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Outsmarting the Dajjal?


Sorry, I don’t have time to give a background on this. If I did, this post would probably end up joining the legion of drafts.

I’m reading a book: “Emergence of Dajjal The Jewish King” by Mohammad Yasin Owadally. Owadally, in a few short books I’ve bought by him, says a number of things that take me by surprise. I’m even surprized at the font size, which seems to indicate Owadally paid consideration to the visually impaired.

In this particular book, he describes the size of Dajjal. “In the deepest spots of the sea, water will not get beyond his heels” and “his head will be above the clouds“. Owadally does NOT attach symbolism here but takes the size issue literally, Lets assume the literal size thing is correct, and that it doesn’t need to be interpreted as a result of it being symbolic.

Wouldn’t such a huge man, and his ass(the animal), be so easily recognised that when he offered us such gardens or dark sandy abodes i.e. he offers us what looks like paradise but is in fact hell and he offers us what looks like hell but in infact paradise, wouldn’t we say “I can tell by your size that you’re Dajjal and so I choose the ‘apparent hell’.”

Could it be so simple? Could someone with a knowledge of the hadith be able to avoid the traps Dajjal sets? Even if one didn’t believe in God, would the enormous size of Dajjal prompt a huge amount of people to research this miraculously massive being? Wouldn’t the Muslims be telling all to look at the hadith helping other clearly identify him 

I seriously doubt it. I doubt it because I get the impression that most people will fall for the Dajjals trap. His massive size might not matter to them; they won’t bother to research this extraordinary being; or they will ignore the Islamic descriptions of him and believe in some fairytale instead as they do about NeoDarwinism and increasingly about aliens. It could even be that somehow our perceptions miraculously change so that his massive size simply wont register with us as being strange. The time of the Dajjal will see a number of unusual things happen, like him creating instantaneous lush gardens and so forth, so I’m quite sure we will see things differently when he arrives. Remember the Dajjal is all about deception, he is the deceiver, that’s what his name means. 

He will perhaps be the one of the most deceptive things ever to be put before us. It seems the challenge to avoid his earthly paradise (a fake paradise which is actually a hell) will be incredibly difficult. Imagine 2000 years ago we described fiat currency. Would we be laughed at for describing something that people would realise is completely ridiculous? Probably. The emergence of the Dajjal likely and our perceptions shifting isn’t all that difficult to entertain as already many aspects of our lives today are a perverse illusion that we ALREADY buy into. For example belief in aliens (as proposed by Dawkins) is more respectable in certain places in the West then is belief in God as is belief that the western powers are altruistic or Israyhell has a “right” to exist by booting out the indigenous people. etc etc…

If someone offers you heaven or hell on earth, then again, it’s a pretty ‘safe bet’ that such an offer won’t be from God, and God won’t materialise as Dajjal will, so again, one might think one could ‘see’ and out-smart the Dajjals traps, but wait, what of the Christians? In the book, Dajjal is described as “…show[ing] some other miracles”. Miracles are attributed to prophet Jesus. Dajjal will also claim to be Allah. Christians have come to believe Jesus is a manifestation of God. So perhaps Dajjals claim to be God is one trap for the Christians. Remember the Dajjal is the anti-Christ. 

But it’s not only the Christians of course (NB: there’s a reported 50 million Christian Zionists in the US), but the Jews and some who call themselves Muslims will fall foul of Dajjal. Dajjal  HAS to be the most tantalising and convincing thing that unfurls in front of our eyes.

 From a frankly rather silly human logic point of view, it means either the literal size thing is wrong i.e. Dajjals ‘size’ is actually symbolic or we will not be able to perceive the height of this man.

In conclusion, there is no outsmarting the dajjal. It will depend solely on your God consciousness.

P.S. does anyone have the lowdown on Mohammad Yasin Owadally?


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