Bonfire of the Insanities – The ‘significance’ of the wikipedia leaks

 In general I like conspiraloons; Brave souls who refuse to submit to the illusion that the dominant forces on the planet are benevolent and worthy of support simply because they are powerful. Well, ok, that’s not quite true, a significant number of them do still support the ‘deep state’ and have lines in the sand that are effortlessly redrawn should they ever become breached. They aren’t as ‘radical’ or ‘revolutionary’ as they might make out.

There goes another bunch of people that’s crossed me off their Christmas and Eid card list.

I’m honest enough with myself to see some of that in me. However, where there is a simple choice, e.g. engaging in ‘voting’ I don’t con myself into believing that by playing the game one can change the game.

Having said that, conspiraloons in general are detached from the mindset whereby just because there is a centre of power whose influence affects us that it must be courted and is automatically entitled to acceptability and ones support. Indeed most conspiraloons have the realisation that such power centres around the world – rungs on the power ladder if you will – be they Governments, Bankers, Zionists, Hijacked religions (some loons would simply say ‘religion’, period), so called Royalty etc, should by default be treated with suspicion, coldness or perhaps even hostility. I’d say loons on average are pretty firm (via confidence) in their beliefs and because of the actual nature of these beliefs, they are going to manifest them in their own lives and I would guess, this will cause pain and come at considerable personal cost. After all, they live in a world full of people beguiled by the very ‘World Order’ which loons are trying to resist.

But sometimes otherwise sensible behaviour can be nonsensical, and perhaps parallel the stupidity of people who think the way this planet is run is just fine, and that the 3 billion or so people who live in abject poverty are scroungers or don’t work hard enough or some other bullshit like that.

Come this latest wikileaks thing.

It seems some conspiraloons are wondering whether Assange is an asset/mole/plant/useful-useable-idiot because some of the leaks apparently say US ‘intelligence’ [sic] says things like Pakistan or Iran is helping the Taliban and so is therefore the leaks were really subterfuge to deliver propaganda against those two countries.

Huh, come again?

Yes, that’s right, some loons are thinking the wikileaks publication of the US intelligence reports is a psyop.


To be a bit stronger than what I was earlier, and deservedly so, some loons are acting like arseholes.

– Woah, steady on lw!

No, I won’t ‘steady on’, neither will I desist from having a conversation with myself!

Loons have an incapacity to deal with information that could be useful to them. Like Tom Sawyer slapping Becky’s face in the cave to break her out of her hysterics, loons need a good slap to stop them doing the equivalent of being like that kid at school stuck forever repeating the third year (p.s. no offence to those kids, I know you were stuck in a terrible school system).

This world is so full of crap that you cherry pick. Yip, that’s right. You do what those bastards Bush and bLiar did (to name just two of the hundreds). Difference is, loon cherry picking has moral authority and involves real cherries not made up bollocks.

So when some murderous slop in CENTCOM, or whatever lets slip some info, you use the ‘good’ bits, and throw the rest of their garbage in the trash can!

When Chomsky exposes those in the media for fully believing what they say – but that they only got there because of their embrace of the prevailing global hegemonic paradigm, then you use it. When Chomsky talks bullshit – and he does at times, you call him an ‘old toad’ and switch him off. When the BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 about 20 minutes before it did collapse, you use that, but then turn off all the other disgraceful crap they pump out – like John Simpsons interview with that nasty piece of British Trash in Kabul – the British Ambassador or some other pompous title that should actually read “Occupier, Killer, and legitimate Afghan Resistance target” When Clegg says the Iraq war was illegal, you use it. The rest of the time, you put the puppet back in his closet, embarrassed to see his face while thinking of all the promises he (or Cocaine Cameron) was always going to break.

US intelligence’ is always drawing up complete bullshit for many reasons, often for the purpose of internal consumption. They’ve been doing it for years. You get some lying bitch of a girl to lie that babies were thrown from incubators, or some Iraqi stooges to show a BBC presstitite ‘proof’ that Saddam built a nuke and actually detonated it (the vile propagandist, a British Judith Miller on the same page has an audio link in which she ridiculously claims “Gwynne Roberts: “UN inspectors missed a very large slice of the Iraqi nuclear weapons programme” – a lie then and a proven lie now, and flies in the face of the actual inspectors. They release it in a number of ways too.

Usually (if not always) it’s demonstrable bullshit, as has been the case with Bush defying a number of his own NIE’s about Irans supposed nuke weapon program, or as we have seen many many times before about Iranian weapons/IED’s and so forth in Iraq attacking USans.

But because the US internal shit has been entered the public domain via wikileaks irrespective of having been previously (at least in part) leaked already – deliberately of course – via Geoff Gannon/Judith Miller like presstitutes, or just via the usual reports from “(unnamed)official sources” , “A pentagon spokesman” or “a leaked NSA document”, that now wikileaks and/or Assange can’t be trusted.

And oh, by the way, lets not talk about the very real dirty shit that was exposed by these leaks.

The report that “The Truth Seeker” (graphic above)  links to, read like this…

Iran transforming Afghan war
Peter Goodspeed – The National Post July 31, 2010

The night Canadian Master Corporal Darrell Priede of Brantford died in Afghanistan, the Afghan war took a sudden dangerous new twist.

A stream of secret U.S. military intelligence reports released this week by the WikiLeaks website suggests the May 2007 death was the result of a Taliban attack with a heat-seeking, surface-to-air missile launched from the shoulder.

In all likelihood, the deadly weapon was provided by Iran.

Dear oh dear. This is recycled sewage. And it goes on. Shame on the numbskulls swallowing all these US reports as unchallengeable truth of the highest order. Shame on them for not being able to filter out the crap and spot the obvious psy-op-counter-intelligence-propaganda.

And there are many other people doing the same.


This brings up a wider point. Just because Assange/Wikileaks is quite well known now, what qualification is there that he’s been ‘comprimised’?

Oh dear.

I’m gonna stop now. What needed to be said… has been said.




8 Responses to “Bonfire of the Insanities – The ‘significance’ of the wikipedia leaks”

  1. 1 zazuge August 6, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    well you got the point
    I remmember a leaked document in wikileaks about somali link to al-qaida
    and comments from the wikileaks contibutor talked about the credibilty of this said documents and said that’s forged leaks are common tactics by inteligence services
    but what makes us tell if it’s truth or is to use our brains
    and find other sources to confirm or infirm said document

    about this particular one it’s already known that ISI had links to taliban (CIA too) but what’s unlikely is iran link to taliban that’s complet nonsense
    maybe iran will back shite-afghan in the east but to have links with western (salafi) taliban is nonsense

  2. 2 lwtc247 September 4, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    I tried to point out in the article that the (say) Somali/al-Qaeda links could well have been a genuine document but that in no way makes it true. It was probably one of those BS documents that the pentagon draws up for internal and public propaganda. Did the wikileaks person say the information was true or that the document/source of the document was as reported? The latter I’d guess.
    And even if Assange was a stooge (deliberate or otherwise) intelligence demands we simpyl junk the clear bollocks that may come out from wikileaks, and draw attention to the more ‘explosive’ stuff instead.

    Looking at Irans history it seems like they weren’t happy with the Taliban when apparently at Marz-as-sharrif (?) some of their diplomats were killed by the Taliban – and the US of course disgracefully conflates the Taliban with their invention, that is so called the database “al -qaeda” – perhaps from the I.T. centres they had buried in those cities under the mountains., but again any wikileaks on this are just propaganda pieces from the US military that are reaching the public.

    Having said that, If I was an Iranian politician – which I’m not – in a position to do something about the US lead ‘white’ invasion (part ‘n’) I take a pragmatic approach and do things that would thwart (at least in part) the NATO imperialistic fantasy which the false-flag 9-11 tried to legitimize.

  3. 3 zazuge September 13, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    You know the sunni and shite countries seems more concerned with the immediate threat than the distant ones
    “Fear you treacherious Kin more than your enemy”

    I think the iranians know that distant Enemy countries need a footing in the region to be of much any danger
    and that’s what their at (eroding the USA alliance in the region)
    and that’s a clever strategy (USA foreign policy is helping them achieve that)

  4. 4 lwtc247 December 2, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    This latest batch of wikileaks is drawing up even more suspicion that (in some way or form) it’s a propaganda exercise. Assange coming under more criticism/suspicion. Whether he’s a didrect stooge ot a useful puppet is not important at all – unless you MAKE it important.

    Obviously a number of loons still cant filter the utter junk from the real incriminating stuff as per my appeal above.

    If loons fall like this at the first hurdle, then there no hope at all.

  5. 5 fedup December 4, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    Tom Flanagan, who suggested someone should kill Mr Assange, is a typical murdering/war mongering yankee “plant”, put in place by the “people” who control the u.s. government, and the permission of our government. Where’s the immigration department? Take a look at the number of other “honorary yankees” in high political positions, along with the “bildonburgers”, and you can see why suggesting the murder of someone telling the truth is acceptable in Canada now. (It helps if you write speeches, with war mongering overtones for p.m.) Mr. Flanagan, why have you not called for the assination of the pope, for covering up the molestation of tens of thousands of children? Basic notre dame “forgivable sins” 101. You must be pleased, that Canada has come such a long way, seeing a young girl killed for throwing green apples at a postman. The u.s. government can add this terrible “crime” to the list of terrorists, anarchists, communists, students (Kent State), unarmed natives (Wounded Knee), legal protestors, poor people and any other groups od dissenters. Canada has adpoted these policys, coincidence, I don’t think so, cocgratulations on doing such a successful job. Maybe somebody should go on national t.v. and suggest your assination. OOPS. I forgot, only the SPECIAL SELECTED people have access to the CONTROLLED media outlets.

  6. 6 lwtc247 December 4, 2010 at 5:29 pm

    Well said fedup. Canada’s regression towards (s)elected fascism has been swift and unpleasant. Do you see any escape?

  7. 7 Project December 4, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    Hi. I think the word or concept you are alluding to here is Hegelian Dialectic and its variants. This is in accordance to their own stated plan of making it “look like booming buzzing confusion”. CFR Author writing in Foreign Affairs, April 1974, Hard Road to World Order.

    Controlled chaos is not created by throwing dice. It is carefully crafted with game theory and social engineering.

    And executed with the help of the Mighty Wurlitzer.

    This is a great post and excellent comments above. I am glad you are back!

    What I want to understand though, is the same question you have asked above: “Do you see any escape?”

    Does this footnote contain the germs for an answer:[13]


    Zahir Ebrahim

  8. 8 lwtc247 January 15, 2011 at 11:24 am

    Thanks for the link. I’ve not finished reading the whole article yet. You’ll have to excuse me for being so slow to read your articles, but they are packed with things to think about and contain other deep leads, so much so, that it often transpires I get pulled away from my computer and have to leave it hanging. On return, I tend to have to begin reading from teh start again. Another kind of Wurlitzer I guess.

    When i finish the whole article I”ll give you my opinions on any escape, but at the moment I’ll say ‘No’.

    As for Assange , the beauty (in the eye of the beholder?) in my ‘application’ of it, is that it doesn’t matter one iota whether Assange is a Netanyahu pole rider or the best thing for journalism since journalism began. While others adopt the ‘arsehole’ mode and fiercely attack Assange for being a stooge but then get erections about some of the things that come out of Wikileaks.

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