Dr Taj Hargey’s veil slips

Updated 30/July/2010

The ruling elite of France who have often spat in the eye of ordinary people world-wide including its own people, when for example it collaborated with the Nazi’s and helped send many ordinary decent Jewish people to a horrendous grave, has decided to crack down on something practiced by a number of its Muslim citizens.

Apparently, scum in the UK weren’t slow to take the opportunity to try and do the same in the UK, or was it the media that took it up and blamed the usual nazi racist scum to hide its own agenda? hummm…

Catherine NEVER mentioned wearing a veil in an Islamic context. She puts it solidly as a freedom of choice issue. [Note: I originally wrote a ‘womans’ issue but that description wasn’t as accurate as the ‘choice’ issue, something you will see from the videos]

Dr Taj Hargey insisted on trying to make it an Islamic issue, robbing the discussion of its main ‘freedom of choice’. Why was he doing this? Is veil-wearing a purely Muslim issue? Can non-Muslims NOT wear a veil?

“Muslins need to distinguish between what is culture [and] what is Creed.”

The doc didn’t say Muslims need to know many aspects of culture are not against Creed. The doc didn’t say the Qur’an does not forbid culture. I really don’t think Islam demands monoculturism. OK, I would conceed some Muslims say Islam itself should be the culture, although I seriously doubt anyone saying such thing would have thought such a thing, but instead just blurted out some kind of ‘protectionist’ people would have actually really thought in any depth as to such a statement.

“Face masking is a Byzantine and Persian Empire. It was absorbed into later Muslim society and then given a religious gloss.”

I am sure I heard someone tell me the prophets wives wore these garments. Perhaps I’m wrong. Note he says it’s a  pre-Islamic Byzantine and Persian custom! (see later)

“If there [women wearing niqab/burqa] are being honest and say listen, I want to wear it because its a tribal customs, its my primitive cultural convention, that’s one thing.”

It certainly seems like the doc is saying the women are not being honest. As for the latter part, he says ‘that’s one thing’ and it just so happened to be the ‘thing’ i.e. a cultural convention, within the interview!, despite his attempts to bring it elsewhere doc. So if the women are want to do and be ‘honest’ (sheesh!) about it, i.e. saying they want to wear it from a cultural point of view then do you think the doc would be ok with it.

“Nowhere in the Quran does the word Niqab or Burqa exist.”

Errrm, doc, Nowhere in the Qur’an does it say women must not wear a face veil. Nowhere in the Qur’an does it say they have to show their face.

“No one [is] asking anyone how to dress but you are supposed to show your face.”

You are telling them how to dress!

“…we are supposed to be an equal society!…”

Careful doc… Do you support gay marriage, adoption of kids by gay couples, promotion of homosexuality in school? Are you saying erect penis should be allowed to be shown on TV because women’s breasts are allowed to be shown? Careful doc…!

“If politicians stop being pussyfooting and being craven about then I’m quite happy to support it [the ban] because it’s not a Qur’anic requirement”

Is it Quranic requirement that women must show their face? or is it a Dr Taj Hargey requirement? Somehow I suspect the latter.

“People can wear any type of costume or dress… They must reveal their face in public”

Whoops! So doctor, they CAN’T in fact wear anything they want in public.

“…this custom, face masking, is a pre-Islamic Byzantine and Persian custom, got nothing to do with Islam. In fact it’s unQuranic. Nothing in the Quran about it … we should opposing these tribal customs coming from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan [and] other places like that”

Wait. He said for the second time it’s a  pre-Islamic Byzantine and Persian custom, but now is shifting it to Saudi occupied Arabia and  Coalition of the Killing occupied Afghanistan ! I think his veil is slipping. Maybe not. Maybe it’s pue coincidence that he’s switched attributing those (very non-Byzantine and non-Persian) Arabia/Afghanistan places which is probably the two countries most ignorant Americans and British would name in response to ‘Name two countries most associated with terrorism”

“We should say for security reasons…”

Ah, Whose security? The security of the state perhaps – the murderous state that believes it has some right to murder over 1 million Iraqi’s with impunity?

“…where’s social cohesion. You do not make social relations with someone in a mask. It’s impossible to do so”

So veiled women talking to veiled women have no social cohesion? LOL. I think what doc means is HE doesn’t get any social cohesion. Catherine fell foul of that ‘I wanna espouse western values” too when she said they can wear whatever they want. No they can’t wear what ever they want. In ANY society, but they SHOULD be allowed to wear niqab or Burka if they wish.

“Why are we giving way to these fundamentalist from Saudi Arabia Afghanistan and else. They are not having Qur’anic Islam.”

Aaaaah… Once again is the doctor showing his true colours. Is he yet another Imam for whom terrorism involves Muslims, yet another Iman for whom western global state sponsored terrorism is ‘defence’? It certainy seems so.

“Only found in so called reputes sayings of the prophet only written down 200 years after his death.”

The doctor is dismissing the ahadith is he not?

“For people to say this is a religious requirement, they are being deceitful and duplicitous”

There he goes again. Just listen to this guy bang on and on and on. He’s arguing with himself. NOBODY mentioned it was a religious requirement to wear a face veil. I bet the Zioscum and friends(slaves) of Zioscum in the UK just love this dude. Perhaps he’s got a mannequin of Ayaan Hirsi Ali (actually Ayaan Hirsi Magan) in his bedroom – an unvelied mannequin of course.

Personally and honestly speaking, when I see a woman in a black niqab I feel unusual, awkward even. But I’m OK with that. The veil wearing woman is making a statement she doesn’t wish to be looked at and I automatically find myself acting on that, I tend to avert my gaze and even keep some distance. As I said, I’m OK with that. What’s more important? My ‘right’ to stare/oogle at her, or her right not to be stared at?

I’ll be keeping my eye on Dr Taj Hargey (whose name involuntary makes me think of Hagee)

2 Responses to “Dr Taj Hargey’s veil slips”

  1. 1 zazuge August 6, 2010 at 10:51 pm

    where are the the freedom and equality?
    so some girls are free to walk naked and others arn’t free to wear what they want ? is that freedom or libertinage .

    sarko has shown his true colors with the law that permit the revoking of citizenship from immigrants
    more discriminatory laws are in the way
    I guess that’s the end of “Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood”
    thank u Mr Sarko
    maybe will call the post 9/11 the New Age of Darkness and Owelian governements

  2. 2 lwtc247 September 4, 2010 at 2:42 pm

    France, like the UK or US’s claims of freedom and liberty really is clown like, or to put it another way, you know when your in the shops and you see a lovely picture of some food on the outside wrapper or box, yet when you open it, you get some discoloured shrunken almost plastic like substitute. That’s western freedom, it’s a Bernaysian ruse.

    These western countries have developed this way to make people think they have freedom to pacify them just enough for the elite to keep urinating on those ‘lower’ than them. And when one looks at where the money came from for most of these revolutions/upheavals and wars one finds what I call “Satanic Historical Zionism” squirming under just about rock.

    The post 9-11 world, a world those who made the false-flag of 9-11 ‘dawned in’, is indeed worthy of the description” Orwellian and most of us are responsible for it being maintained as such :(

    You might like to watch this, if you haven’t already seen it:
    Psywar: The Real Battlefield is the Mind by Metanoia Films
    Hosted at: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article26259.htm

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