Another official trampling on July 7th truth.

This blog came about primarily as a result of needing {in a ‘not in my name‘ type way} to voice-out rejection of – what I see as being – an ocean of officially created, sanctioned and encouraged lies regarding the terrorist attacks of 9-11 and 7-7 as well as to facilitate discussion of those two events. ‘Success’ at doing this isn’t important at all; simply, to remain quiet, would be a crime.

That said, then to all intents and purposes, it’s almost compulsory that I  notify passing readers about websites that are doing standard-bearing, sterling-efforts in pursuit of 7th July 2005 truth.

The links are ripped from Stef, but that’s to his credit. One link I will add to Stef’s, is to that of Nick Kollerstrom, who along with a few others, may offer alternative narratives (partial or full). It must be said this ‘alternative anrrative’ approach is strongly disliked by some, but it’s there. I feel this is important to add NK’s site, because although good ‘J7 truths’ method is, I believe in the latter stages of more mature official narratives, that it will have to change. I’m not interested in debating the philosophical aspects of that belief, other than to sat that it seems likely to me that should the govt plug the gaping holes in their ripping yarn of 7/7 then that in no way means any competing narratives is null and void. Other narratives may still be possible. Fingers will be put in the dam until it is just passible/palusible to the majority of the public, thereby allowing more minor, outstanding questions, to pass. Such is the power of states – they monopolise.

And if there is a deadly dark secret to 7/7 (and 9-11) e.g. false flag / inside job, then this barely passible/get-by hogging the limelight is to be fully expected and we must all be aware of it. There is simply no way the full deadly plots,  will be allowed to gain the majority of publicity or acceptance. No way!

And there could well be a point when the govt says case closed, simply ignoring any remaining (few) voices on matters of concern relating to 7-7.

This simple post is evolving into an essay!

  1. J7 Homepage
  2. J7 Forum
  3. *** J7 Inquests Blog ***
  4. Any thing that defies my sense of reason – The Antagonist
  5. – Stef  Zucconi, Famous for 15 megapixels
  6. Wideshut
  7. Howard Beale’s News Hour
  8. Official 7/7 Inquest Site
  9. – Nick Kollerstrom (khan widow banned from inquest)

Anyone interested in the 7-7 (and we should ALL be!) then please check out those links periodically.

By the way, the title of this post is a result of the totally dreadful way the inquest has been going over the last two weeks. I am not however surprised. And the lego thing is symbolic of the respect that officialdom has shown for the truth

Because it’s the truth that matters, not whether we agree or otherwise.


3 Responses to “Another official trampling on July 7th truth.”

  1. 1 StefZ October 27, 2010 at 12:07 am

    “…While admiring the fairness of your conduct of this Inquest, I believe that you are in essence listening to police storytelling – however much credence you may wish to give to it – and will hear much more of the same during the next five months.

    I humbly offer my service should comments upon any aspect of the 7/7 narrative be desired, from the ‘unacceptable’ point of view of defending the innocence of British Muslims and especially concerning the improbable chemistry that was allegedly used by the four Muslims on 7/7.”

  2. 2 StefZ October 27, 2010 at 12:08 am

    I recall us having a similar difference of opinion about David Shayler. Some time before he declared he was the Messiah and started dressing up as a lady

  3. 3 lwtc247 October 27, 2010 at 6:49 am

    Hi Stef.

    There are some that will not court officialdom. On a personal level, I don’t {other than stupid passport stuff} because I believe it is irredeemably corrupted and to engage it simply makes things worse. I deliberately don’t vote for similar reasons. Then there are some who believe that they can change the system from within – I presume NK is one.

    I can understand such thinking – despite the fact I think it’s highly foolish to do so, and in criticism of his letter, he bows way too low for comfort. In fact, I find it a tad cringe worthy.

    I describe myself as an optimistic pessimist – The world racing towards doom but from this I get hope. Hope due to the chance that I may be wrong. There is a parallel with that and NK approach, which for all I know, may ultimately turn out to have the best M.O.

    – Even though I really, really doubt that.

    As for antagonistic acts of others who raise suspicions of agent provocateur, I still adhere to the belief of: take what is good and throw out the rest – which includes the suspenders, wig and matching handbags.

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