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No Surrender – Advice to the Afghan Resistance

There is a growing opinion that the war against Afghanistan and it’s people cannot be ‘won’.

I say GOOD.

My highest congratulations to the Afghan people who have resisted the visitation of white mans hell upon them; War, occupation and oppression. The Afghani people did absolutely nothing to the American people or to the NATO countries (and the cabal that pulls their strings!). And neither did the Taliban! – who the corrupt western corporate newz tries hard to convince you are somehow married to 9-11. 

Although the deaths of  British soldiers honestly leaves me with a strange displeasure, their fate was actually good worldy justice for being a part of the war machine that thinks abosolutely nothing about wiping out any Afghani they think and declare is a ‘threat’ or just someone who deserves a British/American bullet for being Afghani.

The successful resistance against the White mans army is an astounding achievement in human history and one should never hesitate to praise this great feat. May songs and enthralling stories long be told about this success way into the future. 

Recently there has been some heavy losses for the Coalition of the Killing and now, according to an article on ICH, entitled: Britain will not defeat Taliban and should open talks, says head of Army, General David Richards said: 

“… he believed the time had come for negotiations with Nato’s enemies to pave the way for the eventual withdrawal of troops.”

Not that the Afghan resistance cares or listens to what I think, why should they? but I have the need to say “Afghan Resistance, don’t enter into talks with these people. Never stop your glorious and legitimate fighting.” These people are snakes. They will slowly but surely either alienate you from power in Afghanistan using a political structure they will impose, and/or gradually exterminate you and split you into factions as they have proved expert in doing.

Their negotiations are NOT sincere until they totally disengage on all fronts, militarily, religiously and politically. They will use their proxy Pakistan to continually attack you. They will dream up lies in order to excuse missile attacks against you e.g. mythical breaches of the a cease fire etc.

Afghan Resistance, they are waiting to knife you in the back.  That is what they do. They are proven liars and psychopaths.

God Bless the glorious Afghan Resistance against the Coalitions illegal and evil acts.

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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