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The underpants bomber

Update Wed 6th Jan 2010.
Evidence Mounts for US Complicity in Terrorism: Mutallab’s father is no ordinary ‘banker’

First off, If all this disgusting American and British led slaughter of people is designed to inflame people, it’s working. I’M INFLAMED!

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So when I read stuff like: “The suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan”, I applaud the fact that the invading scum will no longer be taking part in the wholesale slaughter of innocent Afghani’s. Great job nameless bomber! With any luck, more Coalition of the Killing “liberators will be liberated.

It’s kinda weird being from a country that you were brought up to believe was one of the best countries in the world only to discover – a realisation that does nothing but strengthen with each and every passing day – that it was a monumental lie of the most enormous degree. Here’s to the end of British and United States global tyranny, and with the host gone, the parasite will experience a rapid death. 

Onto the underpants bomber.

Is it a conspiracy or a false flag? I don’t know, but the most reasonable starting point must be to say “PROBABLY“. As usual there are many questions that can be asked about this bizzare event, and how it is convenient to the United Snakes.

Let me ask you…
If you were going to detonate a suicide bomb on a plane and it failed, for whatever reason, would you be so willing to spill the beans afterwards? I wouldn’t. I’d keep silent about it. Wouldn’t you? I certainly would not want to expose those whose arguement was so powerful that it convinced me my life was worth giving up in support of it. And when the USUK bastards started to torture me – a growing bi-national pastime amongst the lawless secret service agencies, I’d keep telling lies. If the torture kept up, I’d tell a new batch of lies, probably a set of lies that was taught to me as part of my training in case I got caught. Well of course, that is what I’m telling myself sitting on this comfortable chair. It may be different when I’m actually being tortured. But this guy wasn’t/hasn’t been tortured (yet!), but here he is, incriminating Yemen. A country that Obama has blown a bomb-kiss at in recent weeks. All of which nicely justifies the US bombing of people and places in Yemen that have never done anything against the Unites Snakes, and lets just forget that the US struck first, shall we!

Well I started this post saying how dreadful it is to be British and therefore associated with the British killers via the Zionist perforated government. The Truthseeker reports an American man is beginning to feel the same way about his country. You’d better read this…


Webster Tarpley on RT about Yemen and the underpants bomber: 

“Head of Homeland Security Janet Nepalitano Incompetano Totalitariano” – LOL.

Today: Underpants bomber a false flag says Webster Tarpley

Another update: I question the use of the words “hornet” and “jihadists” (frown!)
but the article describes US meddling (and killing) in Yemen. (must say: It’s BBC, so be careful when reading it!)


Again a conventional analysis revealing it’s a very stupid idea to embark upon MORE killing

Childish perhaps, but it gets the point across that a prescripted destinay can depend in the choices we make


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