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Some Jewish Minds Know NO Bounds

Revised 4/29/2009

A good majority of my time is spent perusing the internet for articles of interest and importance regarding this silent war against humanity, when I’m not out job hunting.  As I continue to endure an unemployment situation, not of my choice, the seemingly obvious fact that Americans are still as clueless to their lot is more evident than ever.  A prime example is the last presidential election.  Watching millions of exhilarated African Americans sobbing with joy over the installation of the first and I dare say “alleged” black President was nauseating.    They have no idea, no inkling that this soulless, Zionist sock puppet is the key to theirs and every other Americans’ demise and the final nails in the criminal coffin which will bury our Republic, this time for good.  There will be no resurrection, no coming back, no second chance.  It will be over, finished!  Like a cowardly ostrich, I would love nothing more than to stick my head in the sand from this point on and never raise it again until humane sanity resumes in the world.  But I cannot, I am committed to this cause and by God I shall remain until the light of resolution is at hand. 

Dr. Eric Pianka
Dr. Eric Pianka 

Being exposed to the virtual world’s wretched evil on a daily basis can be taxing, yet, I find that I am usually able to absorb the information and maintain a level of composure.  However, I have my off-days like everyone else.  I tend to be more reactionary when subjected to outright, blatant wrong-doing.  I discovered a mind-blowing piece of journalism when I checked in at one of my favorite blogs last night, News From The West.  With its shocking self-explanatory title “Jewish Scientist Eric Pianka Calls for the Death of all Humanity,”[1] I was compelled to read it even though I knew that the contents would be upsetting and a challenge to my rational, non-malevolent mind.  As I continued to read, with utter disbelief, the murderous opinions of this Jewish academic and his sadistic final solution to the planet’s resource dilemma, that being the outright murder of 90% of the human population; I seriously pondered how a respected member of the scientific community could possibly be allowed to speak of such horror in a university setting, then receive thunderous applause for his evil machinations.

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The Well From Hell

Watch the below ‘MUST WATCH VIDEO’ after reading this… 

The video:  MUST-WATCH VIDEO: The Well From Hell – How the Deepwater Horizon Event Is Turning Into A Regional Catastrophe – By Adrian Salbuchi (30/6/10) contains one or two trivial errors, but makes interesting watching. Hat tip once again to Matthias Chang at Future Fast Forward

Actually, this BP well- fracture, like Chemtrails, sees something inside of me which makes it difficult to accept such things are deliberate.  Just like I can’t believe the stories that the American technology used in the Chernobyl Nucler plant were designed to fail, causing the accident (In fact that to me is the equivolent of saying the 9-11 planes were holograms… dear oh dear oh dear).

Yes, it’s true I am granting the people involved and accused of these ecological disasters with ‘sanity’ (who’s to say for certain?) but one the reason I can’t accept it, is that the people who do such things will also be effected as will no doube the global elite. They too depend to some extent on the oceans and decent air.

Who knows.

What we DO know, is that the oceans, seas are skies ARE being polluted.

The Cosmos – In awe of the Might of Allah

The Known Universe

George Smoot: The design of the universe

Thanks to I saw this video shortly after it was initially made available :)

We are sooooo fortunate to be able to see this. countless millions of people before us never got to see this view of the universe and it’s sheer awesome beauty. SubhanAllah.

It’s funny, but whenever I see stuff like this, esp. when ‘cosmic distance’ is a feature, the problems on the earth just seem to fade away into nothingness. If one then re-remembers these problems while ‘flying by Sirrius’ for example, then one feels how stupid and insane the villians on this earth are with their evil and oppressive acts. Actually I get this feeling when looking at the whole earth from close orbit.

Alhamdulillahi rabbilaal ameen.

I think after watching these videos you might agree, conventional (non-spacetime warping) interstellar space travel is simply not possible.

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

This blog supports victims of western aggression

This blog supports victims of western aggression

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