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The Obamessiah – the Obama we know.

Why is so much about this latest “mass murderer in the White House”, simply unknown?

David James Manning says some things to make you think.


Craig Murray is temporarily out of order.

Craig has been suffering with flu but in addition to flu, he’s been suffering from general election fever, GEF for short.

In case you don’t know, GEF strikes approximately once every four and a half years. Symptoms include – but are not limited to; acute loss of mental function, affecting those parts of the brain responsible for, and involved in, the processing of history, projection, political analysis, reason, common sense, reality and criminal culpability. In studies of GEF victims, incidents of blindness are not uncommon.

GEF is quite contageous, affecting a surprizing number of people thought previously to have built up powerful imminuty against it. Research has suggested the existance of a gene that renders a small fraction of the population at increased risk of GEF ailment. Other studies show a clear link with a nurture-element to GEF, in that GEF can be self-induced, and this form, GEF is endemic amongst the population.

There is no pharmaceutical cure.

The prognosis is a worsening of the condition for a period of usually about three weeks. Sufferers are likely to show significant lasting effects as GEF causes a restructuring of the neural pathwats causing the sufferer to believe his (or her) actions remove them being criminally culpable for their actions. These effects, like the altered sense of reality can be permanent.

In a radical suggestion by non-remunerated analysts, GEF could be eradicated by mass conscious removal from the GE process. The supporting structure for GEF should collapse and offer the hope of long lasting benefit via prevention.

Afghanistan: A conspiracy of silence
Brian Brady – The Independent April 18, 2010 
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