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Corporations moving into the false-flag sector?

‘Letter bomb’ attack at Swiss nuclear group hurts two

I like this

Discussion of serious topics with slightly humourous self-laughing overtones (akin to Conspiraloonery™ Central – Home of the Conspiraloon™ Alliance)

The Deek Jackson Show – 02/20/11 – collective consciousness, sacred facts,truther fashion

P.S. It takes Anthony a few mins to warm up, and I don’t know why, but he seems to have something about ‘hard on’s’

If you were interested (which you’re probably not, but I need a break in what I’m doing right now) here’s my take on some of these things:

These things are being used to screw us up: 9/11[created), 7/7(created), Al-CIAda, vaccines, ancient and current NWO apocalyptic escatological conspiracy – Yip. The emergence of the antichrist is THE central ‘Russian Doll’.

These things – no: Lizards no, (call them djinn however then the answer changes to don’t know), chemtrails no, Aliens no (not yet – at least).

Let’s blow up Melanie Phillips

I like the post above, BUT I definately DON’T like this…

Do yourself a favour, and click this hyperlink

Now, where did those Quilliam parasites slither off to?

The Japanese are SCREWED!

lw’s law: The level of lies and spin are directly proportional to the level of severity.

And the corporategovernment of Japan has been lying and spinning a plenty.

And while on the subject of governments shovveling yet more crap on their poor populations (as if fraudultent money systems, banks and bail-outs weren’t enough), rather than nationalising TEPCO, The Japanese govt should

a) Sue TEPCO for damages encurred. (People already on the way to developing cancer should sue them too!)

b) Ensure NOT one TEPCO profit gained Yen is spared from being used in disaster management

c) Put all of TEPCO’s assets in ‘recievership’ as security to pay for any costs of this disaster.

d) Set in place a levvy other nuclear industries, a kind of ‘nuclear tax’ if you will, earmarked FROM THEIR PROFIT SHEETS, so funds are available in future for if (likely) when the next nuclear disaster stomps on Japanese people and society.

But the Japanese govt wont do any of this. They are in bed with the dreadful nuke industry.

As for this attention given the ‘US Robot” – Giving a US robot (Made in China) to the land that is a leader in the field of creating robots, doesn’t, IMHO!, seem like it’s going to achieve much.


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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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