opinions carry any weight.

7) ‘Hide the decline’ was taken out of context and actually means there was no decline, and there was no hiding of it either.

8) Computer code that is said to generate ‘hockey sticks’ when random data is fed into it, or returns ‘oops’ messages when the result isn’t to someone’s liking does not matter because hockey sticks are useful things and the game of hockey would become extinct with out them.

9) It’s anthropogenic CO2 that is the bane of Bangladeshi floods.

10) That energy reduction won’t decline, rather CO2 producing energy liberation will make way for this…

doesn’t merit discussion.

Guess I’ll have to re-evaluate this too:

and this…

Patrick J. Michaels discusses Climategate on CNN, Destroys TV Scientist Bill Nye

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The importance and benefits of self honesty.

When you stand before God to be judged, do you really think at that time you will be able to enter a debate with God about your behavior? Playing with or bending some words to cover-up or justify your bad deeds? Perhaps a little “white lie” here and there? Do you really think you can deceive God?

Which is more likely: the above or this; When you stand before him, you won’t even be ‘offered’ this opportunity to try and wriggle your way out of facing your earthly past actions. Remember… you will be ‘standing’ in judgment by something which transcends ‘things’. God of unlimited power. Think back to earth now. Is there not someone that has a way of making you tell the truth, or someone you can tell the truth to? Now lets get back to God, in front of God in fact, are you really going to able to fool, trick and be less than 100% honest?

I don’t know and I’m not so sure if it is possible to know.

I do know that it’s conventional Islamic teaching that parts of our body will speak the absolute truth about what we have done. But despite the fact I can’t say which of the two scenarios IS going to happen, I would say the latter is 99% more likely, which of course is the latter!

This is why it is ultra important to be honest with ourselves. It’s incredibly easy for the human mind to justify its questionable doings. It is oh so easy for the human mind to even try and justify sins: ‘Oh I didn’t have a choice’ or ‘this sin is so that I won’t commit a bigger sin’ and so on.

When one is honest with oneself, one can avoid many, many pitfalls.

I believe that I am highly honest with myself, but even though I am aware of all this, I still find myself falling down on occasions, however I know if I were NOT honest with myself – I recall a past pre-Muslim life, then oh boy those pitfalls would be many more and of far greater depth. It’s even easy to deceive yourself that you are being honest. That’s a killer that one!

Hopefully you are better than me in this respect but I really suspect that what I write here will resonate with you too.

It has proved useful to me in the past to spend some time thinking about possible future cases where I may fall into a trap and how I should deal with it. It has helped on a number of times to avoid problems.

You might find that if you get yourself into a dynamic ‘in the now’ type situation that doesn’t allow some time-out to think things through properly then you may end up making poor, bad or evewn sinful decisions.

Readers of this article may have already have done such thought processes or even done the ‘role-playing’ e.g. in religious education classes, but I didn’t (or if I did, I certainly don’t remember doing so), but if you are like me, I hope sharing my thoughts with you on this proves useful to you.

iStockphoto, Image# 6642817

Another day has passed, as it did in Palestine


It was a strange day. I didn’t get much done and I was v. tired as usual (I don’t sleep when I’m supposed to sleep) and I fell asleep in my office on the table and chair specifically designed to prevent people sleeping!  -> If you do, you wake up with an aching body, so much so that you really don’t feel like trying to sleep there again next time. However I dozed off intermittently waking up only when the pain got to much.

Before I knew it, it was lunch. Then the day just kind of fizzled out.

Then I came home and went online having decided to experience another drubbing at chess. Shortly afterwards I zoomed off for my meeting with some members of Hamas. They were actually what we would call Hamas MP’s and were here to discuss the situation in Gaza and Palestine in general, and to advise on specifics which the international community can do to help alleviate the suffering.

In the introduction, a profile of each of them was read out. It is said of the Palestinians that they have one of the greatest  %’s of PhD holders per head of population – and I can well believe that. It is astounding and is testament to the resilience of the Palestinian people given the trauma they suffer starting from when they are babies in the womb. How they manage to uphold such heights of academic achievement is amazing. The Doctor on my left, one of the driving forces for our Palestine support group was similarly impressed with their qualifications that he saw fit to comment to me about it – although I’m sure, being an old hand at pro-Palestinian work, he already knew the stats.

That image is from
but the presence of the M16 worries me.

And their steadfastness is gargantuan. Another Doctor, this time sitting on my right, made a number of comments to me about how the Israyhelli’s made a huge mistake taking on the Palestinians – in the sence of the unquellable Palestinian resistance against all the odds.

Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless the Palestinians against all godforsaken tyrrany. If ever a people have passed a possible ‘test’ from Allah (SWT),  it’s the Palestinians! Almost 62 years of nakbah (disaster) and STILL the continue to struggle. If the test from Allah is proportional to the reward one will face in the hereafter, then heaven will be full of Palestinians.

I asked about the Goldstone report. Did Hamas think anything would come from it. I had attended a talk by Prof. Richard Falk {my friend kept on making the same mistake recently, calling Richard Falk, Peter Falk – lol}

“Errr, just one more thing maam” – Peter Falk –

Falk (Richard) said that the Israyhelli’s couldnt have picked a better candidate to make the report than Goldstone, as Goldstone was a hard core Zionist, and if anything the Goldstone report was actually pro-Israyhell. Yet the Israyhelli’s were like chickens in a wolf infested coup when the Goldstone report has prominemnt in the news. However the Hamas representitives asked me “Do you think the Americans will do anything about it”… our answer came when we let out a few strange laughs.

I also asked them about Hamas proposing a 10 year cease fire and a one state solution proposal. The English speaker amongst them (I think they all spoke English but one was more willing to speak it than the others) said they had offered a cease fire – however I didn’t quite catch some of the follow on  he mentioned after that – bt Isreayhell wasn’t interested. Of the one state solution he said yes, they do propose that but again the Zionst’s won’t recognise it. The Isreyhelli’s are actually strangely going for a one state solution  a purely Jewish Zionist state..

I said in another question: “There is a lot of disinformation about Hamas and Palestine in general. Could you recommend to me a news source that reports the situation accurately/truthfuly”. They seemed to take some time in getting the question but eventually said Al Aqsa news service and the Palestine Media Center (US spelling of centre) Neither of those two seemed familiar to me, although I’m sure to have read their stuff in the past.

Another point of discussion was Al Aqsa mosque itself. They mentioned the Zionists are tunneling under it and want it destroyed so that they can rebuild the Temple – Solomons Temple he called it. He said only men over 50 and women over 45 were able to enter Al Awsa mosque for Friday (Jumma) prayers sometimes, and they often face problems getting in at other times too. We were told that sometimes people would try and get in a few days before Jumma and stay there until the day had come for the friday prayers. Amazing!

He also mentioned the women. This pleased our group who has quite a lot of women activists in it. The courage of the women was praised enormously. The Doc to my RHS again told me the women arn’t sad then their sons are Martyred, – but I think me meant long term. Short term they do feel the pain of loss. We were told one of the reps had 3 Myrters in his family.

Their Struggle is truely astounding.

One last thing. I watched a documentary about Palestinians and Israyhelli’s forming a kind of peace/mutual understanding group. It was very interesting to watch but the reasons for peace were very different. The Israyhelli’s – and in the documentary I think ALL the Jews featured were Zionists – they wanted peace so that the Zionist state of Israyhell would persist and no longer face a threat to it’s longevity. The most active one was an elderly lady who seemed to have a South African accent who’s son David was killed at a checkpoint in the occupied terrorities (I think). She appeared quite liberal yet professed her strong Zionism to settlers on a (get this…) guided tour of an illegal stettlement. They all wanted Zion to thrive – they just didn’t see that Palestinians had to be killed in the process.

The Palestinians however wanted peace to end the bloodshed.

Here’s a clip of the documentary:


Here’s an interview with the documentary maker:



Rubbish spelling, typo’s, copy and paste errors and poor grammer corrections will have to wait.


Just another coincIdence

I knew nothing about the movie 2012, other than the fact it was going to have something to do with the end of the world based upon the Myan calender.

Lets remind ourselves a litle bit about ‘Myan 2012’…

Regards to the movie 2012, as far as meaningless crap goes, it provided ok escapism. And maybe I shouldn’t engage in escapism, but I do, occasionally, even though I know it wastes life-force.

The graphics were some of the best I’ve seen – possibly the least fake so far and not so much “here’s some cgi… in your face”. Anyway, when watching it, I tried to spot any possible ‘hidden’ signs such as pyramids missing their capstone, set square and dividers, women in red dresses as well as distracting falsehoods etc. You know the score.

There were a few instances which some respected writers of symbolism could probably mention in a few articles or so, but my feeling was in regard to 2012 that these things were written in deliberately into the movie just to create talking points. And I feel that most modern movies deliberately do this just to create a hoo-haa purely for publicity.

These symbols are getting more  frequent in movies these days, and due to the internet information revolution, I ‘m pretty sure those who are concerned about such matters, generally, your ‘thinking kind of person’, has therefore come across exposee’s of Illuminati, freemasons, Jesuits, Roman Church conspiracies, pyramids, even aliens, UFO’s, HAARP blah blah blah.

As for the youth, who is the target audience of a lot of this stuff, It seems to me they get some kind of awe from all this, just like they used to with cold war propaganda, or Top Gun, Cowboys and Indians, and today mad Islamic/Arab terrorists kind of propaganda. So they pick up on it, it gets stuck in their brain, but they don’t really understand it and that is certainly isn’t anything about this ‘awe’ which is virtuous.

Please don’t be so sensitive with me to complain that the Illuminate have been placed alongside UFO’s. I’m not trying to smear those people who are Illuminati watchers, I’m simply listing previously esoteric subjects of research.

But there comes a point where sticking pyramids missing their capstone and all that, has little or no commercially exploitative use. Take for example the UK drivers licence. It features a hard to see pyramid with it’s capstone cut off thanks to a steering-wheel. The US banknotes for years have featured many symbols whose meaning are quite worrisome. Why put them all over the place where it serves no commercial purpose?

What then of the BBC who feature this advert even before their main banner?:

It’s for the Nokia E72.

Perhaps wasting even more life-force, I captured that image, specifically the frame which appears early on in the animated sequence. The message “How we respond is who we are” flashes in front of you pretty quickly which is why I decided to replay the advert and capture it. I guess there is some psychology at work there – e.g. in that you only manage to read the ‘respond’ bit and persue the advert, but of course the main thing about this is the one eye.

Is it just coincidence that the eye begins at half way across the image? At a simple level, it seems to me to by putting the focus on the eye the phone itself seems near incidental! Just how deeply the advertisers thought about these issues, the extent to which such things are planned and exaclty whether there are secret messages at work here, are open to speculation. But the fact is they are there, and they are almost everywhere!, and further still, they were there before this kind of knowledge became known by people concerned there’s something at play here..

Vigilant Citizen ( )  has done quite a lot of analysis on such things involving so called ‘pop stars’ such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Madonna (an open Kaballist), The Black Eyed Peas etc, and I must say I get the feeling this symbolism is put there intentionally (of course!) but doesn’t serve the purpose of simply trying to getnerate publicity. I get the feeling they are to project and implant a meaning or an agenda – whatever that may be. Personally I think it’s to pull you away from the things that matter, which to me ultimately mean it’s to rip you away (or keep you away) from realising the actual meaning of life. As a religious man I believe that it’s to pull you from the path of God.

These ‘performing artists’ (people doing other peoples art – I’d guess in the main, they’d just do what the director/script writer has decided)  and what they do, obviously has a massive commercial streak, but I really don’t think the target audience will understand exactly what they are watching and why they are watching it.

Why are we allowing the incredibly sedictive pictures that are are absolutely an artifical modernism, massively removed from real life, to become more and more widespread? Pornography is becoming a norm.

A few years ago at a public access computer cluster, a most gentile female colleague sat down beside me to use the computer. She obviously clicked on internet explorer and up popped some naked lady spead eagled with her most private bodily parts exposed in all their undifnifying glory. Of course it grabbed my attention. My elderly colleague sat frozen in her chair for what must have been about 5 seconds not moving a muscle. I think at first the image didnt register with her. I don’t think her brain was able to reconcile it’s sence of expectation with what was actually displayed in front of her eyes. Soon afterwards however I think she ‘saw’ it was stunned.

I came to her rescue and closed the window.

That was terrible. I am quite sure this dear woman had never seen a display of pornography like that in her entire life – and I’d guess she’s never has such sexual stuff put before her in public – and while others were present too! The modern world disgracefully tarnished this lady’s life. But porn and pseudo/gateway porn is everyhere. Sex sells. Thank you Edward Bernays and those who followed on from you.

Dungeons and Dragons. I LOVED this game and even after accepting the existance of God (the described as given by Islam) I keep feeling a desire to take it up again.

Drugs, Second Life and other online games, soap operas, neoDarwinism, AGW, financial credit… what are we doing here folks? TV Adverts on screens in busses, youthful skinned 14 year old girls on the cover of womens magazines telling you what the ‘norm’ is, so that you buy the products contained within in a hopeless quest to look that said 14 year old.

I will end this point which has gone off on a much needed ramble by mentioning the BBC post-Climategate. Although the Copenhagen summit is near, I think the BBC is doing CRP on AGW.

They include this graphic on this page:

Amazing that IPCC graphic. There isn’t any CO2 from most industrial/commercial processes, e.g. Aluminium, ammonia, iron manufacture, unless that is included (but not mentioned so blatently of course) in ‘fossil fuels’.

AGW is another distraction it clouds the eyes from Big Industry and makes you believe CO2 (one of the least harmful substances in the earth)  is a danger to us and must be stopped. While yet more industrial processes e.g. ones involving nuclear pollution that is poisoning the planet (50% of Americans are said to experience cancer according to the 3 hour documentary The Corporation ) don’t get a look in. It also forms a ‘life style’ whereby ‘(deluded)environmentalism‘ has become another modern day religion.

Committment in marraige is waining, kids are an inconvenience to be abourted because you don’t want to look fat in your bikini on holiday in Mallorca.

Every aspect of your life is under attack to stop you thinking about the real issues in life, cut you off and isolate you from society, making you a zombie, and worse still, a satan/occult enbraced zombie.

Just one more thing, getting distracted writing this, I browsed where I saw this:



Aside: In The video, Obama said on Tuesday, 1st Dec 2009 said to Westpoint Military trainees

“Our Over arching goal remains the same. To disrupt, dismantle and defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and to prevent it’s capacity to threaten America and our allies in the future.”

But sadly, Peter Jay the News presenter, didn’t pick up on Obama mentioning Pakistan WITH Afghanistan. Surely Obama is signalling Pakistan is now on the list – gadually desentising USans. Dear people of Pakistan: beware the US lead action agaist you is going to escalate. Expect the US troops in your country. Chris Bollyn lists some further examples of  Obama referencing Afghanistan and Pakistan, although he too doesn’t pick up the significance of lumping of Pakistan together with Afghanistan noe the frequency at which it was done.


Anyway, the cadets in the army reminded me of this…


But while searching for that Hitlery clinton video, up popped this on my screen…

I erased some of the more vulgar words.

You may remember about 6 months ago a Kids YouTube channel was flooded with hard core porn videos.

All the above are of course just coincidence and a figment of my silly imagination. Don’t worry. It will be alright.

Everything is OK…

series here (thanks to )

Splitting the sky

On March 17, 2009, Canada, a native American Mohawk called “Splitting the Sky”, did what tens of millions are too cowardly to do. He tried to arrest war criminal and former US President, George W. Bush.

He, i.e. spirit in the sky, was arrested and charged with Obstruction of Justice.

Please support him: 

(brief article about him here:


BBC watch Dec 09

You became familiar with a surprizing name
You heard many a meaningless slogan
You saw a flawlessly polished and glinting smile
– or was it just glare from the teleprompter?

This is what you had waited for
Like last time, the time before and the time before that too
You had wondered down a path never trod
Frequent signs from your television reassured you,
Numbed any pain
But this, this was the path of the yellow brick road.
Like a 911 jumper, we faithed somebody somewhere assembled something, making worthy our trusting leap.

And like the 911 jumper, you accelerate – much more than you imagined

Don’t worry, It will come
The affordable operation, wholesome food, respect when travelling abroad
Reasonably priced college places, the chance to own your own home
A telling off not a Tazering, from those who serve and protect
Unsnooped calls plus e-mails and no gangs offering medication you really don’t want.

There WILL be a trampoline, perhaps stacked cardboard boxes
A bed of sytrofoam or may even be a hurredly inflated pool – it was on the telly, or at least catching arms below
You are tumbled and tossed in the high-up wind, which fades while approaching the ground
Sight of what’s on the ground cannot be fixed. It’s bearingless and too confusing for comprehension.
Whether you understand what finally happens simply isn’t known.

Obama is ratcheting up the war in Afghanistan. I am utterly convinced it will embrace Pakistan. And here’s what the first mention of Obama on the BBC internatonal news cover page.

Such prominence.

and here’s what you get when you click the indept analysis of the latest globally significant move…

So glad the BBC is living up to it’s charter to keep you informated about important global events, which you fund, oh, I forgot to mention,  now those massively over sized adverts pay for too, while your licence fee goes up and up and up.

Interstingly there are some global warming stories in the front page too! Here’s snapshot…

Spot it? a person in the UN (no climate qualification mentioned at this stage) suggests AGW is wrong.

But having the last word with a much larger title and bolder heading states definitively that man HAS changed the climate.

Ho ho as Wogan would put it! BBC Gold!

And once again, nothing about chemical pollution: fertilizers, pesticides, GM contamination, PCB’s dioxins, CO, SO2, pharmaceutical waste, solvent and oil leakage, nuclear chemical waste and nuclear radioactive pollution.

Well done BBC. Another exemplory dispalay of the greatness.


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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