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Yes, the pic…

 that launched a thousand laughs

has been further immortalised into a t-shirt…

– yeah, I know it’s rich for me to get a cheap laugh in such a fashion, but hey, we all have our demons.

What brought this post on? Marc Dice‘s latest two videos…

Americans don’t know why we celebrate 4th of July

People sign “I am a moron” petition without reading headline

Breaking the Porn Habit.

It’s not easy to resist porn is it? Depending on yourself, culture and society,  porn is sometimes used  (with obvious outcomes) in private or openly. It’s usually the former but if the latter, i.e. you use it openly, I’d say you’re likely to be in a Western (or westernizing) society, and your sphere of life is probably atheistic.

One thing about porn is that it’s incredibly seductive and addictive. It’s easily accessable / widely available. I think any man who uses porn realises it’s personally destructive nature, yet the sexual urge/pressure/want for sexual gratification is a trap, a variant of the ‘honey trap’. It’s very hard to discipline the mind to break free.

Sex sells, and porn destroys.

The sexual urge of  man throughout the ages has been the downfall of quite a number of men, because for men, there are not many physical pleasures greater than sex and of course, the orgasm. Well I came across an exception to that once… a professor talking about the time when he got his first paper published. He said in a forum that the feeling was better than sex. A confused crowd didn’t quite know how to react. 

A theology graduate once told me that he thinks every man has looked at porn. I’m certain he was talking about Western/Industrialised(or these days de-industrialised!) culture and not say some rice farmer in Laos. Some people may believe porn has no ill effects. I doubt it. Reading the links below should hopefully show that.

Anyway as I said, porn is addictive, and there is so much soft porn around these days that it provides a ‘gateway’ to stimulate the sexual urge, pushing you closer to the real hard stuff. Driving around I see plays on oral sex, with photoshopped make-up faces mouth open with white pieces of something entering their mouth. I see women sucking on lollipops and so on. Again, some may think this is harmless, well maybe it is, to you yeah! Is it harmless to everyone? Will it awaken the sexual urge? What will it lead to? Why do the advertisers push this stuff out? – because it has an effect. To believe that effect is simply to make men go out and buy something is a baseless excuse.

The other day I watched Toy Story 3. At the beginning was a short cartoon that appeared with no explanation. It had two cartoon men, inside their outlines was a picture. The picture of each man was opposite, e.g. One man had a picture of a field in the day(sunlight), the other’s body showed the field at night. A voiceover came on talking about fear and the fear of trying new things. The cartoon was sexualized – there was one scene where the cartoon character ‘fell over’, front down, with a picture of a ‘sexy’ woman sunning her body. The ‘collapsed’ character showed signs of life by the fact his bum was moving up and down continually. It was quite tasteless and it was borderline between sub-conscious and a conscious ‘message’. Towards the end, it became clear that the cartoon was an advert promoting homosexuality and/or bisexuality. It was quite blatant. I was shocked that this stuff was deliberately being pumped into the minds of kids. The cartoon didn’t recommend try new things like defying the tax system when those taxes were paid to kill Iraqi’s. It didn’t advocate freeing your mind from speaking out against the corruption of the Media, the Banksters and the Zionists heading them.

I can’t advise any possible readers on how to break the porn habit. The Pinkcross video (below) at the end claims to offer help for porn addicts.

The videos might help but I think reading up on the subject is a first step as is admitting it is not good for you – end the denial. Those of the Abrahamic religious persuasion may like to try the power of prayer also and surf religious advice websites on the matter. Hopefully your conscience will be able to keep the sexual urge in check.

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