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(mostly) Non-religious reasons why Armageddon is nearly here.

Non-religious reasons why today’s doomsayers have the greatest and most powerful claim that Armageddon is perhaps a generation away.

1) Nuclear weapons that can, within hours, hit anywhere on the planet and destroy the world many times over.

2) The emergence of the ‘state’ of Israyhell – An gross imposter of the Israel which became corrupted and finally disbanded 2600 years ago.

3) The incredible way in which the militarised world and those trying hard to emulate aspects of it, have embraced an oil-centric, unsustainable lifestyle, infrastructure ecomony and agriculture.

4) Peak oil (peak-ish coal, peak-ish uranium)

5) The global use of fraudulent fiat currency.

6) The normalization of homosexuality (school bully like) in occidental  culture

7) World bodies such as the UN. IMF, WB, WTO and other groups (inc Bilderbergers, CFR, Council of 300, Club of Rome etc)

8) The ability to monitor anywhere on the planet and communicate from any point on it

9) The sheer power of the tiny globally mobile and pervasive elite

10) The Corruption of the global media via global corporate media

11) The increasing toxification of land, fresh water, seas, oceans and the air

12) The extraordinary pharmaceutical-isation of health and big pharma’s global reach.

13) GM foods and other bio-engineering and the monopolistic nature of the food industry including the existence of SME destroying (or enslaving) Hypermarkets.

14) Global communication

15) Widespread and ease of accessibility of p’orn (esp e-p’orn)

16) The collapse of the global fiat money system

17) The globalisation of Nation states and the disappearance of ‘free, un-owned land’

18) The contortions of the education system to act as a conveyer belt to commerce/industrial consumerism.

19) The loss of communities with specialist knowledge of managing local land for agriculture.

20) The wide spread belief of fraudulent political systems like Democracy (I don’t see Marxism as having much claim to be exempt of this)

21) The near physical exhaustion of the physical sciences

22) The expiry-less and unwinnable global War OF Terror

23) The subjugtion of Justice and the Law (or at least it’s uneven implementation)

Most of these things, certainly in combination, are quite clear to me that the that claims of the end times are just about here, hold unprecedented strength.

Oil – Peak oil

If oil (hydrocarbons),
supposedly formed from the bodies of sea creatures,
( in two periods, 90 and 150 million years ago)
then what happened to all the nitrogen?

Btw: Abiotic oil is the NeoDarwinism of the oil sector – without any evidence whatsoever. I don’t subscribe to that faith.

Some advocate using some of the last remaining cheap oil to construct mega projects to offset the change that will be unavoidable when the oil starts to run out. The principle of equilibrium warns otherwise. Mega projects are a major perturbance of the wider, more dominant global ecosystem. The equilibrium will be disturbed. These mega projects will be forced by various ways and means – primarily by the forces of nature – to get back to the natural ecosystem. The energy demand to resist the megaproject’s slide back to normality will ultimately prove fruitless. Such megaprojects involve things like growing cucumbers in India (already happening), and growing strawberries in the Egyptian Desert. etc etc

My proposal pretty much heads off in the opposite direction. I think much of the remaining cheap oil to assist the emergence of many microprojects which are only slightly removed or nudged from the overriding global natural system. We must learn to live in the natural world. Actually there are still significant projects I think would be good, such as a logistic channels roads/rail but designed as much as possible to environmentally ergonomic.

As for Dams, I believe they are the type of megaprojects which stand the best chance of ultimately being of more benefit than drainage, but they should. again, try to accommodate the natural world as much as possible – e.g. using natural lakes. I don’t know a great deal about the Three Gorges Dam project in China but the effort put into achieving it seems to me that it is quite for removed (as dams go) from the previous natural status quo, therefore a project very likely to experience major buffeting by the Old Natural Order.  One project which may be classified as a mega project, is the re-designation of many unnatural constructions in the great Urban sprawls e.g. the US east Coast, Tokyo, London to Birmingham. Say for example a block of flats a 20 story building. Have say every second floor designated for agriculture. [Note this is a better solution than dismantling the cities once the oil based lifestyle screws are turned too tightly]. Of course studies need to be done NOW as to how to understand and make those micro-agrarian systems work successfully].

Life simplification in terms of raw materials is also necessary. Use more bamboo – a superb construction material. Renewable too; Pleases the Panda worshippers also! Knowledge availability, sustainability and dissemination is vital. How that is to happen is not easy to envisage. Electronic communication is excellent but expensive in energy consumption. Could clockwork / solar do the job? Speaking of solar, is there a low energy way of harvesting solar power? In this age of free flowing oil, silicon production, like almost everything else, has happily guzzles on energy. Why develop highly efficient methods of producing solar cells when oil will do it for it so much more cheaply, but solar cells offer great potential for a small level of electronic and creature comforting goods/products/utilities.

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