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Apocalypse soon. Has the pretence that ‘debt isn’t out of control’ finally vanished? reproduces an ICH published report. Here’s a quick extract: ZeroHedge: — For Greece, with on and off balance sheet liabilities at over 800%, it’s game over. For the Eurozone, with the same ratio at about 500%, it is also game over. For the US, at 500%+, it is, you guessed it (sorry Joseph Stiglitz), game over.

Here’s more news: Germans say euro zone may have to expel Greece

And more news: Spain’s deficit has soared to 11.4 percent of its gross domestic product amid its deepest recession in decades, but the government has pledged to cut the gap back to a eurozone limit of 3 percent by 2013 by cutting 50 billion euros in spending… unemployment running at 20 percent. Underscoring those doubts, the premium demanded by investors for buying Spanish rather than German government bonds ES10YT=RR has risen in recent weeks and the cost of insuring Spanish bonds against default by the government has also risen

If I read that right (and I’m not an economist), people are shorting Spain and taking credit defalut swaps on the Spanish government.

And more: Greece: “From 1. Jan. 2011, every transaction above 1,500 euros between natural persons and businesses, or between businesses, will not be considered legal if it is done in cash. Transactions will have to be done through debit or credit cards”

Europe and the Euro is going belly up, The UK public purse is in a dire situation (the killers in the Downing Street cabinet should have nationalised Barclays, not Northern Rock) and Goldman Sachs has already done spectacularly well with nearly God knows how many hundreds of Billions granted to it by the US govt to leverage and make new scam packages like it’s never scammed before, oh, and line the pockets of the already filthy rich. Iceland doesn’t want to pay the UK and the dreadful charities who invested in oppressive fraudulent Icelandic ‘financial instrument’ houses. Ireland is up the swanny, Italy? well it’s the gangster economy that it always was, Singapore, seems to be going down (and will take Indonesia Thailand and Malaysia with it)

And the supposed Alt A and Option ARM crisis hasn’t fully crashed in yet.

Worried? I can understand so.

Surprised? You should be. E-MONEY is the game (see above Greece’s bizarre announcement that Reuters reported).

I’m wholly unapologetic for believing this is the plan. E-money has been on the cards for a while. Whose cards you might ask? Quiz the supremacists (if they are willing to speak to you – being an animal to serve their purposes that is) Those supremacists who firmly believe they, and they alone, hold an unconditional covenant handcuffing God are getting their way. What’s happening is in ALL serious philosophies. The end times are rolling on up. To these rather nasty people it doesn’t matter because remember, it was their Rabbi who defeated God in an debate. It’s them, not God who are calling the shots. They might throw God some manna occasionally and might allow God to run in the yard for 30 minutes each day in-between water-boarding, kicking grit in his ‘eyes’, putting him in stress positions and shouting at God that He’s an anti-Semite for destroying Zion after they altered Deuteronomy so that they can lend on interest. God, Islam tell us, declares WAR against whose who engage in usury.

As for the God fearing Jews: brothers, (or perhaps more accurately: cousins) we’re going down! All of us. Why is it this likely new purge of good Jews a is being predicted (e.g. Alan Hart and others) has continuously come as a result of those who perverted your faith. At least we can have some weird sense of justice when they realise ‘God in cuffs’ was simply an illusion they were allowed to see.

Oh Boy.


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