Henri and Marielle

May 3oth. 2007.

“Henri. Who are you voting for, Sarkozy or Royal?”

“Marielle, don’t bother me about talk of voting. It’s perverse!”

“But how can it be?”

“No matter who gets voted for, they will massacre families and villages. I refuse to be part of that”

“But Henri, If you don’t vote they will still elect a President”

“I know Marielle, and I know there’s nothing I can do about that. But what I can do, is refuse to legitimize their massacres”

“Oh Henri, voting is important. People died so that we can vote!”

“Marielle. Those now-dead people did not die for this; so that we could kill others that don’t deserve to die. Besides, what we have now would love for nothing less than endorsement to wage their war”

“Stop it Henri. You have no knowledge that Nicolas or Ségolène would do such things.”

“What if they do? and all the signs point to the fact they will do just that, it is impossible to take the chance on such a matter. Is more supposed security or more lax laws to fire people a price worth paying for the slaughter of innocents? Is it? Besides, how can we ignore history?”

“But Nicolas could change all that. The intellectuals say Nicolas is the man for le meilleur des mondes”

“Marielle, what you understand of the global order is very different from me. You look at it with media fuelled hope, of wealth ‘trickling down’ to the masses, of financial institutions ‘helping us’ with our daily financial affairs and requirements, of fanatical Muslims wanting to destroy France and our heritage, whereas I see it as yet another fiction to make us believe in this whole process. Marielle. Don’t vote. Don’t take the chance that somehow your image and millions of others will instantaneously pass before the eyes of Afghani children as French bomb fragments set about ripping their bodies apart. I beg you. Don’t vote – if not for them, then for you. Don’t vote Marielle. Abstain. Make your abstention a point of rejection. Please Marielle!”

“Henri, you worry too much. It is better to have hope, to be a part of the process, to get involved to be a force in shaping the future. Come on Henri. Vote.”


April 30th. 2010…

France admits killing Afghan kids.

The French army has admitted killing four children with a missile strike in a Taliban-controlled area of Afghanistan. [link]
French troops admitted firing a missile that killed four civilians in Afghanistan [Al Jazeera]

“Henri, The Inernational has started: http://www.vureel.com/video/4027/The-International



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