(mostly) Non-religious reasons why Armageddon is nearly here.

Non-religious reasons why today’s doomsayers have the greatest and most powerful claim that Armageddon is perhaps a generation away.

1) Nuclear weapons that can, within hours, hit anywhere on the planet and destroy the world many times over.

2) The emergence of the ‘state’ of Israyhell – An gross imposter of the Israel which became corrupted and finally disbanded 2600 years ago.

3) The incredible way in which the militarised world and those trying hard to emulate aspects of it, have embraced an oil-centric, unsustainable lifestyle, infrastructure ecomony and agriculture.

4) Peak oil (peak-ish coal, peak-ish uranium)

5) The global use of fraudulent fiat currency.

6) The normalization of homosexuality (school bully like) in occidental  culture

7) World bodies such as the UN. IMF, WB, WTO and other groups (inc Bilderbergers, CFR, Council of 300, Club of Rome etc)

8) The ability to monitor anywhere on the planet and communicate from any point on it

9) The sheer power of the tiny globally mobile and pervasive elite

10) The Corruption of the global media via global corporate media

11) The increasing toxification of land, fresh water, seas, oceans and the air

12) The extraordinary pharmaceutical-isation of health and big pharma’s global reach.

13) GM foods and other bio-engineering and the monopolistic nature of the food industry including the existence of SME destroying (or enslaving) Hypermarkets.

14) Global communication

15) Widespread and ease of accessibility of p’orn (esp e-p’orn)

16) The collapse of the global fiat money system

17) The globalisation of Nation states and the disappearance of ‘free, un-owned land’

18) The contortions of the education system to act as a conveyer belt to commerce/industrial consumerism.

19) The loss of communities with specialist knowledge of managing local land for agriculture.

20) The wide spread belief of fraudulent political systems like Democracy (I don’t see Marxism as having much claim to be exempt of this)

21) The near physical exhaustion of the physical sciences

22) The expiry-less and unwinnable global War OF Terror

23) The subjugtion of Justice and the Law (or at least it’s uneven implementation)

Most of these things, certainly in combination, are quite clear to me that the that claims of the end times are just about here, hold unprecedented strength.

2 Responses to “(mostly) Non-religious reasons why Armageddon is nearly here.”

  1. 1 Project Humanbeingsfirst.org June 24, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Hello. Well, either that, or World Government!

    In fact, if you read Brzezinski’s Between Two Ages, and Bertrand Russel’s Impact of Science on Society, it becomes apparent that all of the above was self-evident to them, and both argued (perhaps self-fulfillingly while laying its very foundations) that it would naturally lead to a world scientific dictatorship under a united federation of mankind. H.G. Wells too, envisioned that same thing, as did Albert Pike, as did Tennyson.

    To bring it all about however, required creating “revolutionary times” as per the Machiavellian political science wisdom: “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”! The method adopted is Hegelian Dialectic.

    See this: print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2008/09/capitalist-conspiracy-world-government.html

    In my view, there is no Armageddon.

    That long-running dogmatic mythology is merely a ploy to get the Christians, the largest single grouping on planet earth, to play ball. It also works for getting the second largest group, the Muslim masses, to tow the line since it plays into the hadith-cetric end-times myths as well.

    Can anyone locate it in the Qur’an? No – only in the Hadiths. Both christian and muslim masses make the finest patsies among mankind!

    The end-times is a great political-science mantra being harvested, just like “war on terror” and “wmd”; and while people speculate upon it talking themelves either into inaction (the Muslims waiting for Allah and his messiah), or supporting it (Christians bringing-on Jesus), world government is being constructed before the world’s very spectating eyes!

    See this: print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2008/12/responseto-ft-gideon-rachman-worldgov.html

    There are no real antagonists. Atop all of the existent warring factions, pale riders, and the many horsemen of the apocalypse enacting diabolical multi-spectrum Hegelian Dialectics, sit the same puppetmasters.

    To glimpse a rational solution to that age old problem, see this print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2009/10/editorial-enemy-within-4th-gen-warfare.html

    No Armageddon; either world government, or, world revolution!

    Empirically, as should be self-evident to all, the former is succeeding!

    But – one never knows!

    Thanks for your list.

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

  2. 2 lwtc247 June 27, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Hi Zahir. Thanks for dropping by again :)

    Actually I think the scriptures indicate a one world government is a part of the machinations of Armageddon; Scripts which seem to have beat Brzezinski and Russel to the punch by 2000 years (give or take a century). Scripts that therefore deserve some attention

    Actually about this term World Government, I much prefer the expression “murderous insane despotic hell-hole” – just needed to say that.

    Ah yes the old Hegelian Dialectic. The technique that’s launched countless wars and doubtless cost billions of lives – all based upon the bipolar nature of the human mind. Tricky little buggers aren’t they.

    I’d agree concepts of the armageddon DO manipulate the Christians and Muslims (not so sure why the Hindu’s Bhuddists pagans, Gnostics and atheists seem to be in the wings however, but that’s a different story).

    When I decided to follow the guidance associated with Islam (many people would say “When I became a Muslims”) because in my estimation it was the truth and just radiated an honest and truthful personal message, I wondered about the Hadith. For some time I thought only the Qur’an is necessary for my connection with God. As the years rolled out, that opinion has waxed and waned. I know Muslims that say the companions of the prophet cannot be questioned and again, but stronger this time, I find myself not in agreement. Today I read in Al Aqsa there is a place where the prophet is believed to have stood and this place has a golden arch around it and a place you can put your hand where the prophets foot is believed to have touched. Well again I start to think I’m not perhaps a “good Muslim” as thoughts of ‘relic’ reverence (I’d say idol worship on other days) go through my head. Sell that gold, guy a few slingshot or two with it, or even better some Zyklon-B de-louser which due to the Zionist psychology/brainwashing might do the trick just as well. [I know people will take that to mean how ‘they’ would like to take it – but I don’t care. I know what I mean].

    So it’s in the Hadith. therefore It’s nonsense? Is that what your saying? On the proviso that there WERE prophets of God, what there people are alleged to have said is meaningless in your eyes?

    World govt and IMHO armageddon isn’t succeeding because of the yarn (or otherwise) of Qiyama. I’m sure both would progress just fine without the other, but they are perfect bedfellows [funny how that occidental homo-tizing expression took root isn’t it – see point 6]

    And if there were Abrahamic prophets, there is God and if there is a God there is Iblis, and if there is Iblis there isn’t an “-ism” he won’t use, same for religion. “Anything Goes” is probably his motto. So yeah, those manipulations you mention are probably there, but that doesn’t disqualify them [the religions or hadith] from being true. The greatest of deceptions what we have seen so far, is when truth is grafted onto lies. I can’t believe ALL hadith on the end times is a lie, or even the majority of them. There is less basis for disbelieving the hadith than there are for believing them, ergo armageddon.

    I think the reason for the second coming of Jesus raises some good questions in itself.

    I spoke with an excellent mind on Saturday, someone who has conducted the most integrated history of man that it’s been my privilege to see/hear. This person warned a bit like your good self of hidden hands behind those “-isms” or “atop all existent warring factions” as you put it [my emphasis], but lets just take those puppetmasters for a second. Do you really think that their desired world domination is secular atheism? I cannot believe that. I am convinced that the question of God or Satan is in the fore of these people. But I would say that, as I’m a blinded brainwashed religious ritualistic dogmatist! ;)

    I have this descriptive expression about myself. I’m an optimistic pessimist. I believe there is no hope, doom is upon us, but I get hope from the fact that I may be wrong.

    Indeed, one never knows, bar Allah.

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