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Gold could go up to $666,666 / oz

I’m sure the tiny number of people who come to this blog are the kind of people that would go to other websites where headlines like the above can be seen. I wonder if they are also the kind of people who get annoyed at such stupid headlines.

Gold could go up to $1,000,000 dollars and ounce,


it could go to $0.01 an ounce.

Do these sensationalist headlines serve any purpose? They almost always appear on what’s termed ‘gold-bug’ sites, in a “I was right” kind of way. But they aren’t right… at least no yet, and of course they could be wrong. These silly headlines and articles encourage speculation (bad) as well as income protection (good).

So buy gold not because you want to ‘sell’ it later for worthless dollars if the price in worthless dollars increases, but buy it because you don’t want your savings to become worthless, meaning you have to be prepared to trade in gold and other commodities such as silver or even foodstuffs with long shelf-lives (dates, wheat, barley, rice, sugar…)

Freedom of speech.

On one of the better places on the Web, Dr Maxtor’s analysis, punchy focus is given to the hypocrisy of those who people who harp on or bask in the auras of freedom of speech and ‘freedom’ in general. E.g.’s here, here. and here.

One constant offender is Geert Wilders (whose name is ripe for some form of spoonification, yet has so far escaped fleeting attempts to do so – Weird Gilders all I can come up with). He seems a quite nasty man. Well, the peroxide blond is apparently in court and protesting that his freedom of speech is under attack.

Here is AJE on it: and here’s the pro-fascist BBC: and this in 

I agree with Chomsky on this one: If you don’t agree with freedom of speech for those you really don’t like, then you don’t agree with freedom of speech at all, and so I support the Islamophobic Muslim hater’s right to criticise Islam.

But here’s the thing… It’s extremely doubtful he supports it for others that don’t share his views. And what of the kind of ‘freedoms’ that Geert doubtlessly supports, like the stupid Danish cartoons? Were they an exercise in FOS? Doubtful as what they said (i.e. dreamed-up excuse to try and make it look like it was a FOS issue) about the cartoons was that they were a criticism of things like the rewards martyrs get. Clearly those points of dispute could have been settled in an intellectual faship via public discussion – and in fact any issue of Islam can be discussed in this fashion, but it far more likely they weren’t the slightest bit interested in an intellectual exercise – simply an insult and a desire to whip up more Islamophobia.

So Geert, you advocate of Qur’an banning, and to those who have Geert posters pinned up on their bedroom walls, it’s damn rich you protest about issues pertaining to freedom given what you’ve done to Muslims who live their lives according to Islamic guidelines.

Geert the hypocrite.

Update(Related issue): Henry Makow: CNN Makes Rick Sanchez’s Point Jews are the first to holler when they suffer discrimination; but let someone say they discriminated against him, and he’s fired. Tolerance is reserved for elite Jews and their causes. Everyone else is a bigot More …

Delhi should never have gotten the (commonwealth)games

The stupid ‘I can do (and must be seen to do) what the westerners do‘ Indian government (a ‘west is best’ imperial doctrine proselytized by those still suffering multi-dimensional colonialism although they perceive it not) should have spent the money on  buying back the farmland that was taken away from the poor m by industry that will primarily benefit the rich class in Indian society [of course their farmland shouldn’t have been snatched in th first place].

Or the money spent on bringing clean water to the poor, improving sanitation, renovating their houses, and subsidies, instead of spending it on the new gods of Olympus (athletes) and the ego of Indian politicians.

Marx, like many people estranged (and hateful?) of God, stands corrected. It’s not religion that’s the opium of the people, it’s sport/entertainment.

Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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