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On Jon Venables and Child Porn

Jon Venables must NOW declare himself to the world as a sincere effort to recognise his crime sodden past and truly show remorse over Little Jamie Bulger in order to move into the future.

I am not sure if Denise and Jamie’s Dad will think about it, but I’m sure nothing else would be as effective a first step. Actually, I suspect they would feel justice was done if Thompson and Venables were locked away for life.

May I remind you, Venables was the one that the authorities thought had the best chance of rehabilitation. Doesn’t that show you that they are WRONG and that letting them out was wrong too? The fact Venables is now looking at child porn reveals a twisted mind. He killed a toddler – remember the tales that batteries were inserted into James anus? and now Venables is looking at child porn.

Dear lord, this guy wasn’t ‘cured’ he wasn’t ‘rehabilitated’. The authorities screwed up! Stick ’em both in jail, don’t endanger any more kids.

And what the hell is Thompson doing?

THE PUBLIC and Jamies PARENTS (should they wish) have a right to know exactly where these two toddler killers are at any time of day.

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On North Korea’s threat

The United States once more is haranguing North Korea. This time (according to the MSM – which I positively hate to have to gain ‘news’ from) United Snakey is badgering N. Korea by conducting more military war games between itself and S.Korean. This DOES NOT mean that N. Korea can threaten to use it’s nukes and if it does, then it will be the only other tyrannical nation in the history of the planet to use nuclear bombs.

N. Korea has a right to resist US Hegemony – more power to their elbow, but the price that is seemingly paid for it is totally out of sync.

Fighting neo-liberal fascism with dictator based fascism  – is pretty much the same thing right?

P.S. If N. Korea ever uses a nuke, then rightly or wrongly {wrongly of course} then it will be destroyed. It’s that simple.

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Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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