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More personal thoughts and Mahabharat


Having gone to the Zoo yesterday, staring at the monkeys and orangutans, I thought about NeoDarwinism. It was easy to imagine/feel we humans were chimps/monkeys – the timing of their motions were almost the same as us. You might know what I mean by that if you think about spiders, snakes cockroaches etc. They can at times, move very quickly – quicker than our average 0.2s reaction time, and when they move so quick they induce some level of fear in us – they can do things before we can react to it. But the usual behaviour of chimps/monkeys is within out time reference. Hence they ‘seem’ human. There are some who believe we were an ape-like being at one time and split from apes/gorillas/monkeys/chimps etc.

Anyway, the monkeys testicles were on open display and I imagined a man in place of the monkey. He’d likely cover up his testicles and penis. Then I got thinking of some TV programs that showed animals behaving in ways thought of as being exclusive to humans – using tools etc – the program essentially tried to ‘do away’ with any difference between us. But the program didn’t mention shame / embarrassment which I don’t think animans have. I wonder if the program deliberately put up ‘false’ differentials (straw man) between humans and apes/chimps whatever. Back to shame… It’s funny how we feel shame. I pointed out to a person nearby that “it’s funny how they are not ashamed yet we as humans are”. The person replied that’s why they are called animals and when people behave badly, the term animal is quite appropriate.

Later when in the shower, I thought of the monkeys, nakedness and shame again. I tried to think about how if we were monkeys – as the Neodarwinists insist, then how could a sense of shame develop? I don’t think it can be explained in an ‘evolutionist sense’ but surely must come from innate knowledge of advanced thinking hence it seemed to yet again diminishes the evolutionists usual baseless arguments.

Not strongly related to all this: I was recalling some past experiences and one of which relates to when I was University. My housemates made fun of me for watching a dramatization of the Mahabharat because of its special effects. No need to comment further on that. (Mahabharat went on for about two years – once a week for about 40 mins each week).

I get the feeling some Muslims are scared to engage in learning or even exposing themselves to other religions because they think they might lose their faith or they might see serious religious crimes such as Shirk, but to me, I can watch/enquire about other religions without losing my faith in the Islamic reassertion of worship to The One God. Simple studies of comparative religion interests me because I can see the residues of the Universal messages of The One God (even in polytheistic faith!) and fundamental truths throughout the world. It really is amazing. SubhanAllah.

I should say Mahabharat helped me become a Muslim. In a way (not in totality) it significantly expanded my cultural awareness from Western – trash-centric – “culture”, to to that of the great ancient civilisations (Egyptian/Pharaohanic culture had an air of being too long expired and Aztec/Incan had too little depth of history/analysis)   


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