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The Jews

Anyone who has researched “The Jews” is most likely to have discovered the term cannot be satisfactorily defined.

However “The Jews” gives us a handle people can work with. It seems to me most of “The Jews”, being Askenazim and therefore not included in the Abrahmic Covenant of the Hebrews, don’t seem “Jewish” (rather they seem Jew-ish, but that is a stain on the “Jewish” religion as they almost certainly do not practice the Code of Laws given to the Hebrew prople of old.

The term Zionist is far more descriptive of the global bane that like a hot gas star that answers to noone, occasionally lets out a solar flare practically toasting anything in its path.

Most “Jews” support Israyhell and hence most “Jews” are Zionists, but this is a problem for non-Zionist Jews, which although there are not many, means they get saddled with all the vile rot the Zionists so. This has long been the case causing ordinary humble Jews problems with persecution for years. So although most Jews are Zionists, please distinguish them accordingly.

This is a first attempt at categorising (with a degree of quantification) “The Jews”

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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