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British Zionism and The Malvinas

Britain’s love affair with Zionist Israyhell doesn’t end with

a) It birthing the bastard military occupation of Palestine
b) It’s silence over the massacre of Palestinians (or it’s silence of Zionist terrorists killing British citizens)
c) Its complicity in atrocities against the Palestinians and other people in the ME
d) It supplying nuclear material to help Israyhells nuclear program
e) providing a porous political, legal and economic system complimented with the largest cross party lobby groups in Westminster all with “Zionists welcome” signs dangling above them
f) collusion with Israyhell in attacking Egyptian people
g) Utter slaveishness to Israyhelli war criminals

No. It stretches as far as land theft. The UK still maintains its theft of a number of places, Northern Ireland being one, the other being the Malvinas (Falkland Islands). Our Kween, Kween Elizardbeth II Regina is a Kleptomainc and a mass murderer to boot. She as head of state sanctioned the genocide in Iraq, aren’t Iraqi’s in possession of justification for regicide?

I was delighted therefore to hear of Hugo Chavez’s statement… (source:

Hugo Chavez demands Queen return Falkland Islands to Argentina
By: Tom Leonard on: 23.02.2010 [00:38 ] (86 reads)

President Hugo Chavez delivered a reality check on the Queen when the firebrand Venezuelan leader demanded Britain return the Falkland Islands to Argentina.
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The outspoken Mr Chavez used his weekly television and radio show Alo Presidente to rally Latin America behind the cause of his Argentine counterpart Cristina Kirchner by making a direct appeal to Buckingham Palace.

“Look, England, how long are you going to be in Las Malvinas? Queen of England, I’m talking to you,” said Mr Chavez.
“The time for empires are over, haven’t you noticed? Return the Malvinas to the Argentine people.”

Still addressing the Queen, he went on: “The English are still threatening Argentina. Things have changed. We are no longer in 1982. If conflict breaks out, be sure Argentina will not be alone like it was back then.”

He described British control of the islands in the South Atlantic as “anti-historic and irrational” and asked “why the English speak of democracy but still have a Queen”.

Mrs Kirchner sought to win new allies in Argentina’s claims to the islands when she made a direct appeal for support at a meeting in Mexico of the Rio Group of Latin American and Caribbean countries. Venezuela and Nicaragua rallied to Argentina’s side even before Mrs Krichner’s appeal, and it was reported that Brazil was ready to support any resolution backing Argentina’s sovereignty claims.

Argentine anger is likely to increase after Desire Petroleum, the British oil company that has towed a rig from Scotland to about 60 miles off the north of the Falklands, announced on Monday it had begun drilling.

Argentina is attempting to hamper oil exploration, insisting last week that all vessels using its ports must now seek permission if they plan to enter or leave British-controlled waters.

Argentina wants other South American countries to impose its transport restrictions to the Falklands but it is unlikely to win support from those closest to the islands such as Chile and Uruguay.

If – as the drillers insist – large amounts of oil and natural gas are discovered off the Falklands, Argentina would lose out heavily if it were unable to provide refining and port facilities.

Chile, Argentina’s traditional enemy, has long been a major supplier to the Falklands. An operations manager of a Uruguayan shipping agency who came out to Port Stanley on Saturday to discuss business was dismissive about the effectiveness of the latest Argentine decree.

Meanwhile, passengers from the British cruise liner Star Princess disembarked at Port Stanley on Monday for a day trip after the vessel reported leaving Buenos Aires with no demand for permission to sail to the Falklands.

Stepping on to the jetty for a few hours watching penguins or touring one of the battlefields from the 1982 war, passengers said the ship’s captain had reassured them several days ago it was “perfectly safe” to get off at when they reached the islands.

However, Maurice and Sylvia Bellamy from Felixstowe reported some unusual Falklands-related advice had been issued over the ship’s tannoy system.

“They told us we had to refer to the islands as the Falklands when we were there but as the Malvinas when we were in Argentina,” said Mr Bellamy, 74.

“And they also advised everybody to be courteous and not to wear anything with obvious Argentine symbols or logos on it if we got off in the Falklands.”

Argentina wants other South American countries to impose its transport restrictions to the Falklands but this would mean that they, too, could miss out on the lucrative profits from providing refining and port facilities if, as drillers believe, large amounts of oil and natural gas are retrieved off the Falklands.

 Well done Hugo. Now Hugo let me advise you to move away from Fiat Currency. Gold and silver can maintain the Bolivarian revolution, otherwise it, Fiat,  will be the death of you. Siler and Gold Hugo, Silver and Gold. Demand Gold for your oil exports the United Snakes. For your peoples sake Hugo.

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