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Osama bin Laden has acquired two H-bombs

What do you mean you don’t believe it?

What about this then?…

“Osama Bin Laden threatens to kill Americans if the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is executed by the US.” source

Is it believeable because it was on the BBC? Is that it? OK then, so you believe this then?…

“Iraq had actually conducted a nuclear test before the Gulf War.”source

or this:

“There are very detailed plans for how Iraq would be administered, how it would be transformed, how much money would be put into it – into its oil industry of course but also into the infrastructure, into education etc. – very detailed plans indeed for a post-liberation Iraq.”source

What of all the other stories (e.g. This particular piece of Jingoistic Matt Frei garbage)

and so on.

Well maybe you believe the Osama thing above because it’s “what Osama might say”. But think about that. Think!. How do you know Osama? Isn’t you’re opinion of bin Laden simply the image you have gleaned from the media, or even worse that the media has made you believe?

So we are now supposed to believe that if the 9-11mastermind isn’t killed Osama won’t kill Americans. Doesn’t anyone see a little problem with that compared to what you have already been allowed to believe about Osama?

Surely. like the Saddam Bomb “revelations”, the very detailed plans to rebuild Iraq, ad nauseum, the BBC isn’t simply pushing more horsecrap into you mind. Oh No. They wouldn’t do that – would they.

Here’s another gem I found the other day.

“Britain faces an increased risk of being targeted with terrorist ‘dirty bombs’ as a result of a rise in the illegal trafficking of radioactive material”souce

People with a memory will recall this is just a new cycle of British lies that occurred a few years back. All unsubstantiated of course, errrrm, unless….. Oops! Wait a minute! There REALLY IS an illegal trafficking of radioactive material. How did I forget?

One involved the UK secretly shipping nuclear material to Israyhell so it could build up a nuclear arsenal. Other trafficking involves DU shells as fired by US, British and Israyhelli troops on simple folk, innocent civilians in dilapidated huts, people just as humble and worthy as us (if not as I suspect, not more so). Illegal trafficking that keeps on supplying the wars against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, inhabitants of both countries that did NOTHING against the Satanic states of US, UK and Zionist Israyhell,

Talking of dirty bombs, millions of scummy Brits will be throwing more dirty bombs at people abroad, when they once again partake in the sham democracy, revealing what real self-centred-dirtbags they are when they say “Oh, if I don’t vote NeoLabour then the Conservatives will get in instead”


-(apologise for the anger vulgar words previously _ I’ve deleted them)



Israyhelli Scum

Map of Israel’s East Jerusalem housing plan 11th March 2010

Continued settlement expansion 11th March

Listen to that insincere smarmy sh*t Mark Regev. Like all pro-Israyhell ppl full of lies and ploys. Gods Chosen yeah – Chosen for damnation.
Palestinian anger spills onto East Jerusalem streets March 16, 2010

All this lobbox about Israyhell / US tensions. Give me a break! What a pile of crap.

Trouble is, there are so many stupid idiots out do believe it – because it was Judith Millered/Geoff Gannoned, i.e. it appeared in the corporate mainstream media/news, ergo it was true. Even some haters of Israyhell leaped on these Disney-like tensions, lapping it up. Oh dear.

Barack Obama – Leader of the Ghazi Kang massacre

Update 15th March 2010. (note: originally published on: Jan 16, 2010 @ 3:53) thanks to :

Evidence Mounts NATO Report Lied on Afghan Civilian Killings posted 03/15/2010, 5:03 AM (
[Category: Cover-Up/Deceptions]
The February 12 night raid against a house party in Afghanistan’s Paktia Province remains shrouded in mystery, but NATO’s official story appears to be crumbling as even NATO officials concede that the claims made were not strictly true.(more)

NATO’s official statement claimed at the time that the raid on the home led to a “fire fight” against “several insurgents

update ends.


Jan 16, 2010 @ 3:53: I posted on this recently. Since then there’s been some more developments:

Original story on ICH, December 31st 2009:

11th Jan 2010, the excellent MEDIALENS

wrote of the episode: Were Afghan children Executed by US-led forces and why aren’t the media interested? (

15th Jan 2010, ICH post a followup to the story:


This Time It’s Pregnant Women: Another US Atrocity in Afghanistan

By David Lindorff – 03/14/2010 (14th March 2010)

Another night-time raid on a housing compound in Afghanistan. Another bunch of innocent Afghans killed. Another round of lies by the US-led forces of the so-called International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Only this time, among the dead are two pregnant mothers and a teenage girl.

And once again the US media remain mute, accepting the official story, which was of ISAF forces responding to an attack which in reality appears never to have happened… continue




F1 plans of mice and men

The F1 rules were of course meant to make the race more exciting so that people would want to watch the sport, oh, and spend more money on it < an incidental matter you’ll understand.

It failed. Miserably! The race was pants. Afterwards, I was left aching for some excitement.

It made a mockery of the usual lies ‘promotion’ the TV stations dole out to. They won’t do it again – NOT!

The plan – or so it seems to me – was that the tyres would wear give to such a degree that those who excelled in the early stages entered the latter stage nursing bruised tyres. Could the driver eke out a big enough gap (i.e. push and race) in the early stages to cope with challenges (pushing and racing) in the latter stages?

What did we get? Drivers going slowly nursing their tyres throughout to avoid the twilight redundancy. The race was pants. There is little reason to think much will improve. Martin Brundle, my personal favourite commentator (James Allen worked well with Brundle, it’s a pity the BBC didn’t capture him) says ‘Keep the faith‘ although James says “Patience is suddenly a real [race] virtue” However patience is the opposite of F1 racing excitement. The pace of the cars was positively pedestrian.

How then to make the race better i.e. encourage racing and excitement?

1) Allow one engine per race. Yeah it MIGHT be financially costly but only if that option is exercised. A no-hoper team Toro Rosso designing an engine to last 2 or three races when the other richer teams use one per race won’t change the status of the no-hoper. The two engine requirement wasn’t too bad from the last few years racing. An engine for three races is just silly.

2) Have two routes in one section of the track. Eg route one = straight based, route two = curved section. Cars can choose the route that best suits their set up. Of course the distance of these has to enable similar times through them for a car of the same set up. If there’s a lot of traffic through route 1, then a car could try and go through route two to get ahead of the traffic.

3) Give the teams more sets of tyre. Encouraging cars to race full out. Overtaking on the track is better than because of pit stops, but it allows for strategy to have a more significant role.

4) Allow refuelling next season.

5) Allow a choice of fuels – teams pick one fuel after practice.

6) Have sections of track made from different surface (could work in conjunction with the different routes idea – Have 2 surfaces: 1 for the main track and a different surface on each of the routes)

7) Bring back tyre selection, but like the fuel selection idea, allow the teams to choose one manufacturer after practice.

BTW: I wonder why F1, NFL, Olympics, etc… have a green card against the anthropogenic global warming crowd?


You designers are bloody crap!

The other day I tried to hang up a towel that was pegged onto a plastic coat-hanger. It fell off the rail. I picked it up, put it back then it fell down again. This happened once more. That kind of thing happens quite a bit to me. I wondered why on earth this was happening. Do I always have to spend that much thought and effort to hang up a towel / throw scrunched up paper into the bin / pour out drinks over the sink… or else these clutzy things happen to me?  This time I hung it up more carefully and observed what was happening. It turns out, it wasn’t me at all! It was the stupid bloody coat hanger. The overhang of the hook at the end was so small that if the hanger ‘leant backwards’ on the rail, it would fall off. Meldrew like, I couldn’t believe it. Likely some pieve of trash designed the overhang of the hook to be as small as possible to make something that looked like a hook but demonstrably had great problms in behaving like a hook. They probably saved 0.5 pence per unit. You know what? Although once in a blue moon I design things in my head, I have no design accreditation to my name whatsoever. that said I would never design or have my name associated with anything as ‘total profit based’ as that shameful thing.

Having bought a New Nokia phone a few months back I learned Nokia in their ‘total profit’ based wisdom have changed the adaptor from to a new slim adaptor. So all the spare rechargers I bough were redundant, however an enquiry revealed there was an adaptor – which cost not that mush less than the new adaptor. The adaptor, like the new connection was another shameful design. Everytime I see it, touch it or plug it into my phone, the words  “this is gonna break any time soon”  go through my head.

A few years back I bought a ladder. It wasn’t cheap and when I started using it, only a few minutes after being up it, then my feat started hurting. The steps were pretty narrow, so it was a bit like walking on a knife blade. I’ve not used it that often and the safety bolt on one side of the ladder came off already, having had the ‘plactic shoe’ in the feet of the ladder having come out. 

The plastic little flap for my USB digicam is feeble and will shortly become damaged.

The battery cover on my previous digicam came off rendering the camera useless.

The magnet on my fridge isn’t so strong so when closing the freezer door above, the fridge door opens for a bit (if the freezer door isn’t shut too hard the fridge door will just open slightly then close itself).

The wooden rungs sofa I bought broke, having a little sticky out put from the main rung slot into a hole on the parallel ‘runners’ at the side.

The roof of my bouse has such a poor overhand that when it rains water leaks through.

I think the flyspray once used continues to leak slightly.

The LCD on my microwave manfunctioned in warranty and out of warranty and it too costly to replace.

The ceramic floor tiles are set so taht there is a groove inbetween then so if dirt falls in there then it’s difficult to get out.

The mechanics in the cistern (water tank) on the toilet was such that it was easy for the handle the ‘max’ point and therefore damaged the mechanics.

The plastic tap in the garden at the front of the house had a bulbous ‘hand grip spokes’ on the outside which narrowed dramaticall as it attached to the spindle. Eventually the spokes snapped off one by one, meaning more stress would get applied to the reaming spokes which rapidly also broke off.

The wooden dining chairs and concrete garden seat have no truss to stop large stresses building up if a lateral force is applies. The hole to slot the sun shield umbrella in the accompanying concrete garden table is such that when the umbrella is put in, the concrete will damage the metal central pole of the umbrella by scratching it.

The DVD player is a 2 pin machine. When you touch it while switched on you can get an electric shock. The more gently you brush against it, the more painful the shock seems to be.

The plastic lid/flap one the 1L juice cartons I buy have such pathetic glue on them, that while trying to open the carton, the flap sometimes comes off in your hand. Or occaisonally while pouring juice out of them, they will dribble liquid underneath the flap.

The mugs I’ve bought have handles which when you life the cup up, put sonsiderable stress on your fingers to stop the cup from turning to a more stable position which would see all the qiquid drain out.

The calculator I sue must be kept within a pretty narrow range of angles from you head and eyes oe the LCD becomes unreadable (digitals 8’s seem to appear obscuring the actual display)

The spoon I have when digging into some stuff ice-cream bends as there is no provision for coping with such forces. Some of the forks I have are similar.

The fan I have, if tilted at an agle too far downwards starts to make a rattling sound. The blade of the fan has some ‘play’ from the restraining bar on the spindle enabling the fan blades to advance or retreat about hald a cm wich causes the rattling.

The DIY cupboard I bought have such a thin plastic pivot that if the dorr experiences any casual or accidental force then it will break off. This curboard as laminate for its back which has wapred and eventually come out when putting things in it.

The central lock keypad on my car keys is held together with a tiny screw (that needs a ‘microscrewdriver or a pointed knife to open) which screwed into a small grooved plastic columm. The keypad isn’t watertight, so when I dropped my keys into a puddle during a rainstorn the water short circuited the key pad and the door kept opening, closing, opening, closing all the while beeping accordingly. The batter would have gone flat so I had to break open the keypad and the the grooved female column broke. the keypad is held together now with a few rounds of sellotape.

The vegetable/cheese grater I had was pyrimida in shape and so narrow that it was very difficult to clean the inside of it. The miserable plastic handle on the top broke eventually, so I go a flat grater. The forces applied to it while greating cold cheese caused the surrounding plastic aroung the perimeter to snap resulting in the hande at the top almost coming off too.

The expensive washing machine has to have the water-drain outlet raised to almost the height of the top of the washer (like in an inverted U-tube shape) so that when the water enters the washing machine, it doesn’t just dribble out of the washing machines water-drain outlet. this means residual water remains in the outlet pipe and if it’s not manually emptied and/or washimg machine used regularly, the residual water in the tube gets quite smelly.

The handles of my almost all cloth based bags (‘green’ reuisable shopping bag type thing) I’ve ever seen will come off if the back is pucked up quicly.

The handle of the louvre windows is shaped such that when it’s pulled down, then it can distory and initiate fatigue.

The expensive wooden curtain rail I bought has hoops which the connect to the metal hooks in the ‘hem'(?) of the curtains. These hoops are of the most dreadful wality that the question marked hooks which accommoodate the main crtain hooks simply come out or crack/split the hoop should the little question mark hook be tured in too tightly. The hoops also have a high coefficient of friction from the rail so when the surtains are drawn/closed, the stress on the questionmark hook in the hoop means the hoop can get damaged. The cheaper plastic rail isn’t problem free but is much better than the wooden one.

The cheap laser printer I bought never works instantly when I plug it into the computer.

The umbrella I have has the ribs come out of the little plastic “cloth-to-spoke” connectors

The shoe laces of the trainers (running shoes) I have snappped when tieing them.

The garden spade I have bent when trying to lift soil. the hand came off at the end too.

The ‘boot open’ lever on my car has bent and twised so much that it has become virtually impossible to open the boot now.

One very sad fact is: Although I am not a designer, I could EASILY design better stuff than all this junk that surrounds me. And in most cases it’s not that the design had to be cromprimised due to cost factos. Ruccish! it’s deliberately designed  NOT to be good and/or designed NOT to last.

Does it really matter if Al-Aqsa mosque is destroyed?

The sad fact is, it will only matter to a few. If it mattered – if it really mattered, then why are they doing so little to stop it being destroyed? I can well expect many more Muslims to protest AFTER it is destroyed, as opposed to the small number that portest it now. Why don’t these Muslims that would take to the streets and burn things connected to Israyhell? And what of the Palestinians, why be so vocal about a building despite it’s historical significance when it seems so few are willing to do anything about the Palestinian people who live there and have experienced horricif oppression for 60 years++. 

Fact is, Masjid Al-Aqsa is Solomons (rebuilt) temple. It is THE place of worship built on the ruins of the old place of worship for the very same purpose for conducting acts of worship to The Creator.

The Zionist movement (Nearly 16 million Zionist supporting (rebel/distorted theology)Jews some atheists some ‘white meat eaters’, and the 50 Million+ Christian Zionists – most in the US) want to destroy this real temple and build a different temple in its place. 

It’s quite clear what the whole basis of the alternative temple is for, not least by the fact the currently prevent people worshiping the One True God, but because they want to desroy one of the oldest an historically important places of worship to God. Isn’t there a prophey about all this?

Can you tell who it’s about yet?

But really, lets think about this. Say the temple had been destroyed yesterday. What would change in terms of the day to day rituals of Islam?

What about the Historical heritage in Saud occupied Arabia? A friend sent me this recently…

According to Irfaan Al-Alawi, the founder and director of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, more than 300 ‘antiquity sites’ of Makkah and Madinah have already been destroyed. Among the crimes of destruction and desecration committed by the Saudis are the following:

*   In 1998 the Qabr of Hadhrat Aaminah (radhiyallahu anha), the Mother of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was bulldozed and doused with gasoline.

*   “The birthplace of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) came under threat 50 years ago, when the House of Saud decided to build a library over the site. The architect then persuaded the authorities to allow him to preserve the remains beneath the library. Now the authorities want to concrete over the site and turn it into a car park.”

*  The house of Hadhrat Khadijah (radhiyallahu anha), was demolished and public toilets built in its place.

*   The house  of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (radhiyallahu anhu) was demolished  to make way for the Hilton hotel.

*   The ancient Musjid of  Imaam Al-Uraid built more than 1200 years ago was demolished and presently it is a site for rubble.

* An ancient Musjid of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (radhiyallahu anhu) was demolished and  has been replaced by an ATM machine.

*  The holy and historic sites where the famous Battles of Badr and Uhd took place, have been converted into parking lots.

*  The Qabr and the Musjid of Rasulullah’s grandson have been dynamited.

*   The sacred Qabrustaan of Al-Mualla where members of Rasulullah’s Family are buried, is being submerged by sewage waste, and the authorities are not doing anything about it.

*  The Musjid of Abu Qubais was destroyed to make way for one of the king’s palaces.

*  Darul Arqam from where Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) propagated the Deen was demolished. Today the escalators are in its place.

These are a few of the numerous relics of Islam which successive Saudi regimes have destroyed. The few remaining  relics are all earmarked for destruction to transform Makkah and Madina into Las Vegas, Paris and New York.

Where are the outcries?

James (Jamie) Bulger

Dear sweet James (Jamie) Bulger


Update 26 Aug 2010.
I found this link speculating on their identity: James Bulger: Bulger’s killers Jon Venables & Robert Thompson (photos) by photos it means old well known photos.

U’pdate: Saturday 6th March 2010 (evening): So, Venables’ offence was “a serious sexual offence” (caveat: so says ‘The ‘Sun’). So, as was 100% blindingly obvious, allowing him to have his liberty means he can at anytime, once again, take away the liberty of others. Lock the scumbag in Jail. Come on you worm of a newspaper, publish, publish publish and pay the stupid fine after.


Update: Saturday 6th March 2010 (afternoon):

Jack Straw is set to Meet Jamie’s mum; After how many days since Venables was taken back into custody? And latest reports say that Straw won’t tell Jamie’s mum why he was taken in. So it looks very much like Jack Straw is using Jamie for public relations – a political human shield if you will. If I’m right, it’s utterly obnoxious. Although this Jack Straw we are talking about. Straw like Thompson and Venables (T&V) is a murderer himself, the polynomial victims used to live within different borders that’s all. Actually Straw is worse – he’s a multiple offender and some of his victims were still in the womb, and Straw is supposed to have an adult sense of conscience and morality. T, V and Straw, birds of a feather….  Is there nothing Orwellian about Jack Straw?

How confident can one be that Thompson and Venables (T&V) are being watched so closely that it is very unlikely they will kill again? As confident that you were before Venables was taken back into custody?

Surely it’s not possible to keep an eye on them and what of the cost? I don’t mind paying for justice, but I do mind paying for injustice.

What if their adulthood they are irresolvable psychotic. I alluded to this in the main article, but if their minds are death bent and we know some peoples minds are then all they need is a brief moment, like the couple of seconds they had in The Strand shopping complex in Bootle. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give that line of reasoning much thought but why on earth are T&V not amongst the Geoffrey Dharma’s of this world? Because they are British? But the main reason I’m sticking with this line is simply because those two have horrible proved even though they were 10years old (I have memories of being 10 – I did some bad things then and I did them consciously – being influenced isn’t any excuse)

Surely if their life licence (a most bizarre term of atheistic fantasy) involves them having to visit a social worker / parole officer or check into a police station, it’s not likely the frequency of visits would be so high in order to avoid arousing suspicion. It seems likely to me T&V would be living close to the ‘life licence’ officer, rather than for that officer to have to travel to see T&V and to cut costs, I imagine a number of these ‘life licence’ criminals are concentrated in an area near to where the officer is located. It’s likely therefore to be a city or reasonably sized town so the individuals can insulate themselves somewhat to hide their deadly crimes, but it’s in a city that they are most likely to get involved with or carry out serious crimes if they so chose, and as the city/town was designed to given them a reasonable {Ed: unreasonable actually} degree of anonymity then they have a greater chance of getting way with it.

One would hope these killers are tagged, but that does not prevent crime and I have doubts as the effectiveness of tagging anyway from hazy memories of reading an article saying they can get out of the tag.

Stick the killers in Jail. It’s where they belong and means the UK populace aren’t paying to maintain the liberty of these nasty and freakish savages.

Boomeranging back to Straw, he contradicted Home Secretary Alan Johnson who said not just Jamie’s parents had a right to know the reasons for the re-incarceration but the whole public. Johnson’s right, but who cares about that? Certainly not Jack Straw. reports The Daily Mail writing that rumour mill is in gear. That’s quite natural, given the government have a bent for hiding stuff from us that we’d really like to know about. Heck, even Host of ‘the politics show’ Andrew Neil could see that in the episode with complementary creeps Michael Gove and Tessa Jowell both of them were spouting NeoLabour drivel (surely you realised red and blue are NeoLabour – oui???). We’ve been treated by these politicians saying the fact he was recalled proves the life licence works. Really? It worked so well that it stopped him from doing something that would have seen him taken back into custody? Errrmmm!… Idiot British politicians repeating what they believe is the party line – a keen eye on career progression. How blessed we are to have these “intellectual fortresses” sincerely representing us.

And if T&V did kill again wouldn’t it be in the interests of people like Judge ____ (Woolf?) {who said they should be freed at 21 years of age}, and Jack Straw {who keeps their identity secret}, to stop any T&V repeat murder to come out thereby avoiding accusations of (criminal) negligence?

These Killers should have their Identity EXPOSED and be offered the chance to show remorse.

Interestingly, in the past, cases where young men were suspected (and subsequently convicted) of killing kids, they were thought to thought to be Thompson and/or Venables e.g. Dante Arthurs [wiki] who the Australian authorities were said to be acting unusually hush-hush and Sean Walsh  [wiki] Imagine these men were innocent yet were killed by the actions of a vigilante before their trial on the basis they were T or V. Not far fetched if you read about them.

Even more interesting is how did the Australian and Irish police know they weren’t T&V? Someone talked that’s why. Why then are Jamie’s parents NOT informed about these nasty killers. Remember if they are being watched closely then T&V are safe – Right???


Just found this Re: Sean Walsh:

MURDERED toddler Jamie Bulger’s distraught mum says she CANNOT be sure evil Sean Walsh’s boast he killed her son is NOT true. Sick Walsh claimed his real name is Robert Thompson and he was sent to live in Ireland under a false identity given to him on the orders of an English court. And now Jamie’s mum Denise, 38, is tortured by doubt and wants the Irish Government to open its files on Walsh. In an exclusive interview with the Irish Sunday Mirror, Denise, who in now remarried, said: ‘ “Walsh looks so much like Thompson it is uncanny.

Sept 2004. Denise acting on a tip-off from an anonymous source that helped her locate Thompson. Upon seeing him, she was “paralysed with hatred” and was unable to confront him. Then Around may 2006 she said of Sean Walsh “”Walsh looks so much like Thompson it is uncanny.” We have an idea what Thompson actually looks like. Although Denise was reported in the same article as saying “”So many crazy things have happened in this case > that it would not surprise me if Walsh did turn out to be Thompson.” So I don’t think she does think Sean Walsh is Robert Thompson. Source:


Jack Straw: “I was however very anxious that the victim’s family should know that he was being recalled before they found it out from the newspapers.” Read more: Yet HERE, Jamie’s mum, is reported thusly: “Mrs Fergus told the Daily Mail she was angry that the Parole Board had not told her that her son’s murderer had been returned to custody. She said the authorities had broken their promise to keep her informed.”

Oh Jack, you old prune, can’t you be truthful about anything? No wonder you were with fellow Blair for so long.


Uodate: 3rd March 2010. Hasn’t any (feeble) arguement that Killer Jon Venables be granted anonymity now finally been squashed with his offending and recall to remand/prison? Yes, of course it has. What is the stupid “establishment” doing about it? Why keeping quiet of course. Disgraceful. READ the BBC article HERE. In that BBC report,  Alan Johnson said there was a “WORLDWIDE INJUNCTION” on JON VENABLES ON HIS NEW IDENTITY.” << That’s Bullshit, surely?! And the usually frustrating Jack Straw is there, quelle surprize. It is 100% in the publics interest to expose these killers. I hope they are exposed. I still can’t imagine the pain of Jamies parents. what they are being put through every day is undescribable.  Tell his partents WHY this killer has been recalled. Jamies dad: (original post date: 2008/12/22/  06:35)

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 1)

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 2 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 3 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 4 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 5 )

James Bulger – A mothers story ( PART 6 )

4-Mar-09 Update: This article is frequently one of my most viewed posts, which brings me much joy. Joy bcasuse it means people are remembering dear little James, and new younger people are getting to know about him. I know a little boy who reminds me a lot of James.

Today as a man, I am very much different to what I was when a boy.

I look back with much regret and some shame at the things I did, but I wasn’t anything near as like the sick, murdering pieces of scum like Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.

Have these people (if that word is applicable) actually changed and realised the sheer horror and inhumane cruel wickedness of their past heir ways?

Guess what?

Nobody really knows [URGENT UPDATE: Having read the wikipedia entry about these two killers, I got the feeling these sick bastards should NEVER be released.

“On the ‘Tonight’ programme, screened on Britain’s ITV1 in December 2008, police officers who worked on the case revealed that Venables and Thompson had made several attempts throughout the day of 12 February 1993 to abduct a child. They were seen on the shopping centre’s CCTV casually observing other children, selecting a target.

Before the abduction in the shopping centre, the boys had attempted to walk off with another child. They were overheard in a store talking about “taking one of the two” and the mother of the two children thought they were attempting to steal some goods. It was later reported by one of the boys that they were planning to take one of the two children, lead them outside and push the child in front of the passing cars causing an accident on the busy road. One officer commented that Bulger’s killing was not simply an opportunist crime: it had been systematically planned. “They knew exactly what they were doing. They had planned… from the outset… to go and kill a young boy.”source ]

What follows is an e-mail from a friend and it contains information I’d didn’t know and it rips yet another tear into my soul.

Should these people ever be allowed to go free? Actually, becasue they were boys when they acted like little satans and now they (may) have a developed conscience and awareness of the meaning if life, I lean towards thinking they should be allowed to go free. – BUT AFTER READING THE INFO I SHARED IN THE URGENT UPDATE, THAT LEANING HAS GONE!.

But what if they still the disgusting evil little killers are now of simply disgusting evil large killers ?

That’s a big dilemma.

If they are to be freed, one thing is for sure, where ever it is they go, the people in the local area should know exactly who they are, and what they did.

Giving then a new anonymous identity is NOT the answer and ridicules the killing of poor Jamie Bulger May God have rest his soul.

For His Memory

Do you remember February 1993 in England , when a
Young boy of 3 was taken from a Liverpool shopping
Centre by two 10-year-old boys?
Jamie Bulger walked away from his mother for only
A second, Jon Venables took his hand and led him out
Of the mall with his friend Robert Thompson. They took
Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles, along the
Way stopping every now and again to
Torture the poor little boy who was crying
Constantly for his mummy.

Finally they stopped at a railway track where they
Brutally kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint
In his eyes, pushed batteries up his anus and cut his
Fingers off with scissors. Other mutilations were
Inflicted but not reported in the press.

N.B. :- Remember, a 3year old cannot possibly
Defend themselves against a 10 year old, let alone of 2 them.

What these two boys did was so horrendous that
Jamie’s mother was forbidden to identify his body.
They then left his beaten small body on railway
Tracks so a train could run him over to hide the mess
They had created. These two boys, even being boys,
Understood what they did was wrong, hence trying to
Make it look like an accident.

This week Lady Justice Butler-Sloss has awarded
The two boys ( now men ), anonymity for the rest of
Their lives when they leave custody with new
Identities. They will also leave custody early only
Serving just over half of their sentence.
They are being relocated to Australia to live out
The rest of their lives. They disgustingly and
Violently took Jamie’s life away and in return they
Each get a new life!

Please…. . If you feel as strongly as we do, (
And if you haven’t already signed this petition ) that
This is a grave Miscarriage of justice – Hit the
Forward button and add your name at the end, and send
It to everyone you can !

If you are the 700th person to sign, please
Forward this e-mail to:
And  mark it for the attention to Lady Justice Butler-Sloss.

Then continue on until it hits 1400, before you
Email her the list again.

There is power in numbers & these petitions do help.
Maybe it’ll prevent another child from a violent
Death & maybe it’ll get greater, more appropriate
Convictions for these criminals.whatever their age.

Please take a few seconds to forward it to your
Mail list & don’t forget to add your name to the list.

Thank you.

1. M & L. Grisold, Wantirna; Australia
2. J Lever, Ferntree Gully; Australia
3. G Tsakalofas. Melbourne ; Australia
4. D. Barrett, Frankston; Australia
5. C. Burns, Diamond Creek , Australia
6. R. Pascoe, Diamond Creek , Australia
7.M Swinkels, Montmorency , Australia
8. C Harris, Cottlesbridge , Australia
9. L Anderson, Hurstbridge , Australia
10. C Thomas, Port Melbourne , Australia
11. P Marks, Port Melbourne , Australia
12. C Giles, Elwood , Australia
13. A Stedman Mckinnon, Australia
14. S Colquhoun, Camberwell , Australia
15. J Sutherland, East StKilda , Australia
16. L Brannan, St Kilda , Australia
17. K Lane , Merrijig , Australia
18. C Luckham, Brisbane , Australia
19. M Porter, Ballina , Australia
20.T Benton, Sydney , Australia
21. C Conti, Canberra , Australia
22. S Cox, Canberra , Australia
23. V Burdett, Canberra , Australia
24. K Glanville, Canberra , Australia
25. M Ryan, Wagga Wagga , Australia
26. I Ryan, Wagga Wagga , Australia
27. M Glanville, Cootamundra , Australia
28. P Glanville, Cootamundra , Australia
29. M.Schafer, Ardlethan , Australia
30. A&M Connellan, West Wyalong , Australia
31. G & T Robertson, Griffith , Australia
32. R& E Naidoo, Griffith , NSW, Australia
33. Carissa Naidoo, Griffith , NSW, Australia
34. Sue Nand, Coleambally , Australia
35. Kathie Okely, Morundah , Australia
36. Maureen Streeter, Fairfield , NSW Australia
37. Kristy Sutton, Campbelltown, NSW Australia
38. Mindy Kleinraby, NSW, Australia
39. Sarah Field, Ingleburnnse , Australia
40. Jane Grahame, Glen Alpine, NSW, Australia
41. Luke Briggs Ruse NSW, Australia
42. Colleen Bushe Blair Athol, NSW, Australia
43. Megan Bushe Ruse, NSW, Australia
44. Beryl Henneberry, Croydon Park , Australia
45. Michelle Henneberry, Croydon Park , Australia
46. Didier Joseph, Wattle Grove , Australia
47. Natalie Loos, Greenacre , Australia
48. Denham Holmes, Narellan , Australia
49. Lyn Cole, Kirkham , Australia
50. Steve Cole, Kirkham , Australia
51. Robyn Lyons, Condell Park , Australia
52. Lauren Cole, Kirkham , Australia
53. Y. Porcic, Preston , Australia
54. S Hour, Wetherill Park , Australia
55. L.Britton, Werrington, N.S.W., Australia
56. A.Gosper, Cranebrook, N.S.W., Australia
57. S Watts, Cambridgepark, NSW, Australia
58. L. Seymour , Werrington, NSW, Australia
59. T Johnson, St Marys, NSW, Australia
60. K McDermott, South Penrith, NSW, Australia
61. D Kemenade, Oakhurst, NSW, Australia
62. M. Springfield , Orchard Hills, NSW, Australia
63. D Domotor Penrith, NSW, Australia
64. N Pereira Mulgoa, NSW, Australia
65. B Johnson, Glenmore Park , NSW, Australia
66. V Karam Yagoona, NSW, Australia
67. S Karam, Yagoona, NSW, Australia
68. A Hvistendahl, Ryde, NSW, Australia
69. D Stern, Cammeray, NSW, Australia
70. S Devlin, Campsie, NSW, Australia
71. Alicia Gordon, Springwood, NSW, Australia
72. Anthea Popis, Blaxland, NSW, Australia
73. Kylie Rummler, Emu Heights , NSW, Australia
74. Janene Jennings, Blaxland, NSW, Australia
75. Rachel Laidlaw, Picnic Point, NSW, Australia
76. Lauen King, Chipping Norton, NSW, Australia
77. Natalie Zlotkowski, Cronulla, NSW, Australia
78. Nicole Hooper, Bexley , Australia
79. Jasmin Prior Carlton , NSW, Australia
80. Belinda Cornwall, Kogarah, NSW, Australia
81. Rebecca Richardson, Carlton , NSW, Australia
82. Margaret Ferguson, Tarago, NSW, Australia
83. Jan Finlayson, Nicholls , Australia
84. Matt Brown, Dunlop , Australia
85. Sara Brown, Dunlop , Australia
86.. Maria Hall, ACT, Australia
87. Julia Tallarida, ACT, Australia
88. Julie McMahon, ACT, Australia
89. Julie Larkin ACT, Australia
90. Heidi Back, Isle of Wight , UK
91. Pat Woodford, Isle of Wight , UK
92. Alison Bell, Tauranga, NZ
93. Nilima D’Silva, Auckland , NZ
94. Puspa Patel, Auckland , NZ
95. Manisha Rama, Rotorua, NZ
96. Carolyn Bosley, Rotorua, NZ
97. Marie Dennis, Rotorua, NZ
98. Sharon Watt, Hamilton, NZ
99. Leona Krusza, Emu Plains, NSW, Australia
100. Feona Westwood, Palmerston Nth, NZ
101. T. Garnham, Rotorua, NZ
102. B. Garnham, Rotorua, NZ
103. J.L. Chrystie, Rotorua,NZ
104. A.C. Chrystie, Rotorua, NZ
105. Marika Pollard, Te Awamutu, NZ
106. Angela Barras, Hamilton, NZ
107. Gillian Jackson, Ngaruawahia, NZ
108. Justine Hinton, Ngaruawahia, NZ
109. Ailsha Saxon, QLD, Australia
110. Stephen Davis, QLD, Australia
111. C McPherson NZ
112. I. McPherson UK
113. Karen Tipping, London , UK
114. Louise Nicholson, Taupo, NZ
115. Carmelle Schofield , Scotland , UK
116. Carol Blake, Taupo, NZ
117. Mike Headland, The Hague , NL
118. Theresa Mcmillan, Leicester , UK
119. Steve Mcmillan, Leicester , UK
120. Michelle Tyrrell , UK
121. Susan Moore , UK
122. Elizabeth Gibson , UK
123. Claire Jones , UK
124. Sally Bersey UK
125. Sally Anne Bersey UK
126. Kelly Laird UK
127. Charlene Barnes UK
128. Holly Richardson UK
129. Shelley Townsend , UK
130. Hannah Thompson UK
131. Cathy Steyn, JNB RSA
132.Doreen Beck, JNB RSA
133. Ruth Carson
134. Shaun Beck
135. Charise Beck
136. Sonja Bezuidenhout, JHB, RSA
137. Chris Ralph JHB RSA
138.Freddie Bezuidenhout, JHB, RSA
139. Egbert Bosman, JHB, RSA
140. Soekie Bezuidenhout, JHB, RSA
141. Melanie Oosthuizen, JHB, RSA
142. Renee Swanepoel, JHB, RSA
143. Esmerelda Johnson, JHB, RSA
144. Eric Johnson, JHB, RSA
145. Jan Fourie, JHB, RSA
146. M. Petersen, JHB, RSA
148. T Bernard JHB-South Africa
149. Diane Cooper – South Africa
150. Sheila Mallett – South Africa
151. Lisa Pienaar – South Africa
152. Angela Dargan – Essex , UK
153. Gemma Bashford – Essex , UK
154. Hayley Sheppey – Essex , UK
155. Zoe Locke – Essex , UK
156. Lisa Flint – Essex , UK
157. Michelle Tindall, Essex , UK
158. Alan Pease, Essex , UK
159. Susan Reed, Essex , UK
160. Nina Stearn, Bournemouth , UK
161. Marie Lesson, Poole , UK
162.Debbie Molony, Chippenham , UK
163. Sarah Mitchell, Calne , UK
164. Donna Parsons, Palomares , Spain
165. Bree Barnes, Brisbane , Australia
166. Joanne Foley, Brisbane , Australia
167. Anna Stevens , Australia
168. Jackie Reed, Brisbane , Australia
169. Melissa Reilly, Mollymook , Australia
170. Michael Suann, Bangor , Australia
171. Michelle Suann, Bangor , Australia
172. Elise Suann, Bangor , Australia
173. Nicholas Suann, Bangor , Australia
174. Michelle Hunter, Rouse Hill , Australia
175. Lyn Gangemi, Castle Hill , Australia
176. Karen Bulmer, Crestwood Heights , Australia
177. Kim Fitzgerald, Scarborough , Australia
178. Cassie Murphy, Beecroft , Australia
179. Rohan Cooke, Bondi , Australia
180. Glenn Annear, Randwick , Australia
181. Katy Lloyd Jones, Bronte , Aus
182. Julie Halliday , Great Britain
183. Simon Smith, London , UK
184. Carla Landers, Essex , UK
189.. Kristian King Essex . UK
190.Michael Thorn Essex , UK
191.Jason king
192. Stuart Taylor. UK
193.Jade Mcnamara.UK 194. Alan Hale.UK
194. G. Lane UK
195. K. Chapman
196. I Eaton, Cyprus
197 simon bromley
198 K Lees, Cyprus .
199 louise phipps, leeds england
200 dave yates. england
201 Natasha Yates, England
202. Noveeda Mahmood – England
203. Ebrahim Ravat – UK
204 Lisa Stanhope uk
205 Theresa Laycock uk
206 Darren Laycock uk
207 Brian Hale Uk
208 Lily Paterson
209 Tommy Ewan
210 Cliff Morton – UK
211 Elaine Sheridan UK
212 Karen Cunningham UK
213 Michelle Deadman UK
215 Steph Birch Corby
216 Colette McGivern Corby UK
218 Hayley Barnes Corby uk
219 Gary Parker Corby UK
220 Kylie Konarczak UK
221 j konarczak uk
222 J. Holloway
223 Dick Walmsley
224 Mike Knowles UK
225 Julie Knowles UK
226 Peter Dean UK
227 Diana Dean UK
228 Hugh Jury Masterton NZ
229 Gina Kerr NZ Having young children of my own reading what was done to this innocent boy makes me ill. The world deserves protecting from these now adult psychos and you are hiding their identity. Sorry but Lady Justice Butler-Sloss you are a DISGRACE.
230 Dave Neilson, Wanganui, NZ – Makes one wonder what is our world coming to?
231 Alan Davis, Wanganui, NZ
232 Rodney Tuaoi, Wanganui, NZ
233 Carmel Pompey, Marton, NZ
234 Venka Howes Wanganui NZ
235 Brian Howes Wanganui NZ
236 Megan Howes Pahiatua NZ
237 Dave Wild Pahiatua NZ
238 Paytan Howes Pahiatua NZ
239 Amanda Collins Wanganui NZ
240 Emma Collins Wanganui NZ
241 Blake Collins Wanganui NZ
242 Gary Collins Wanganui NZ
243 Neill Macfarlane Auckland NZ
244 Shamim Khan Auckland NZ
245 Kim Everson Auckland NZ
246 Kiri Eastwood, Auckland , NZ
247 Lorraine Ward, Auckland , NZ
248 Chris Ward, Auckland , NZ
249 Carol Luke Auckland NZ
250 Marilyn Hughes Auckland NZ
251 Judith Anne Cossey – Auckland – NZ
252 Arthur Richardson – Eltham – NZ
253 Francie Richardson – Eltham NZ
254 Helen Cheyne – Inglewood NZ
255 Val Hutchinson – Waitara NZ
256 Carolyn Phelan – New Plymouth NZ
257 Brenda Phelan – Melbourne Australia
258 Kaylene Thomas- Melbourne Australia
259 Pamela Pawlowski – Rowville Australia
260 Fivy Taweel – Mt Waverley Australia
261 Linda Hollingworth – Rowville Australia
262 Rosie Walter – Wantirna VIC Australia
263 Kellie Graham – Wheelers Hill Vic Australia
264 Bob Saniga – St.Andrews Vic Australia
265 Tony Howe – Bedfordshire UK
266 Barry Dean – Hertfordshire UK
267 Sue Dean – Hertfordshire UK
268 Deb Hunt -Hertfordshire UK
269 Peter White- Hertfordshire
270 Chris Romain – Surrey UK
271 Martin Baxter – Surrey UK
272 Iain Mills – Suffolk UK (plus children)
273 Adam Hart – London UK
274 Claire Steele – London UK
275 Mandy O’Hara – UK
276 Jadene Lister – UK
277 Lynsey Earle – UK
278 Maureen Earle – UK
279 Lorraine Randles UK
280 Stephen Hall UK
281 John Seymour
282 Heather Seymour – UK Our son is the same age as Jamie would be & his plight hit us hard, sinced then we have both been active in the scout movement to ensure kids have something constructive to do with their lives!
283 Marie Rowley, UK .
284 Powell family X4 UK
285 Ann Marie Whitehead
286 Mark Whitehead
287 Jan and Phil Astbury
288 Lynda Greenwood Robinson
289 Kathi Willson LEEDS UK
290 john rowley
291 Dave Edwards UK
292 Bill Farrow UK
293 Knocker Shields UK
294 Chris Hooker Can
295 Jean Rigby Can
296 Yvonne Morland, Essex. England .
297 Helen Morland, Bedfordshire, uk
298 Joby Humm, Essex UK
299 Vivien Wright, Suffolk, UK
300 April Childs, Essex UK
301 Kim Adams, Florida, USA
302 Sandra Lloyd Shropshire UK- a horrendous crime. 3 mothers lost their boys that day.
303 Dave & Pauline Tremellen, Shropshire, UK
304 Barbara and Lawson Tremellen,Quebec
305 Kristin Jankowski, Arizona, USA
306 Christina Apostolakos, Alberta, Canada
307 Kim Perry, Montreal, QC
308 Patricia Ouellet, Montreal, QC
309 Dani?le L’Ecuyer, Brossard Qc Canada
310 Vincenzo Monticciolo, Montreal, Qc, Canada
311   Joe Campanella, Montreal,Qc,Canada
312 Josie Di Sorbo, Montreal, Qc,Canada
313 Lenny Walsh , Qc , Canada
314 Chris Leslie , QC , Canada
315 Marlee Carbonneau, QC, Canada
316 Bill Upton , QC , Canada
317 Marie Mcphee QC Canada
318 Ursula Bashaw, Quebec, Canada
319 Sandi Brierley, Quebec, Canada
320 Linda Hyland, Quebe, Canada
321 Donna Stewart , Quebec , Canada
322 Velma Lloyd , Quebec , Canada
323 Charles and Diane Pope Canada
324 Donald pope, kingston, on canada
325 Sandra & Al Smith, Surrey, BC Canada
326 Rex and Maureen Franklin, Surrey, BC Canada
327 John and Carol-Ann Lawson, Salmon Arm, BC Canada How could a person with your education and power be so thoughtless and stupid. 10 year olds know right from wrong. What I don’t understand is how Australia would accept these two murderers.
328 Loralee Lawson Salmon Arm , BC Canada
329 Steve Lawson Surrey BC Canada
330 Will and Grace Lawson, Salmon Arm , BC Canada
331 Lesley and Glen Seeley Surrey BC Canada
332 Tammy Murphy, Surrey , BC , Canada
333 Claudine Storness-Bliss, Surrey , BC , Canada
334 Kris Storness-Bliss, Surrey , BC Canada
335 Pamela Deliva- Montreal , Quebec . Canada
336 Gary McCaskill–Abbotsford, B.C.
337Diane McCaskill..Abbotsford, B.C.
338 Cheryl Desgroseilliers, Montreal , Quebec , Canada
339 Rosa Maria Carta, Montreal , Quebec , Canada
340 Nancy Bono – Montreal , QC ( Canada )
341-Nancy Cardoso – Montreal , QC
342-Carlo Scavella – Montreal , Qc
343-Toni Scavella – Montreal , Qc
344 – Maria Pulcini – Montreal , QC
345 – Tina Mauro – Montreal , QC
346 – Maria Notarmaso – Montreal , QC
347- Sabino DhePaganon – Montreal , QC
348-   Firma MacDonell – Montreal , Qc
349 – Venus French – Ottawa , ON., Canada
350 – Paula Lussier – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
351 – Christine Solomon – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
352- Chelley Daigneau – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
353- Natalie Levesque – Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
354- Shannon Kapounek – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
355-Kara Marshall – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
356-Erica Marshall – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
366 – Olga Pekalska – Ottawa, ON, Canada
367- Susan Gower – Summerside, PEI
368-Mark Ritchie
369-Marnie Suykens
370 – Sean McConachie
371- Kirsten Hanley-St Germain- Oakville, ON, Canada
372-Brooke Charlebois-Oakville, Ontario Canada
373-Barb Charlebois- Burlington, Ontario, Canada
374-Aura Beattie – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
375-Lorry Jackson ? Calgary , Alberta Canada
376-Linda Shier-Spruce Grove , Alberta Canada
377-Shirley Fowler ? Devon . Alberta Canada
378 Anne Ward Neville Edmonton Alberta Anonymity in Australia ?!! Why inflict these murderers/terrorists on the poor Australians.I’ll bet if they had the identities of these 2, ,justice would prevail—it isn’t at this moment.These 2 are NOT victims,they are perpetrators!! Quit protecting them.
379. April Patriquin, Stony Plain, Alberta , Canada
400.  Jo-Ann Jagiello, Edmonton , Alberta , Canada
401. Lori Krueger Edmonton , Alberta Canada
403 Linda Urchenko Edmonton , Alberta , Canada
404 Eva Bernath St Albert ,   Alberta , Canada
405. Sue Hooke , Alberta , Canada
406. Gene Stuparyk , Alberta Canada
407. Nadine Grenier , Alberta Canada
408. Lynne Grenier, Hawkesbury Ontario Canada , THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON FOR THE REST OF THEIR SORRY LIVES!!!
409 Andr? Perras, Rockland On. Canada
410 [Suzanne Cardinal] Rockland On. Canada
411 Angela Lamothe, Ottawa , ON Canada
412 Carol Larocque, Ottawa , On Canada .
413 Terra Selig, Ottawa , Canada
414 Tammy Larocque, Ottawa , ON Canada
415 Karen Ethier, Ottawa , ON Canada
416. Manon Roy, Ottawa , ON , Canada .
417 Jim Brighton, Ottawa , ON , Canada
418 Chantal Brighton, ON, Canada
419 Claudia & Al MacDonald, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
420 Marilyn & Darrell Kidd, Penticton, BC, Canada
421 Bill&Carol Bishop, Penticton , BC , Canada
422. Terri Davis, Thunder Bay , Canada
423.  Tammy Logan, Thunder Bay , Canada
424. Lynne Dubois, Thunder Bay , Canada
425. Donna Zen, Thunder Bay , Canada
426. Pirjo Makila, Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
427. Marcella Vallelunga, Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
428. Sharmila Conteh, Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada
429. Cynthia MacDonald Hamilton , Ontario , CANADA
430. Rosemary Boateng Hamilton , Ontario , CANADA
431. Debbie Millar, Hamilton , Ontario , CANADA
432. Liz Cronk, Hamilton , Ontario Canada
433. Melanie Reinhardt Hamilton , Ontario Canada
434.Tina Thomas Brantford, Ontario Canada
436.Cheri Barker Woodstock ,Ont.Canada
437. Owen Barker Woodstock , Ont. , Canada
438. Doreen Graichen, Ingersoll , Ontario
439. Randi Millen, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
440. Steve Millen, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
441. Rodney Stafford, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
442. Nancy Lucassen, Beachville , Ontario Canada
443.  Brenda Ellah, Ingersoll , Ontario , Canada
444.  Stacey Yates, Woodstock , Ontario , Canada
445.  Sarah Sowrey, Huntsville , Ontario , Canada
446. Angela, Barrie , Ontario
445. Louise Arpin Oshawa Ontario , Canada
447. Fabio Courtice , Ontario
448.steve vemb oshawa ontario
450-   Marie Guzzo,   Ajax , Ont.   CANADA
451- Penny MacDonald , Whitby , Ontario , Canada .
452-Carol Bussieres, Oshawa , Ontario , Canada
453 – Michelel Frappier, Oshawa , Ontario , Canada  a
454. J.Prentice
455. F. Prentice
456. K. Watson Caledon . Ont.
457. S. Maglione  Caledon Ont.
458. C. Grutta, Wasaga Beach , Ont
459. P Grutta. Wasaga Beach ,Ont.
460. L. Doherty,   Brampton , Ont
461. Codi Boone-Murphy Miss, ON
462. Amber Boone-Murphy Miss, ON
463. M. Cordy Miss, ON
464. T. Boone Miss, ON
465 C. Cooper Miss, ON
466. C. Arnold Oakville , Ontario
467. D. Ramsey, Pickering Ontario
468 C. Gregoire, Pickering Ontario
469. E. Gallop, Whitby , Ontario
470.  A Keilty,  Toronto , Ontario
471. J Dempsey  Innisfil , ON
472. Bob Widmann, Toronto , Ontario
473.  John Ralko, Winchester , Ont
474.  Brian Veinotte, Kemptville, Ont.
475.  Sharon Thibodeau, Val Des Monts , Qc .
476.  Carrie Whipple, Val Des Monts   QC , Canada
477.  Helene York, Val-des-Monts QC, Canada
478.  Louise Becker, Orleans , ON , Canada
479. Maureen Luscombe, Orleans , On, Canada
481.   Natalie Smith, Gatineau , QC, Canada – This is very sad and tragic may it not happen again.
482. K. K.Kennedy   – Nepean -ONT
483. Judy Cotterill, Kanata , Ontario Canada
4 84   Linda Findlay -Palmer, Kanata , Ontario CANADA
485.  A. Strutt ,   Ohio USA
486. Sandy Marshall, Ottawa , Ontario
487.  Ann Riddel, Ottawa , Ontario
488. Bex Haverson , Alberta , Canada
489 M. Butterfield – Scotland
490 Bill Butterfield  Aberdeen- Scotland
491 George Cushnie, Aberdeen , Scotland
492 Dawn Cushnie, Aberdeen , Scotland
493 leona cushnie Aberdeen Scotland
495 Jonathan Forster, Norwich England
496 Katrina Dorling, Wollongong , Australia
497 Tanya Goodwin, Wollongong , Australia
498 Melissa Reay, Wollongong , Australia
499 Benjamin Lipscombe @ Wollongong , Australia !
500 Samantha and Anthony Green, Wollongong , Australia
501 Shanna Fuz Australia
502 Joshua Fuz Australia
503 Kolby Lane  Australia
504 Hunter Fuz Australia
505 Jarrah Fuz Australia
506 Toni Buchanan Australia
507 Betty Buchanan Australia
508 Lana Masson Australia
509 L Bowden Australia
600 C Duff Australia
601 Nutan Srivastava Australia
602 Leanne Gavellas
603 Joshua Gavellas
604 Lachlan Gavellas
605 Beverley Trim Brisbane Australia
606 Chloe Trim Brisbane
607 Alexandra Trim Brisbane
608 Andrew Trim Brisbane
609 Vanessa Marshall Australia
610 Isabella Marshall Australia
611 Thomas Marshall Australia
612 Peter Marshall Australia
613 Leanne Jones Brisbane
614 Tyrone Jones Brisbane
615 Christine Boock Brisbane
616 Michael Boock Brisbane
617 Sherryl Rohweder Australia
618 Harmony Steinbach Brisbane , Australia
619 Paul Steinbach Brisbane , Australia
620 Lynette Dixon , Kalgoorlie , Western Australia
621 Vanessa Scott Kalgoorlie , Western australia
622   Taylor Jenkin, Kalgoorlie , Western Australia
623 Mary Rogers, McCrae , Victoria , Australia
624 Tracey Hillard, Perth , Western Australia
625      Karen Cox, Perth , Western Australia
626 Jenny Hutchins Perth , WA
627 Poppy Mallon, Kensington, Perth , Western Australia
628 Joanna Church Alexander Height WA
629 Jo Paduano, Perth WA
630    Marie Newman , Willetton , WA
631 Maureen Mableson, Dianella , Western Australia .
632  Brian Mableson, Dianella , Western Australia .
633 Peter Knox, Kinloss , Scotland
634 April Knox, Kinloss , Scotland
635 Karin Arula, Cairns , Queensland
636 Natalie O’Neill, Cairns , Queensland
637 Talia Graf, Cairns QLD
638 Damien Ottone, Cairns QLD
639  Katie O, Canberra ACT
640  Leonie Guy  Cairns QLD
642 Eric Bogard, Vietnam
643 Garth Barker, Vietnam
644 Malcolm Laycock. Dongara WA
645  IAN TAYLOR. Ho Chi Minh City . VIETNAM – Why would any country accept these 2
647 Kathy Holmes Wangaratta Vic
648 Cameron Syrett Glenbrook NSW Australia
649 Michael Horoba Yeppoon QLD Australia
650 Martyn Berry, New Zealand
651 Denise Mardel, Kemps Creek Australia
652 S Wilde Melbourne Australia
653 l kuti, Australia
654 Donald Tanner , Australia
655 Danielle Rose, South Australia
656 Coralie Taylor , South Australia
657 Carly Veljkovic – South Australia
658 Travis Benes  – Ballajura  Western Australia .
659 Kylie Jones – Kalgoorlie Western Australia
660 Cheryl Rossiter – Port Augusta , South Australia
661 Pauline Macdonald Port Augusta , South Australia   They do not deserve the dignity of a new identity. To give them one is condoning their actions. New identities were meant for victims. NOT PERPETRATORS
662 Geoff Macdonald Port Augusta , South Australia
662    Wendy PRIESTLEY, Stirling North, South Australia
663       Keryn Hilder,   South Australia
664       Darren Solly Flinders Ranges S.A.
665 Carol Warwick Cradock S.A.
666 Janne Warwick Flinders Ranges SA
667 Anneleise Dolphin Port kenny
668 L.. Meyers, Eyre Peninsula, SA
669 Charmaine, Australia
670 Sacha McClymont, New Zealand
671 Sophie Benjamin, New Zealand
672 Morgan Lilly, Houhora/Pukenui New Zealand.
673 Lucy Benjamin-Mitchell, Kaitaia, New Zealand
674 Holly Thomson, Kaitaia, New Zealand
675 Alana Berry, Auckland ,New Zealand
676 Curtis Taylor-Swan, Auckland ,New Zealand
677 robbie paul, auckland,new zealand
678 Mieke Hazlewood,Auckland New Zealand   xo
679   SaMaNtHa HaRrIs,AuCkLaNd NeWzEaLaNd XoXo
680 Niicole Jones , Auckland New Zealand!! = [
681 Arishma Singh, Auckland New Zealand
682 Grace, Auckland, New Zealand
683 Jordyn, Auckland, New Zealand
684 Michelle, Auckland, New Zealand
685  Michael de Villiers Auckland, New Zealand
686 Guppiie, Biirmz, UK
687 Anshi. J -New Zealand
688 Dhruv Swarup – Auckland, New Zealand
689 Mohd Faiz Abdul Aziz, Auckland, New Zealand


On Jon Venables and Child Porn ( ) Jul 24, 2010 @ 13:50

Tony Blair Is NOT Welcome To Malaysia Unless It’s To Stand Trial For The War Crimes He Stands Accused Of Petition to Malaysian People, Parliament, Courts and Immigration Service.

If you live in Malaysia, or if there’s just something about the slaughter of people you just can’t accept, you might like to sign this:

  Tony Blair Is NOT Welcome To Malaysia Unless It’s To Stand Trial For The War Crimes He Stands Accused Of Petition to Malaysian People, Parliament, Courts and Immigration Service.  or

We the undersigned declare Tony Blair is:

 a) A suspected war criminal.

b) Not immune from prosecution for his alleged crimes.

c) Jointly responsible for the deaths of over a million innocent civilians.

d) Not welcome in Malaysia unless it’s to enter a court of international law to be tried for the war crimes and crimes against humanity for which he stands accused.

 Signatories call for:

 i) The Malaysian Authorities to declare Tony Blair “persona non grata”, thereby refusing him entry into its territory (scheduled between 23rd to 25th April 2010).

ii) Richard Tan, CEO of “Success Resources”, and upon the National Achievers Congress (NAC) to withdraw their shameful invitation to Tony Blair to speak at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, allowing Blair to make financial gains from his deadly decisions. or



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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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Arrest Blair (the filthy killer)

This human filth needs to be put on trial and hung!


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