Bilal Zaheer Ahmad

This dude tried to get people to kill british MP’s who voted for the Iraq War.

If the guy felt it was so right and justified to do, why didn’t he try and kill them himself? I’m kind of with Galloway on this one, in that if an Iraqi decided to get justice by killing one of more of these MP’s (P.S. the killer kween is guilty too) then there is no moral argument against it. That even covers the ‘but the MP should have had a fair trial’ line, as the evidence is crystal clear – anyone can see exactly how these MP’s voted.

Listen to the horrible ‘Judge’:

“Whatever our views on the Iraq War, we are a democracy.”

What a retard! As if Democracy trumps morality and justice and what of that democracy that has failed to do anything about the absolute lies bLiar weaved to get his precious Iraq war, orgasiming over the screams of Iraqi children being blown and burnt to death. Remember Fallujah (1 and 2)???

None of these demonic MP’s have been held to account for their voting to massacre over a million people within a democracy. What a scumbag to try and play a phoney and undefined democracy card.

British democracy stinks and british ‘justice’ is a hostage to politics.

The farting judge goes on to say something that sure looks racist to me..

“You purport to be a British citizen, but what you stand for is totally alien to what we stand for in our country.”

Screw you judge dread! I’m British, and what BZA stands for is actually justice, something you, your dishonour, seem rather ignorant about. I think those MP’s should be hung for what they did, having all their money given to the iraqi victims of their blood-lust fist. I give you no authority to say what a British person should or should not do, same for your stupid democracy.

purport to be a British citizen, purport to be a British citizen, purport to be a British citizen,

Oi! mong mind, what the hell does that have to do with anything? It was a british citizen who involved himself and the country in 4 wars in which no attack was made on Britian. A British citzen along with about 350 green leather polishers who – oh, and herr mudjesty don’t forget – mong face? Not forgetting the Murdoch press that salivated at the prospect of explided livers and DU rounds being sprayed on people who simply broke down on a bridge in their own country.

Who the hell are you to decree what values a British citizen must hold? [intersting he didn’t say the word subject !!! Humm….] You’re trying to do an Us vs. Them kinda thingy aren’t you? Them having a darker skin tone than us.

There is no compulsion for anyone to HAVE to sit under rotten laws and in a society where people who are supposed to uphold justice actually preside of perversions of justice.

Bilal Zaheer Ahmad is a weird kind of coward, brave enought to say what he did yet wanted someone else to do it.


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