The underpants bomber

Update Wed 6th Jan 2010.
Evidence Mounts for US Complicity in Terrorism: Mutallab’s father is no ordinary ‘banker’

First off, If all this disgusting American and British led slaughter of people is designed to inflame people, it’s working. I’M INFLAMED!

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So when I read stuff like: “The suicide bomber who killed seven CIA agents in Afghanistan”, I applaud the fact that the invading scum will no longer be taking part in the wholesale slaughter of innocent Afghani’s. Great job nameless bomber! With any luck, more Coalition of the Killing “liberators will be liberated.

It’s kinda weird being from a country that you were brought up to believe was one of the best countries in the world only to discover – a realisation that does nothing but strengthen with each and every passing day – that it was a monumental lie of the most enormous degree. Here’s to the end of British and United States global tyranny, and with the host gone, the parasite will experience a rapid death. 

Onto the underpants bomber.

Is it a conspiracy or a false flag? I don’t know, but the most reasonable starting point must be to say “PROBABLY“. As usual there are many questions that can be asked about this bizzare event, and how it is convenient to the United Snakes.

Let me ask you…
If you were going to detonate a suicide bomb on a plane and it failed, for whatever reason, would you be so willing to spill the beans afterwards? I wouldn’t. I’d keep silent about it. Wouldn’t you? I certainly would not want to expose those whose arguement was so powerful that it convinced me my life was worth giving up in support of it. And when the USUK bastards started to torture me – a growing bi-national pastime amongst the lawless secret service agencies, I’d keep telling lies. If the torture kept up, I’d tell a new batch of lies, probably a set of lies that was taught to me as part of my training in case I got caught. Well of course, that is what I’m telling myself sitting on this comfortable chair. It may be different when I’m actually being tortured. But this guy wasn’t/hasn’t been tortured (yet!), but here he is, incriminating Yemen. A country that Obama has blown a bomb-kiss at in recent weeks. All of which nicely justifies the US bombing of people and places in Yemen that have never done anything against the Unites Snakes, and lets just forget that the US struck first, shall we!

Well I started this post saying how dreadful it is to be British and therefore associated with the British killers via the Zionist perforated government. The Truthseeker reports an American man is beginning to feel the same way about his country. You’d better read this…


Webster Tarpley on RT about Yemen and the underpants bomber: 

“Head of Homeland Security Janet Nepalitano Incompetano Totalitariano” – LOL.

Today: Underpants bomber a false flag says Webster Tarpley

Another update: I question the use of the words “hornet” and “jihadists” (frown!)
but the article describes US meddling (and killing) in Yemen. (must say: It’s BBC, so be careful when reading it!)


Again a conventional analysis revealing it’s a very stupid idea to embark upon MORE killing

Childish perhaps, but it gets the point across that a prescripted destinay can depend in the choices we make



9 Responses to “The underpants bomber”

  1. 1 Project January 1, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    So in which country on earth would one NOT feel this way: “Well I started this post saying how dreadful it is to be British and therefore associated with the British killers via the Zionist perforated government. The Truthseeker reports an American man is beginning to feel the same way about his country.”?

    I too would like to go live there! But there is no place on earth not harboring hectoring hegemons. There is no place not participating in creating hell on earth for either its own denizens, or for others’.

    So, perhaps we each live where we live, and stand up as human beings first? There is, apparently, no other choice:

    Welcome, bienvenue, welcome, to the one-world of Hectoring Hegemons!

    Zahir Ebrahim

  2. 2 lwtc247 January 2, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Dear Zahir. Once again I thank you for the time you have spent corresponding with me. It always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Agreed, there are not many countries that arn’t saddled with the Zionist yoke(care of corporatism and international monetarism). The level of real freedom from this enslavement is inversely proportional to the countried “development”. I guess it’s a ‘degree of taint’ thing.

    And the more enslaved your nation is, the more BS comes yor way to convnce you otherwise, and when the illusion breaks down, the harder the fall.{p.s. I don’t support the concept of nations – to me that’s a significant part of the problem}

    Islamic teaching offers advice as to what to do when such a time comes and is articulated by the dear Sheikh Imran Hosein. ttp:// (I think that’s the correct link) but it’s a solution too far removed from most peoples current reality and for the unreligious it’s not likely to appeal, which is sad.

    The human species has come to beieve a significnat proportion of life is to make life confortable at nearly any cost. Even those good people of conscience are trapped by this ecomomic system based on continual growth (of profits) which is truely insane and absolutely unsustainable and are almost completely unawares of it’s implication to the imapct on human society past and present.

    And worst of all, there’s no turning back! Prepare for a apocalypse my friend, in this world of “Hectoring Hegemons!” lovely esxpression

  3. 3 lwtc247 January 2, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    There are now only 5 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank
    By: on: 29.12.2009 [05:04 ] (963 reads)

  4. 4 Project January 5, 2010 at 2:27 am

    Hi, thanks for the links. I would like to comment on both.

    Imran Hosein: He is a favorite of many intelligent people, not mine (that must mean only one thing of course – not very inteligent). I read one of his books about a year ago when someone suggested it, one which I have found most Muslims gravitating towards, the obvious one, Gog and Magog.

    In my analysis, books like these, and fatalist scholars like Mr. Imran Hosein, make the lives of the Hectoring Hegemons far easier. I had started an essay but never got around to completing it – which unraveled the “waiting for Allah” syndrome among the Muslims – “alla chala raha hay”. That philosophy is a) antithetical to empircism; b) antithetical to political science; c) antithetical to the explicit injunctions and teachings of Islam in the Qur’an; and lastly, d) works great in favor of the hectoring hegemons.

    Just read the last chapter of Gog and Magog, and see what Mr. Imran Hosein concludes, and what he subsequently recommends as the antidote – the inevitability of it all, and so, a rational person may well ask: why fight it? Let’s just wait for the ‘messiah’, and prepare ourselves for that time – which is the recommendation!

    Mr. Imran Hosein’s entire thesis is of course rather specious ab inito, and based on speculations of Surah Khaf (if I recall the name correctly).

    But, people clutching at straws, especially the Muslim mind un-attuned to being free and self-responsible for its own destingy without someone forever overlooking over their fortunes, gravitate towards anything which does not require them to stand up and fightback the curve-balls of the hectoring hegemons themselves! Let’s just wait for the ‘messiah’. It is a heresey to argue otherwise of course. But we each seek succor wherever we find it. To the extent that it prevents from implementing Surah Asr to its fullest explicit guidance as far as a Muslim mind is concerned, that much money is left on the table, and of course one is accountable for it. Hectoring Hegemons rejoice more money we leave on the table, and thus, often times, they create scholars like Imran Hosein, and doctrines which gave birth to both the Wahabis and Bahais, and also Kadianis: don’t challenge the British rulers, they are installed by God to rule upon the Muslims. Almost like “honor the king” from the Bible.

    A long time ago I rejected all kings… so perhaps I may be forgiven my heresay!

    On the Central Bank link, I think if you visit, and look at the list of central banks coordinated by that private central bank to almost all central banks – known as the Bank of International Settlement or BIS – one can argue that all of those banks mentioned on its website are under the influence of the controllers of BIS. Last time I checked, only 53 countries were listed in it, including Pakistan. But there are more than 190 countries in the United Nations. So surely there are many more than just the 5 nations central banks not controlled by BIS!

    Also note that there are two types of Central Banks, one state owned, and one private owned by banking cartels.

    Examples of former are the State bank of India and Pakistan, and also the rest of the developing world state banks. These operate fundamentally on a different basis than the private central banks. Examples of the latter are FRS and the rest of the European nations’ central banks.

    The state owned central banks issue debt-free currency. No interest is paid by its public for the issue of their own currency.

    The private central banks issue debt currency. Its public pays the debt on the issue of their own currency. The last numbers I saw from the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report ( was almost 1 trillion dollars was paid in taxes to the Feeral Reserve by the ordinary wage-earning tax payer of America. Compare that to about a fourth of that which was collected from American Corporations.

    That’s the only significnat point of departure between the two (as far as I have been able to ascertain). BIS coordinates the “discount rate” of all member banks, both private as well as state-owned.

    In the West, the influence of that private control of the “discount rate” is remarkable. It directly induces expansion/contraction in the economy, the boom/bust cycles taught to MBAs as the inevitable “Business cycles” of modern economy, by making credit easy or hard to get.

    The developing nations are not put into the banksters’ stranglehold in that way. For us ‘untermenschen’, it is the tag team of WB-IMF – a different modus operandi altogether, using neolibearlism backed by neoconservatism to control the Third World Nations – to achieve similar ends: a private banking cartel controlling the destiny of nations by riding the predatory tiger-power of the lone-superpower. WB-IMF’s “structural adjustment lending” for initial frivilous loans strangulates the developing nations in a debt-trap that is far more deadly than those born by the Western nations’ public due to the debt-currency.

    Let me know which business school explains any of that, even to that 101 level.

    All the best, keep up the good fight. I often console myself with the thought: six feet under the maggotts can’t tell the difference between the hectoring hegemons and their victims; but if there is more to us than mere over-developed ameoba, perhaps the soul-extractor can.

    Zahir Ebrahim

  5. 5 lwtc247 January 5, 2010 at 6:47 am

    Dear Zahir. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you.

    You comment has many deep points. I dont have much time to reply to all at the mo, o please bear with me.

    Re: Waiting for the Messiah. I’ve heard scorn put upon people (e.g. Muslims/Mehdi combo) accused of doing this. Maybe you are right – maybe it does happen. I would certainly go a long way to explaining the megalithic lethargy amongst many Muslim “leaders” /*grates teeth*/ however so would ignorance of the meaning of life (in the religious context) and/or devotion/welding/attachment to the physical world with its consumer materialism (Cheers btw oh global capitalism).

    BUT really I don’t think most Muslims have decided to sit down an wait for him. I think they simply look forward to his arrival.

    If they are sitting around waiting, It surely is an abrogation of duty and an abrogation of the self.

    I don’t think it’s calling Sheik Imran a fatalist in a somewhat perjorative sence is applicable in the sense that overall fate rests with God and parts of it are fixed. If one believes in God then one cannot choose to be fatalistic, rather, one must be fatalistic – or else were ignoring our faith. I know you didn’t say he chose to be it, but given therefore that a kind of fatalism is, or should be, a default characteristic of someone who believes in God.

    Similarly, I don’t see Sheikh Imran as being one of those ‘waitiers’ he is very pro-active and as far as I know he has initiated the Muslim village concept – what I mean is, and this is important, he is doing what he believes the Quran and Sunnah dictate. At the same time he is fearless at exposing the perversions we have in the world today and he’s being doing it for a LONG time. This has come about about from many amny years of study and analysis not least involving and contemporary poltiical religious texts in reference to the modern world. He was almost alone in the field of Islam and sound economics. (“Islamic finance” seems very iffy). Most muslims comfortable today in this eCONomic system dont realise its a near inversion of what God prescribed for us.

    As for the issue of destiny: ‘all this stuff will happen’ so why do anything about it. That is an avenue of thought yes, but nobody really follows up on that do they? Nobody simply sits down on the floor and says there’s no point in feeding myself because if God says I’m going to die in 5 weeks time then I don’t need to feed myself. Noone jumps in front of busses unless they want to die. Abstract philisophical thoughts are often fruitless. They can sometimes make one look into the abyss – with the result being that the abyss looks straight back at you. All knowledge is flawed so then are paths of thought. One should be cautious about allowing a quirky thought to form unshiftable opinions.

    From my conversations on destiny I can’t argue that destiny is fixed. BUT, I happen to think in believing in destiny (I reserve the right to be wrong!) that Muslims and in fact most non-Mulsims yet fatalists, don’t have the correct picture due to their restricted imaginations and por comtemplation on the matter…. I can’t argue God against God apportioning us various allotments beacuse (I think) we are told our allotments are written, thus as you mentioned, resign themselves to saying there was nothing they could have done about it. c.f. Waiting for Mehdi…. However, our physical world bounty could still be ‘written’ but do we know if only ONE is written? which one amongst the ones that are written we arrive at depends on our actions. My idea seems very alien amongst other Muslims, but to me it’s the only way of accomodating free will. The conventional view negates free will, yet (again from my perspective) THE amazing thing about humans is they have this free will. I’m not an expert in the Arabic or Hebrew/Arameic/Semitic language so I don’t know if only ‘singularity’ applies. I’ve made a diagram to help explain what I mean albeit somewhat childish.

    I’ve read a few books by Sheikh Imran and I don’t always agree with his interpretation, BUT I do conceed his interpretations can fit across a large span of Quranic ayat(verses). A theorm which fits a lot of data does inspire confidence that it (the theorm) contain veracity.

    Once very publically by Dr Azzam Tamimi in a packed conference hall in Kuala Lumpur passionately(angrily?) attacked people waiting for the MEhdi

    – rushing like mad –

  6. 6 DrM January 9, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    Asalamu Aliakum,

    I completely disagree with Zahir views on Sheikh Imran Hosein. There’s nothing fatalistic about his analysis, its on the money concerning global events and Quranic interpretation. If Zahir had done his research he would know that Sheikh Imran Hosein has clearly said that if you’re waiting for the Mahdi and will do nothing in the time left, you’re fooling yourself. At the very least he’s giving you a serious wake up call. Without understanding Islamic spirituality, qadr…you will not understand the so called modern age.
    I’ve read almost all of his books and he clearly makes the disclaimer that if he is wrong in your opinion, show us what the error is and how you are right. The challenge stands.

  7. 7 lwtc247 January 10, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Dr M is right. The good Sheikh does make that challenge. I too have seen it in his books and I think in one or two of his video lectures. And as far as I know, none have risen to it.

    Someone discussing the end times isn’t a fatalist in the sense that they therefore sit around and wait for that fate to come to pass.

  8. 8 Project January 13, 2010 at 6:48 am


    Search for Magog in:

    I had started a more detailed response to the book given that it generated so much excitement and passion among the worthy Muslims, but didn’t find the time or the interest to complete it. The gist of it is in the above report. When a word to the wise isn’t sufficient, neither are volumes.


    Zahir Ebrahim

  9. 9 lwtc247 January 13, 2010 at 7:14 am

    Cheers Zahir.

    I know a good thought provoking read lies in wait whatever degree of agreement I may have from it.


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