Down down

Updated: 9th Oct 2010

Pre-show (pre-note):

Unlike Hollywood, this pre-show will not put homosexual ideas into your young kids head. Neither will it try and sell you something that you don’t need but have been told that you do need. It won’t stigmatise you if you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re never going to be that very rich playboy and it won’t entice you to think that you will be the lifelong obsession of Halle Berry. After 5 computer frames of editing, your skin will still be black, which will probably leave you feeling ashamed as you have been dutyfully taught. It won’t sell you some GM food laced with asparame, MSG or both. There’s no alcohol to consume or and casino where you get 21 after the dealer got 20. There will be no credit card that will solve your debt problem and no planet that will be saved because you stopped using electricity so that the global elite use isn’t put in jeopardy, and there definately isn’t any western politician or occidental wannabe that need to make you think you have any choice as what will be done in your name. And there isn’t any fiendish and pervasive Al Qaeda terror network that’s hell bent on destroying you for absolutely no reason whatsoever. There isn’t advice telling you to pump your body with organometallic compounds like toxic thimerasol (ethyl mercury) or tell you that if you think life is crap then ritlin is your answer.  No. All there is, is a simple warm-up video the name of which aptly describes the main feature.

Preshow: (skip if you don’t like music) (and yes, those BBC ‘effects’ really REALLY suck)

Without further ado, the main feature… Enjoy the show…

Se also:

Boiler Rooms, Foreclosure Mills: The Story of America’s Mortgage Industry

By Michael Hudson

The news about the nation’s foreclosure scandal has been coming fast and furious, driven by tales of backdated documents, false affidavits and “rocket dockets” that push families into the street. Continue
Article hosted herr:


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