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God Bless America

God shed his grace on thee??? Add blasphemy to the list of US abhorent crimes.

U.S. filth murder yet another innocent and unarmed person.

( & hat tip to The Truth Seeker for publicising this.)

UPDATE: YouTube have taken this evidence of US troops murdering an unarmed innocemt citizen down already! Lucky I saved a copy as soon as I found it – just in case they tried to pull such a stunt. Please download it yourself and SPREAD IT far and wide. Dont let atrocities pass with impunity.

Here’s the video:

 Download it and then simply cut off the .jpg extrnsion and change “-flv” into  dot flv  i.e. “.flv” to get the .flv file back.

You won’t find this on the rotten smokescreen ‘news’ sites like  CNN, BBC or Fox.

Welcome to the (old) New World Order.
We do hope you enjoy your short visit.

What you will get on the BBC

This post has been placed below the ‘God Bless America’ post, purely on grounds of importance. In that post, I mentioned the fact that the BBC [a corporation with a huge budget and a massive network, yet strangely never comes out with scoops about the atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan or wherever the government that provides BBC funding, is busy massacring or torturing people] would not cover such dreadful acts by the coalition of the Killing. Well I meant they, sometimes reluctantly are ‘forced’ to cover news that other news networks have managed to get out despite the BBC censorship by omission.

Well Ken Loach, a British Fim maker, has once again denounced Bush and Balie as war criminals (which they absolutely are). He did so at the Canne Film Festival in Cannes, France.

Here’s how the BBC reluctantly (IMHO) ‘introduces’ the stroy.

It says Loach has tortured people!

And if you actually read the story,, you see that it talks about an irrelevant openign paragraph about something totally irrelevant. In the bosy of the article one canot say that Loach did actually waterboard someone in the fashion the ‘news leader’ implies. The BBC is famous for misleading news headlines but this is a mild attack upon Loach.

The article also pulls out of the air this:

A self-confessed “grumpy old man”,

Contrast the BBC’s mild cursing of Loach with thats here:

See the difference? Why is there a difference?

Here’s hoping the BBC Corporation is one of the institutions that crashes and burns in the forthcoming financial tsunami. But that’s wishful thinking. The Govt will pump loads of money into its propaganda service while people lose their homes and go hungry.

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