Osama bin Laden has acquired two H-bombs

What do you mean you don’t believe it?

What about this then?…

“Osama Bin Laden threatens to kill Americans if the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks is executed by the US.” source

Is it believeable because it was on the BBC? Is that it? OK then, so you believe this then?…

“Iraq had actually conducted a nuclear test before the Gulf War.”source

or this:

“There are very detailed plans for how Iraq would be administered, how it would be transformed, how much money would be put into it – into its oil industry of course but also into the infrastructure, into education etc. – very detailed plans indeed for a post-liberation Iraq.”source

What of all the other stories (e.g. This particular piece of Jingoistic Matt Frei garbage)

and so on.

Well maybe you believe the Osama thing above because it’s “what Osama might say”. But think about that. Think!. How do you know Osama? Isn’t you’re opinion of bin Laden simply the image you have gleaned from the media, or even worse that the media has made you believe?

So we are now supposed to believe that if the 9-11mastermind isn’t killed Osama won’t kill Americans. Doesn’t anyone see a little problem with that compared to what you have already been allowed to believe about Osama?

Surely. like the Saddam Bomb “revelations”, the very detailed plans to rebuild Iraq, ad nauseum, the BBC isn’t simply pushing more horsecrap into you mind. Oh No. They wouldn’t do that – would they.

Here’s another gem I found the other day.

“Britain faces an increased risk of being targeted with terrorist ‘dirty bombs’ as a result of a rise in the illegal trafficking of radioactive material”souce

People with a memory will recall this is just a new cycle of British lies that occurred a few years back. All unsubstantiated of course, errrrm, unless….. Oops! Wait a minute! There REALLY IS an illegal trafficking of radioactive material. How did I forget?

One involved the UK secretly shipping nuclear material to Israyhell so it could build up a nuclear arsenal. Other trafficking involves DU shells as fired by US, British and Israyhelli troops on simple folk, innocent civilians in dilapidated huts, people just as humble and worthy as us (if not as I suspect, not more so). Illegal trafficking that keeps on supplying the wars against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, inhabitants of both countries that did NOTHING against the Satanic states of US, UK and Zionist Israyhell,

Talking of dirty bombs, millions of scummy Brits will be throwing more dirty bombs at people abroad, when they once again partake in the sham democracy, revealing what real self-centred-dirtbags they are when they say “Oh, if I don’t vote NeoLabour then the Conservatives will get in instead”


-(apologise for the anger vulgar words previously _ I’ve deleted them)




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