Are Arabs Political idiots?


They are far far worse than that.

[Before {or am I too late?} anyone gets upset, I am refering to the political class and those in the oppositon – i.e. those on the opposite side of the so called political spectrum, but still soundly within the political circus – those which enter into wedlock with the white satanic forces that will demand a terrible price. What gives these rather obnoxious Arab “leaders” the right to shoot and kill people? Is their understanding of Islam that somehow Allah Almighty grants them permission to do this? In Yemen I used to be impressed on reading reports that the leader of the country would summon “terrorists” and discuss things with them. He apparently let them go free if they agreed not to do it again {probably with some promises from the government to address the “terrorists” grievances}. But now look at it. It asks the US to bomb families on it’s behalf. Terrible. I hope the Arab people shake off these blood-sucking tyrants but it makes me sick when they sell their souls to the ‘white death’ – those who gave birth and raise the fake state known as Israyhell – which eventually will fatally stab it’s goym parents in the back {it already jabs them so}]

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