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Sir David Attenborough: CGI confuses fact and fiction

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Adam Sherwin: Sir David Attenborough has warned that advances in computer graphics mean viewers can no longer tell what is real and what has been artificially generated in science documentaries, said Sir David in an interview taking time out from his latest evolution documentary to be shown in 3D


Scientific breakthrough:  Scientists work on fungus could mean humans live for hundreds of years.

– Schillings are said to be taking out law suit on behalf of herr mudjesty the kween for illegal sampling.


Trivia alert: Imogen Thomas reveals to having laser surgery after getting tired of having giggs around the eyes.


Ancelotti sacked in Goodison corridor by ruthless Chelsea

– Makers of the apprentice to sue Abramov for plagiarism.


Top psychiatrist believes nation shouldn’t give up hope that one day, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair may one day tell the truth.


Ryan Giggs shares how boyhood hero, Frankie ‘Twitter ye not’ Howard left a lasting impression into adulthood.


As tonnes of ash are released from Iceland. Ian Botham is declared ‘persona non grata’


Viva Palestina – break the siege:

Viva Palestina - break the siege

This blog supports victims of western aggression

This blog supports victims of western aggression

BooK: The Hand of Iblis. Dr Omar Zaid M.D.

Book: The Hand of Iblis
An Anatomy of Evil
The Hidden Hand of the New World Order
Summary Observations and History

Data on Fukushima Plant – (NHK news)

Fukushima Radiation Data

J7 truth campaign:

July 7th Truth Campaign - RELEASE THE EVIDENCE!

Recommended book: 3rd edition of Terror on the Tube – Behind the Veil of 7-7, An Investigation by Nick Kollerstrom:

J7 (truth) Inquest blog

July 7th Truth Campaign - INQUEST BLOG
Top rate analysis of the Inquest/Hoax

Arrest Blair (the filthy killer)

This human filth needs to be put on trial and hung!


JUST - International Movement for a Just World


Information Clearing House - Actual News and global analysis

John Pilger:

John Pilger, Journalist and author

Media Lens

My perception of Media Lens: Watching the corrupt corporate media, documenting and analysing how it bends our minds. Their book, 'Newspeak' is a gem.

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