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I’m off for a long awaited holiday. Won’t be back ’till Sunday 5th June. Internet access may be zero.

This is what we call socialism in everyday life.

Does socialism steal the altruistic elements of Divine law, then tries to use it to destroy Divine law, as a substitute/modernism(hence supposedly ‘better’/

Does neoliberalism/capitalism/communism/fascism all lead to the same tyrannical result?

Is ‘socialism’ not just a slow-track to the more in your face socialism known as communism.

To all you who ridicule Alex Jones

In a past life you were obviously those famed people who supposedly stood and watched the cattle trucks roll by, cracking jokes about it in the process.


Drink Me


Here is da newez

Sir David Attenborough: CGI confuses fact and fiction

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Adam Sherwin: Sir David Attenborough has warned that advances in computer graphics mean viewers can no longer tell what is real and what has been artificially generated in science documentaries, said Sir David in an interview taking time out from his latest evolution documentary to be shown in 3D


Scientific breakthrough:  Scientists work on fungus could mean humans live for hundreds of years.

– Schillings are said to be taking out law suit on behalf of herr mudjesty the kween for illegal sampling.


Trivia alert: Imogen Thomas reveals to having laser surgery after getting tired of having giggs around the eyes.


Ancelotti sacked in Goodison corridor by ruthless Chelsea

– Makers of the apprentice to sue Abramov for plagiarism.


Top psychiatrist believes nation shouldn’t give up hope that one day, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair may one day tell the truth.


Ryan Giggs shares how boyhood hero, Frankie ‘Twitter ye not’ Howard left a lasting impression into adulthood.


As tonnes of ash are released from Iceland. Ian Botham is declared ‘persona non grata’


Christian Zionism

I’ve been reading on this for a while now. Here’s a quick modern contribution.


Honourable mention:

Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution


Justice for Stephen Lawrence and wider implications

Newer Post (4th Jan 2012):

Salam All.

Will the killing of Stephen Lawrence (1993) finally see some justice getting done? If the track record is anything to go by, then I think we’d have to answer ‘No’, but we shall see.

The particular things I’d like to point out here, are that despite the problem of the police force being institutionally racist, a rare and welcome declaration, (which obscurely enough some senior members of the police force rejected), they are still racist, in fact, now, I think they are much worse, as my ex- work colleague Ahmer Rafiq (1996) would testify and a number of others like Jean Charles deMenezez – if they hadn’t had their brains blown out all over the floor of a London underground Tube train that is.

So, even when a clear first step has been identified which could act as a catalyst for reform, nothing became of it.

This should not surprise us because like the polices institutionalised racism, they are institutionally despotic too and that will ALWAYS remain;  their apparent heavy membership within satanic freemasonry (2000) and continued allowed non-declaration testifies to that. And to believe declaration of masonry to other possibly Freemasons, is a ‘check and balance’ against secrety and cabals, is a joke, isn’t it? Police Complaints Authority anyone? IAEA,  etc etc.

So the justice of sorting out ‘the filth’ (a word I believe was more frequently used to refer to the London Metropolitan Police more than others forces) remains unfulfilled.

As to double jeopardy, DJ, (the prohibition of having to stand trial again for the same trial having previously been found ‘not guilty’) these few early ‘post- DJ scrapping re-trials’ are an INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS precedent.  To me, it seem inevitable that this (and so called ‘hate laws’) will come back to haunt the most vulnerable people in the UK, while appearing to support them. To my untrained legal mind, I think this legal principle must not be allowed to be fudged, even though it may mean that Stephens alledged killers may get off free. The LONG term and anthropomorphic dimension might outweigh one particular case – don’t they?

That sounds horrible, I know. But I am only thinking of the increasingly tyrannical law enforcement(/on the spot creation) branch that seem hell-bent on repeatedly stitching up more and people in the future as the societal structure of the UK continues to collapse.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to place someone’s DNA somewhere, or as we see nowadays not even bothering with that – just making fantasy stories, a la 7.7.2005 narrative,   if you didn’t manage to stitch them up properly the first time.

It’s an awful line in the sand to draw, but for now, that’s my current feeling.

John Anthony Hill (Muad’Dib) avoids prison

Nick Kollerstrom, Kevin Boyle, chuckyman and a number of others  have articles saying Muad’Dib has been not found guilty of the crimeless crime he was accused of. I am very glad some justice resides inside that particular rotting corpse.

MD was found not guilty by a jury and forgive me for thinking that this is why jury’s are not popular with the state on issues that matter.

However, one suspects another part of the so called ‘truth community’ will probably have been looking sorrowfully in their near empty glasses at the fact an innocent man has escaped government tyranny. Anyone not happy at this verdict really ought to be ashamed of themselves. I am sure such people know that poem by pastor Martin Niemoller: “First they came for the…” but ‘Animal Farm’ like, quite obviously, state tyranny and oppression is just dandy when it’s directed against those you have issues with.

so it’s Brownshirts and terror hotline telephone numbers for them, fireworks and (alcohol free) champagne for everyone else.

I believe

I believe in angles. I believe in multi-dimensional beings called djinn. I believe in Iblis/satan. I believe Jesus isn’t dead and will return. I believe in a humanoid called the anti-Christ. I believe in the unseen. I believe after death there is something.

Am I crazy? Does it make anything of what I say, nonsense?

R.I.P. Tim Osman

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This blog supports victims of western aggression

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